Dreaming with Meaning

A very valuable object lesson


Dreams are a healthy release and lately I’ve been having a lot of them: probably do to my changes in health and lifestyle. In this dream I had last night, I and my former girlfriend were staying with another couple in a house that was dimly lit at the back yet curiously dark nearer the front of the house.

These people were murderers.  And we both knew they had bludgeoned other people before, and even saw one very brutal murder being carried out that they both participated in, leaving steams of blood on the walls of what they tagged: ‘The Killing Room’…  The dark exterior of the house was clearly stating: ‘No visitors allowed!  No prying eyes welcome!’

Since I had witnessed the crime.  The male of the duo one day stated emphatically to me that I was next on the list to be slaughtered.  I discussed this with my girlfriend and was adamant that we had to leave right away!  Curiously though, she was trying to talk me out of it, saying that it was just a bluff.  That he just said that in the heat of his anger about something or other, and that it was just an idle threat.  And I damn near almost believed her!

Upon taking up a lot of un-necessary time deciding upon what we were going to where for our getaway, we finally decided to dress casually.  We said we were going to the store and asked if they wanted anything.  To which we received an emphatic: ‘No!’ and then we left the house for good.  It was raining a real down-pour when we got outside but instead of it depressing me, I was grateful to be alive and surprisingly happy.  Homeless, but happy!


  • I apparently loved my prior girlfriend more than this one or I wouldn’t be dreaming about her.
  • We always like to believe the best of things so can sometimes be talked into some very dangerous situations.
  • Evil people are extremely deceptive and can even posses magnetic personalities.
  • Deciding what to wear was not nearly as important as getting out of there as soon as possible, obviously!  This tells me that sometimes we are unaware of the full implications of our decisions and can be so slow to implement them, as to effect the outcome in what could have been a disastrous way!  Acting quickly can be key…
  • Deciding to live with murderers because we were desperate to have a home is no excuse for being that foolish!  This tells me that we may compromise our position, even at the expense of our own lives!
  • My girlfriends naive approach toward the entire thing tells me that although she felt confident our relationship would work, she failed to account for one thing that caused me to resent her.  I like sex!  So even the extremely intelligent can sometimes be wrong!  Yet we’re so used to them being so right all the time, we’d follow them off a cliff if they happened to make that decision.
  • We are drawn to evil!  Perhaps it’s because of the mystery behind how someone can become so cruel, and so we want to know all about them.  Or, in some way we mistakenly believe we can change them somehow.  The saying: ‘Once a thief, always a thief!’ applies to serial killers as well.  In olden times, they cut off the hands of a thief so they couldn’t steal any more.  Maybe that what we should do with murderers instead of squandering tax payers money housing them in prisons all their lives.  It’s: ‘i before e except after c.’ So why is the word ‘their’ an exception?  We tolerate thieves today.  Perhaps we’ll tolerate murder as well one day.  Not a good thing!
  • If all this can emanate from a dream, perhaps we should head them more closely…
  • Are the homeless happier than us?
  • Never judge a book by its cover!