Shrunken Heads


New Hope for Depressoids!

Here’s a picture of me staring at my computer screen.  LOL!  Fighting depression has never been easy.  They give you pills for it that dispense with the rage you constantly feel, yes.  They also remove any other feelings you may have, such as joy, compassion, love, enthusiasm etc..  This pretty much leaves you in a non-caring zombie like state that’s not so much a solution as it is a prison sentence!  The terrible truth about those who are being treated for depression is, that we are effectively: ‘turned off.’  That’s the best medical research has been able to do for us.  That is, until now!  You just never know when doing your research will give you a fighting chance…

One thing researchers have always known is that depression causes shrinkage of the brain.  Or is it that shrinkage of the brain causes depression?  I’m confused already!  Being raised in poverty among arguing alcoholics, and street gangs means that I’ve always been depressed but didn’t know it until adulthood.  So yes:  what you don’t know CAN hurt you!

The effects of smoking and drinking kills neurons in the brain and we once believed they could never be brought back, whether you quit doing those things or not.  We now know that Omega 3 can slow down brain shrinkage, and in some cases, even completely stop it.  Unfortunately, it can’t reverse it.

New research has found another substance in front of our very noses that conclusively affirms that sage not only stops this degeneration in it tracks, it builds new neurons in your brain!  Other beneficial effects include thwarting the onset of Diabetes, Parkinson’s, and old-times disease!  It also removes subcutaneous, and the far more viscous inner viscous fat, fights stress, and lowers cholesterol levels!  So it might be noted that it’s also greatly of benefit for so called healthy individuals as well.  Also found good for this, is 8 ounces of pomegranate juice per day.

How Might One Use Sage?

You can put it in soups, sprinkle it in omelets, on baked fish or chicken, and of corpse, in stuffed turkey dressing.  Fresh sage should be loosely wrapped in a bag and kept in the veggie drawer of your fridge.  Keep bottled sage powder or crushed leaves in a cool place (like your cupboard) and is good for up to three months.  Sage is a delicate herb, so to obtain it’s full effect, it’s best to use it near the end of the cooking process…

So depressoids everywhere should run out and buy some sage to start bringing back those missing neurons, and stop head shrinking!  Healthy people?  Be on the look out for people with shrunken heads!  LOL!


What Determination Has Done For Me

I’m Now Strong Like Bull!

Strength is a comfortable feeling you possess at all times.  You can feel it in your core!  My endurance has improved which makes me even stronger.  I require only 6 hours sleep each night now, adding 4 more hours to my day.  This in turn improves my disposition greatly, motivates me more, greatly lessening my symptoms of depression.  I’m happier now and much more disciplined to take appropriate actions when necessary, and keep the beast within under control.  I like a much leaner side of beef now, so I get compliments and flirtations from teenage girls.  Our lifestyles are too different for me to ever acknowledge. It still improves my sex life just the same.  People now greet me as I walk by them.

Cognitive Development…

Since I’ve stopped smoking cigarettes, smoking doobie and drinking alcohol, I have come out of my comatose state with a much greater ability to concentrate, remember, comprehend much more, and show compassion consistently.  I’m more resilient and capable of multi-tasking again.  My sense of humor has improved so I no longer take life so seriously.  This all translates into better posts on my blog.  I’ve noticed comments are starting to branch out from just: ‘Dinosaur Extracts’ now. It’s under the: ‘Hobbies’ category.  

If you need a giggle, start reading from the bottom up.  There are well over a hundred comments there!  My states have gone up markedly.  My views have raised from around 2.5 to around 5.7!  Enormous improvement!  I now have 224 followers and rising, People with actual faces for avatars are beginning to comment now!  And all this couldn’t make me happier!  I now come here with enthusiasm, reason, and purpose, having a much greater sense of self esteem!  Apparently it shows!  My sincerest thank you in this regard.  It’s a huge boost for me!

Not only do I run faster and farther, my improved lung capacity sends much more oxygen to my brain for greater alertness, actual ability to think.  And my brain thanks me with a very comfortable feeling from that.  And it’s not just exercise, proper diet and a multitude of experimental/cutting edge vitamins and nutrients.  

It’s things I’ve cut down on as well: much less sugar, salt, saturated and trans fat.  I’ve cut down the dosage of clanazopam, which has a half life of a month, and is supposed to be difficult to quit.  The amount of determination I have over-rides that, so I’m able to basically ignore withdrawal as a hazard.  I’ve cut down on my depression pills, and it’s multitude of side effects and switched to St. John’s Wart until Curcumin comes on the market: from the root of tumeric, it works better than depression pills.  So C’mon technology!  You’re lagging behind me…  

The only other thing I take are stomach pills.  And if my intuition is correct, with a lot of the stress removed, my ulcer may just heal up on its own.  To release stress, I submerge in the bathtub, push with my hand on on side, and my back straight against the other, I crack many bones back into place!  And since I’m not carrying any stomach fat up front, I get no more back pain which relieves more stress.  I’m more productive with added stamina, relieving still more stress!  I can now think and feel emotions besides rage and disrepair.  It’s been a high mountain to climb, yet all more than worth it!

I also picked up a Dr. Scholl’s foot massager for after my work out, including weight lifting and push ups, for $5 at a Thrift store!  And it’s a real dream machine!  Your organs are all connected to your feet ya know!  Deep breathing exercises, during which, I try to roll my stomach around as I inhale: great for removing toxins. I’m also more concise on my blog, making shorter work of posts that would have been much longer and wandering before…  It’s a brand new me, no longer centered around: ‘Poor me’.  I no longer spit up for an hour and a half every morning, relieving more stress.  I now longer spit up at all, and my hands no longer shake, so maybe I can pick up on my typing skills again!  And all of this, is thanks to what determination has done for me!  YACK YACK YACK! :O)


Our Psychological Selves

Truly, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, we all have a kind of mental instability of one sort or other; just through the stress that every day life presents… Yet our psychological selves are tricky; we don’t exactly see ourselves as others do, and so we have a deeper self, designed to correct this position.  See, our subconscious corrects for what our conscious misses yet does it in a symbolic way, subject to what we perceive ourselves to be.  Subject to interpretation.  How is this true?  In the first place everyone just sees what they want to see to begin with; in other words, we tend to pick out the more pleasant bits, and reject the rest, or at least, we stick it in the back of our heads for a more appropriate time to be dealt with.  We tend to prefer the pleasantness of it all.  We tend to prefer a societal realm, to the beast within us all.

The hand is quicker than the eye

The eye can be easily fooled simply by getting you to concentrate on one thing, while another is quickly being performed.  That’s why you miss what’s really going on; the eye can be easily distracted… So if the eye can be fooled, the mind can to because it interprets what the eyes see.  Going beyond this, we might begin to question whether or not what we see is actually reality at all; or is it something more interchangeable than we actually realize?  Don’t misunderstand me; the world we all see, is quite real.  I’m merely suggesting that we interpret it differently is all.  One person sees a hard mountain to climb.  Another sees an opportunistic place to hunt game.  And so, it’s all a matter of what you think you see rather than what is actually there.  We don’t find that out until we actually tackle the fact.  So, therefore, it no longer becomes a question of what we so, but how we interpret it.

A Hard-core Example

Person “A” sees a murder; he can’t breathe right, he can’t reason through what he sees, and is completely paralyzed!  Person “B” on the other hand is patching together a complete mental description of the parties involved.  He reaches for his cell phone almost instinctively. and sets a correction of the situation into motion.  The same view can create opposite reactions.  It therefore no longer becomes what’s happening that’s key, but rather, what the viewer of the situation can or cannot do about it.  Is reality therefore something we simply witness, or something we change via interaction; and if reality is inherently mutable, we cannot measure it as a substance at all.

Even more gibberish

Maybe 2 seconds is a long time to an ant, because I really believe that the tinier we are, the longer the passage of time seems to be.  How long for instance, is an hour to a virus?  Like-wise, tiny, living things also possess longevity the way bigger, living things do.  And if I believe, the more complex the organism, the longer it lives, then I should be studying sequoia trees…  Trees are simply put together.  Their vascular system is confined to its leaves.  I wish I were a tree; and I live in a time where wishes come true…  If I really wanted to help the world, I’d be a Venus Fly Trap!  And therefore determining the finiteness of so-called “reality”…  :O)