Let’s Talk Trash

I had to trash a few prior posts that I considered didn’t do too well, just so I can talk trash to you now!  I admit I’m a bit of an oddball when it comes to my being like most people.  And that I’m also not crazy with fondness for you either.  Yet, over these last 3 years, I believe my writing skills have improved immensely!  We have established an open line of communication!  I’ve made many friends!  This is all reflected in the over 600 followers I’ve managed to accumulate: many of which, just over this last 6 months.  That was hard work for me!  It took trust, dedication, and potato chips!

I know that about half of my ‘hard earned’ followers are from Facebook: not the most reliable group on earth.  In fact, I’ve never once received a comment that said: ‘Hi!  I’m from Facebook!’  So I’m not positive the counter is retrieving reliable data from Facebook, or merely stating how many members i have over there, and adding it to the 300 Spartans I have here.

What I am sure of, is that since I told you I was moving and gave you my new blog address, and 10 articles later, I still only have 34 ‘real’ followers over there!  Do you think it fair, to take a genuine depressoid such as myself (a lineage I am proud of, and spans back hundreds of years in my family), and just toss me aside after all the ‘work’ I’ve done to establish a reliable rapor with you?  I thought we were friends!  We have made great strides since I first called you ‘creepy’…

Look!  I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt (because I have no choice at this point), and simply assume you’ve simply forgotten about me, due to my drab and boring personality.  So once again, here is the address of my new blog, and I’d really like to hear from you, or I will slash my wrists with a dangerous toothpick, and it will all be your fault!  (Guilt trip #351).  Hoping to hear from you soon…  Your friend always:  Dr. Kevorkian




My Sci-Fi High


I know I’ve seemed a little distant of late…  In fact, I often wander to a place that looks completely unfamiliar, just to get away from it all!  Sometimes I’ll even put a ‘WARNING: Radioactive’ sign on my front door, lock myself in the bathroom, and curl up in the sink!  The problem is being able to unfurl!


It’s just that lately, I’ve developed halitosis, and a terrible skin rash, so I’d rather keep to myself…  Yes age has taken its tole on me! I think I’m losing weight in my face! One good thing though.  I still get horny on Humpday!


I sometimes find myself with the odd, fully armed Insurance Agent…  Other than that, I still have my ruins to be comfortable in.  Have to learn to curb that temper of mine!  As you can see, my body is becoming spotty and my nails are getting long.  There comes a time when one must consider their own mortality…


So I wrote out my: ‘Last Will and Anthrax’…  Now,  I know what you’re going to say: ‘You Twit!  You don’t have to consider that for at least another 3 months!’  I know what I’m doing!  OK…  Maybe that’s disputable in a Court of Law!  But here in my Den, I must go by the law of my evil twin…


I know some of you think of me as a bit of a snake at times…  That’s not true!  This picture was taken 30 years ago!  Anyway, thanks for being my: ‘Internet friends!’  I truly depreciate everything you’ve done for me!  Until our next venerable meeting…  Toodle Ewww…

Let Me Explain

Funny Language

Even as I think of the word: ‘explain’, it sounds to me like a crashed Cessna!  The thing of it is, I’m in a band called: ‘The Decrepits’.  I play, act and sing just like John Lennon.   Whereas Albert, a Mohawk Cree Native Indian, sings, plays and acts just like Paul Mc. Cartney.  I write all of the lyrics.  A lot of them are my own songs, which sound a lot like my own songs!  However, we do a lot of Beatle songs, Stones, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Eagles etc..  All of this comes out of me, with one exception.  I put all my own lyrics to those songs as well, just to stay original.  So everything you see here in the: ‘Songs and Poems’ category, that you recognize as a song, I teach Albert the lyrics to, as they come to me.  Bone Head, or ‘Chrome Dome’ as I sometimes call him, handles all the heavy metal stuff, which fits in just perfectly with: ‘The Mad Man’ on percussion (a strong pill that leaves a dull impression on his brain). So in fact, you’re seeing live music as it takes place.  The Tribble is, you can’t hear them!  So I’m putting the original songs up via You Tube (a simple cut and paste), so you can see what an enormous impact we make!

In fact, My CD holds 16 original songs I made in Detriot, 8 of which I composed the night before the recording, in a real studio, harmonizing with myself, and never missed a word, note or beat because it costs $2500 an hour!  I did them all in just under 1 hour for $2,300.  All we need to do now, is pop in the rest of the band, and that will be our first cut!  In fact, most of my stuff comes to me while I’m trying to sleep.  So I get up, come here, and jot them down.  My CD called: ‘My Toe Foo’, pictures a cartoon of a Chinese man in pain after stubbing his toe.  LOL!  I was also featured on a radio station called: ‘The Break’…

So in all likelihood, we may all just one day pop out at you, in naked public.  I’m very prolific at music, and don’t mind flaunting haunting lyrics and complex chording on both acoustic and electric guitar.  I’m so dynamic, that my enthusiasm brought me backstage to party with Def Leopard and Godo, in the 70’s, in a teeny tiny town called Bala Ontario, before both bands became famous.  And to my utter amazement, I was the only one chosen out of must’ve been over 2,000 people.  Like I said, it was just a small town.  They played in a jam packed high school stadium.  And it was awesome!  I don’t just hear music.  I feel it, every step of the way: including funny language.  Now see, right there, I don’t see the word language.  I see: ‘sausage’…  Just below, under related posts, I put my own lyrics to a beautiful Spanish song nobody knows, I called: ‘The Lost Song.’  ‘Half as Brilliant’ is all my own though.  And both, I wrote over 30 years ago!  Anyway, I never rush anything along.  It either comes to me or it doesn’t…



I Will Never Surrender!

Think of a brick wall.  Now think of tapping on that wall in the same place, ever so lightly…  Give it a billion years or so, and that wall will crumble and fall!  There’s genius in determination!  Nothing can stand against it, and it doesn’t come to someone cheaply.  There are other traits you must develop for its embellishment to take hold.  First off, you’ll need courage and conviction.  People set out to demolish what they don’t understand!  It’s called a paradigm, and they are for all intents and purposes, impossible to change.  Yet brave men/women have toppled them so many times before.  The result is progress for all of man-kind, so the stakes are high enough that the pursuit of a better world, is motivation enough!

Imposable Odds Overcome…

This is a tad lengthy, so grab yourself a life threatening coffee and we’ll begin.  Once upon a time, I saw a movie about a young lady who had an idea about how to treat cows in a more humane way and at the same time, save an enormous amount of time.  And we all know time is money!

The problem rested with herself.  She suffered from Autism.  That in itself is an enormous obstacle be cause they don’t like to be touched, they don’t want to be around people, they talk slow or strangely and appear to be restarted. This particular young lady was exactly the opposite of how she appeared.  Unlike the rest of us, she saw things in pictures, and therefore could instantly capture enormous amounts of information and works with it in ways no one thought possible!

So when she set out to change things, she first had to overcome her own affliction, and see did this in an ingenious way: by studying cows…  She saw that when they squeeze a cow into a holding pen, the cow would relax.  So she built a contraction that would hug her the same way to overcome the trauma that the outside world presented her with.  From there, she was actually able to enter University and interact with cattle rustlers.  There’s only one problem.  No women aloud!  So she devised a scheme to buy a honking four wheeler, covered it with mud and cow guts, got a press pass, disguised herself as a man, and drove right by the security entrance showing her pass.  She got in!

Milking Their Sense Of Humor!

They all laughed and thought it a big joke, as she crawled through the slotted fence maze that the cows are shuttled through, taking notes.  Be she humored them, they let her back in all the time.  The first thing she noticed was the high contrast of light and shadow that filled the cramped maze, which makes cows nervous to even enter that, so she knew cutting out the sun was her first priority!

Secondly, she noticed that cows walk in circles, not straight lines like the long walk to their slaughter.  And anyone who entered the circles they made would cause the cow to back off.  So she had to make the new design to follow in circles.The cow hands would hang their shirts over the fence which spooked the cows to move even slower…  Some would drown in the sudden drop of the pool of water they’d find themselves in because they’d panic.  So her design included steps they could walk down and up at the other end, so they’d calmly swim to the other side.  This was all strictly from observation!

The Results.

Even with a tiny share of the profits, she became rich.  And her smarts made her famous, and was featured many times in magazines!  Her research also went on to encompass parenting skills.  People would have considered her ugly as far as feminine wiles are concerned, adding to the difficulty in presenting herself.  Her Father had tried to institutionalize her, but she was found to be completely competent.

Because the cows were healthy now they were much leaner bringing much less fat to our dinner tables!  And because they were no longer traumatized, less harmful chemicals were in the meat as well.  They produced more milk and were stronger and so able to plow fields faster and carry heavier loads!  Since the cows moved through the maze faster, Cowhands had far less trouble with them, shorter work days and better pay for the larger yield!  Her name is Temple Grandin, and she changed the way we do things in many ways, shifting an entire paradigm all on her own: the results of shear determination! If you’d like to read her story and find out about the movie, go here:                   

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-1368868/Temple-Grandin-Autistic-woman-leading-animal-behaviour-expert.html  The writing is small but extensive. Keep pressing the ctrl and the + keys until you have a comfortable read. This is just my own encapsulation to get you interested.


My New Years Restitutions…

  • I promise to never again tie the cat to the over-head fan…  I know I shouldn’t do it, but it makes for a really good Doppler effect!
  • I give you my word a both a Thief and a Liar, I will never take single socks from Laundry Mat washers again…
  • I’ve decided, I should never be referred to as a big shot again; I’d rather now be called a little shot, with crushed ice, and a twist of lemon!
  • If anyone wants to speak to me, I’ll pretend I’m busy, and hope they go away…
  • I promise to stop gnarling on my window sill, should things not go my way!


  • I LOVE dark chocolate!  Is there any hope in Heck for me?
  • I will not get angry at anyone anymore.  I will get even!
  • I will never again try to slash myself with potentially, dangerous tooth-picks…  It doesn’t work anyway…  I don’t know why I try…
  • I will not pee in the soup, even if I dislike you…
  • I’m thinking of giving up ‘Froggy’ for a new profile picture.  After all, I am 61 now, and it’s time I stopped mutilating stuffed animals!