Expressing My Opinion

Ya know?  I’m not bothered in the least, that you didn’t find my soft backgrounds useful.  Nor does it phase me that you don’t have the back bone or moral up-bringing to even thank me for the extensive effort I put in to bring them to you.  I’ve long come to expect that.  What does bother me is how very much your loosing out on to not even imagine the improvement or originality they could bring to your blog, or your blatant refusal to even acknowledge my concern for your success on WordPress!  It’s just this kind of CRAP that makes the world what it is today!

No matter…  I’m not one to hold a grudge.  They’re slimy, dirty, and as un-kept as the stench of snobbery that infiltrates this forum like that of a dirty litter box!  You ‘cats’ aren’t behaving all that impressively as you think you do, apparently.  Don’t let that fool you!  I just so happen to know, that ‘soft backgrounds’ are one of the most highly sought after, and rarely found items of interest on The Internet.  It’s good to know there are still some friendly, honest people around!

As for what you call: ‘spam’, they have shown me much more than mere courtesy.  In point of fact, they have commented extensively on my blog, with kindness, appreciation, timely advice, invitations, taking my feeds, as well as asking politely for permission on many occasions if they may re-blog my material to their own groups and have expressed the highest of gratitude for the: ‘superb’ quality of my posts, and visit me often. Posts like: ‘Dinosaur Extracts’ ‘Don’t Waste My Time’  and ‘Do schools kill creatively’, to name but a few…   So you see?  In point of fact, I don’t really need you!  Nor do I need your arrogance, silence or general lack of knowledge and wisdom on your own behalf: not that you’ve ever shown any in the first place…  Enjoy your day!



Learning and knowing are two different things

That’s why I always ask you: ‘Do you know what you know?’  It’s because I know human nature.  Certainly, we go to school, and we learn a bunch of stuff that we neatly tuck away at the back of our brain someplace, where it sits there to rot!  We go on about our lives, become involved with other things.  Practical things like employment, raising children and how to cheat without getting caught.  Stuff like that there.

What happens to our curiosity though?  It is left unnourished… And whatever is unnourished dies!  Somehow, (don’t ask me why) we bond so strongly with that one Teacher in our lives that is able to teach us the difference between knowing and applying what we know in ways that expand and enhance our understanding of it.  We know a little about a person, place or thing (nouns) and then believe we we fully understand when in fact, we don’t.  This is the way it is all over the world.  So I will ask you once again: ‘Do you know what you know?’

Unraveling a mystery

What seems very simple to us on the surface, can in fact be very complex.  A man studied a swordtail: a type of tropical fish for 35 years, and still didn’t know everything there was to know about that swordtail!  Some mysteries about it, couldn’t be solved by approaching the matter using the same methodology, as to know something else about it.  In other words, the man had to rethink the way in which he viewed that fish, in order to unravel the mystery about why it did certain things the way it did.  It was like taking a shot in the dark that would sometimes pay off, and sometimes wouldn’t.  Eventually, he discovered he just couldn’t understand everything, and couldn’t carry out the proper assessments to teach the fish anything at all.

What went wrong?

Well he thought that by studying how the fish moved and what it did, he could learn how to make it do other more advanced things.  So the problem was not so much with what the fish did or didn’t do.  Observing this was one step yes.  Yet the man neglected to teach himself the all important next step.  And that was, to communicate to the fish what he knew, in a way that would convince the fish that it needed to do it.  Not for survival.  Surviving isn’t enough.  To truly become aware, we must learn.  And to learn, we must apply what we know, and adapt from the experience itself!

How do I reach you?

Up to now, I’ve been a lot like the man studying the Swordtail.  I’ve been telling you how to do things to improve your health and therefore equip your self with a higher understanding.  Yet what I have not been doing, is telling you how these benefits have helped me.  I have just laid down a bunch of facts yet have failed to communicate with you, how and why you need to discipline yourself to carry them out.  How would you ever learn a thing without first becoming enthusiastic about it?  So discipline, is going to be the first thing we will work with…  Why?  It’s because learning is the thing that you truly love the most, and you will never do it if you don’t have discipline!  We will embark on this journey together, in new and exciting ways!  Here’s to our collaborative success for 2015…


This is a picture of Leslie and me, with Leslie holding her Grandson Austin Christmas Eve 2014…  He is 8 months old now. Don’t look at my bony knees!  LOL!