Shutter Bug Hunger #2

All Dressed Up…


Where I live, it’s cold outside 8 months of the year!  It then becomes a challenge to even pick up your camera at all, without risking frostbite, just setting up and taking down your tripod outside.  Just try adjusting setting for instance without your gloves on: darn near impossible…

So you look at what appears to be ordinary things in your home, and begin asking yourself how you might make them look more colorful, interesting, unique, as wallpapers, just because you have an itchy trigger finger, and will certainly go right off your nut, if you can’t take a picture of something.  Anything, and make it work!  Not so easy as it sounds…

This plate rests upon the wall in my livingroom…  I can walk by it a dozen times and never notice the thing.  Yet doesn’t it occur to us all, one day or other, that what we possess says something about who we are, what we find tasteful or not, and how others may be enticed to connect with these objects in the same way that you might yourself?

What sets the above plate apart from other plates?  Is it the busy symmetrical pattern so common place in applets that produce mirror images in graphic programs?  Is it the bulge in the center that hints at how you may dress it up with foods, and what various kinds may be appropriate?


Yes, you’re right!  This is a rabbit’s head that also sits upon my livingroom wall.  But there’s a story behind it, as there is about everything in this series, that trigger memories.  A neighbor of mine made this as a matter of fact, and can fashion anything you’d so desire, from any kind of brass, gold, or silver, that you may bring to him.  He has exceptional talent with this type of art form! 

And it took me all of a half hour, just to clean this picture up, to its original, pristine appearance.  If you happen to own an expensive camera, you’d be surprised at the amount of detail it picks up, that your eyes are completely unaware of, until you see the image at full size!  Then there’s a million scratches, dust mites, wall dirt, spider webs, and God only knows what else.


Take this simple bowl for instance.  There were 6 million scratches on it!  (exactly 6 million?)  Yes!  And this was after I polished the silly thing up.  And the table I pose things on has enough scratches, to look like a map of New York’s subway system.  Yet I like the reflective qualities of wood surfaces!  So the perfectionist in me must remove them from every picture…  I quite literally rebuilt this table from scratch!


This comes from an entire set of dishes that elaborates upon the same theme of a family of busy rabbits, made in England and are quite expensive.  The story behind this particular dish, is that Leslie gave it to her Grandson ‘Austin’ for his first B-Day…  Your icons should fit neatly on the left, which is how I’ve set up most of the pictures in this series, which DOES have a part #3 coming to a computer near you BTW…


This too reminds me of something for a pair of little hands to more easily control and drink from…  Again, at least to me, it’s not so much the cup, as the blue reflections that set the tone for this picture.


As with all my pictures in the ‘Photos’ section, and there are quite a few, hard copies can easily be blown up to 18″  x  24″  without any loss of detail what-so-ever, or larger if you like!  And as always, you are free to do whatever you want with them, without charge or obligation.  At the very least, enjoy the slide show: compliments of: ‘Shutter Bug Hunger…’


Healing Hands


This will be a long entry because I am going to use the powers of suggestion to persuade you on the road to your own happiness!  And the only tool I will use for this, is the truth.  Never a more true saying has there been than: ‘The truth shall set you free!’  Nor will it be me that I ask you to believe in: only the facts that I present to you.  I require nothing from you.  I already have what I need to cure you of all that ails you, simply by harnessing the powers already present in your own mind!  So it is not I that will heal you, rather, you that will heal yourself!  All you need do to be free from all further pain in your life, is evaluate the facts I present to you…  Fair enough?


_A Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness. Although many people are not aware, you pass through a state of hypnosis every night when you are falling asleep and every morning when you wake up. Hypnosis is often described as a deep state of relaxation and one of the best feelings someone will ever experience. One hour of hypnosis is the equivalent to eight hours of sleep.

I have actually had this done to me in a live audience as well.  The Hypnotist starts out by asking everyone to close their eyes and spread their hands about a foot apart.  Then he rapidly tells you in several different ways, that you can’t help but feel a powerful force pulling your hands together.  Look at the picture…  That’s the power of suggestion!

The Placebo Effect:

_A Pill

Pills…  How do you know what’s in them?  You don’t!  Do you?  If I wore a white coat, and used a Doctors office on his day off to give you some poison pills, you would faithfully take them, and be dead in 10 minutes…  Doctors have long known there are hypochondriacs among us: those who come down with every imaginary disease on the planet.  They may not really be sick at all, true enough.  Yet they believe that they are, and actually come down with symptoms because they believe they are sick so strongly!

The Doctor won’t try to argue with you that you really have no disease at all, and are perfectly healthy, because he knows you won’t believe him.  After all, you even feel sick!  So he gives you a sugar pill, stating that this will cure you of: ‘Pink Spot Gravis Disease’, if that’s what you think you have…  And low and behold, you are cured.  PRAISE JESUS!

Do Do That Voodoo!


Words can heal you…  Or they can kill you just as easily!  I’m going to tell you a true story of a Doctor who had a patient that was perfectly well, yet thought he was going to die!  This Doctor already knew this was quite possible because he already knew of a man who was told that he had cancer, and would be dead in 2 months.  And sure enough, the man died right on queue: almost 2 months to the day!  They performed an autopsy, and discovered the cancer had gone into remission.  The man died simply of the stress of knowing he was going to die!  Are you fascinated yet?  No?

Well then, suppose someone held a gun to your head and told you they were going to pull the trigger…  You would be dead in 45 seconds, whether they pulled the trigger or not!  That’s because in your mind, you are dead already.  It’s caused by a total loss of security.  And your fast pumping heart will simply give up.  That’s how powerful the power of suggestion can be!

Anyway, this man looked extremely ill. had stopped eating, yet showed no signs of disease! When asked why he thought he was going to die, the man told the Doctor that he had visited a Voodoo Priest.  And when he turned to leave, the Priest called out his name.  So when the man turned around unexpectingly, the Priest blew some black powder into his face, and told him he would die soon!  Then he laughed an evil laugh: ‘HAHAHAHAHAHA!!’

So the Doctor paid a visit to the Priest, and asked him what was in the black powder…  The Priest said: ‘Do you really think  I would give him something that would trace his murder back to me?  The powder is harmless!  I kill the man with the powers of his own mind.  And for this, I can be accused of no crime!

With this, The Doctor knew that the only way to save the man was to make him believe he could lift the spell!  So he came back and told the man that he had visited the Priest, and that the black powder contained lizard eggs he had inhaled.  He told the man a lizard is eating you up from the inside out, and I must remove it quickly if you are to survive!

Then he gave the man a needle to make him sleep, but with something else in it to cause him to throw up when the anesthetic wore off.  Then he conveniently placed a bucket by his bed.  Just as he had hoped, the man awoke during the night, and threw up in the bucket, but it was too dark to see…

The Doctor then entered the room, took a lizard out of his pocket, and placed it in the bucket as he held it some distance from the man.  Then he asked the Nurse to light the lamp and bring it over to the bucket: ‘OMG!’ she said: ‘What on Earth is that?’  The Doctor then pulled the Lizard out, and showed it to the man exclaiming: ‘This was your killer!  And now it is out of you!  The curse has been lifted!  And sure enough, the man then recovered…

The Healing Power of Faith!


Does God exist?  Wrong question!  Why do you always ask the wrong questions?  The question you should be asking is: ‘Do you believe He exists?’  Whether He does exist or not doesn’t matter.  What matters, is that if you believe that He does, statistically speaking, you will live a longer, happier life!  Why?  It’s because through your faith, you have relieved yourself of the stress that impending death inflicts upon you.  That’s why!

You see my delicate flowers?  If you believe you will go on living, as promised you by God, your mind will persuade you to do so!  If you believe that your reward is saved for you in Heaven via helping others, the stress of having to make money is lifted from you, along with all the risk of having money, and not knowing who your friends really are…  For that matter, who your enemies might be…

Does it sound practical to you that so many people would believe in God for no reason what-so-ever?  It is just our way of utilizing the powers of our minds to protect ourselves from harm imposed upon us by the very world in which we all must reside, one way, or another.  So I now pronounce you healed by virtue of the power of your own mind…  HEAL!

Don’t Give Up


The story goes that while attending University, Stephen and a group of other considered advanced students were given 10 physics questions to complete in two weeks.  While the other students feverishly racked their brains for solutions to the problems, Stephen calmly went about what he loves the most…  Rowing!

As the dead-line drew near, the other students drew Stephens attention to the fact that these questions were really hard!  They emphasized that the time allotted to them was drawing to a close, and he hadn’t even looked at the questions yet!  The night before it was time to turn their answers in, Stephen sat himself down and quickly jotted down the answers…

The other students laughed at and taunted him, exclaiming that he had put no effort into this what-so-ever and was bound to fail miserably.  When the results came in, Stephen had gotten all of the questions correct, and the next best result from anyone in the group, all brain-storming together, was two answers right.  THAT’S how smart this man is!  God never takes something away, but that He doesn’t give back in return!

The Joys of Torturing Your Hamster!


Someone who got more exercise in school than I did!   And he  (Hamburger) got a wheel!  I got my walking papers!

I didn’t even want one!

My mother gave me a Hamster for Christmas when I was around seven.  I hated her for it!  Well look at the stupid thing!  It’s just a rat with a snubbed tale; always running on that stupid, wheel that goes nowhere all the time…  They don’t know.  They’re to stupid to recognise that the scenery hasn’t changed!  My mother made me bath and diaper him so his play house wouldn’t smell!  So when she wasn’t looking, I used to squeeze the poops out of him right into the garbage.  They look like tiny footballs, so one day the cat got curious and started batting them around the house and made a touchdown, right in front of my Mother!  She sentenced me to my room, which  is right where the Hamster lived!

You may not want to look…


As with the picture of the man above, we subconsciously reveal what we did to Hamsters when we were young, and reveal the horrible truth, sooner or later  Look at him.  That poor, pitiful creature, trying to make up for all those years, that he too resented the fact that Hamsters got more physical education than him!  He too learned to play football because of the shape of Hamster poops!  All Football Players once tortured Hamsters.  Some still do!  When he’s through with that wheel, it will be his Hamsters turn!  You cruel bathed turd!  Why don’t you pick on a Hamster your own size?

Forensic experts say: ’Some of them become Cereal Killers!’

I swear on my Mummy’s Sphinx,  I’ve yet to rip open one box of Shreddies!  I wanted to shred them!  But I kept my cool, and always ate every single square, intact, and I have a letter from my Lawyer to prove that!  And I never killed my Hamsters!  Not a one!  I did make them join in on my  Olympic Games though; pitting Hamsters against each other in one dangerous sport after another!  I made a tiny bob-sled course, and captured sick, videos of their hair standing up, and their tiny eyes popping out with shear, exquisite, terror!   How I smiled with glee, as they went for a whizz!


I did move on to larger game though…

It wasn’t long, before I convinced my Mummy, to buy me a pet Elephant, on the condition I would keep him diapered and safe, in his Hamster’s cage.  Well we were poor and couldn’t afford an Elephant cage; I had to take the wheel out, and it took some doing, but I got him in there…  His big, Pack-a-germ paws broke through the bottom of the cage, so at least he got to crush my furniture, including my brother, who now walks on his toes, like a Dinosaur;  My brother: ‘Dinkosaurous Rex’ didn’t deserve that!

So one morning, I stuck a cork up Daisy’s butt, and waited behind her with a wine bottle, waiting for her to flit…  Then suddenly, my Mummy came into my room with ice tinkling in her glass of Nitro Glycerine, she just quipped: ‘Stop playing with your Elephant, you’re going to be late for school!’  Then she walked back out.  I stood there stunned; unable to blink even, at what just happened!  Here’s a picture of my pet Elephant Daisy:


She was always running away from me!  I only tortured her once, trying to mate her with a Hippo, and she hasn’t forgotten it since!  Well I wanted to see what I’d get, an Eloppo, or a Hippophant?  I thought maybe, if I exchange their brains…  It was just after that, Daisy refused to wear her diaper anymore.  Perfume only!  The baby ‘Humpadrone’ survived, but I sold it to a freak show in Timmons Ontario, so I could buy a giraffe…  Then one fine day, I gave the giraffe  a laxative, and he up and, hung himself in my basement!  We had to bury the entire neck separately  :O(

Moral of The Story:

Never trust a Football Player to babysit your Hamster! 


Notice the shape and the color of the football!   It’s shaped just like a Hamster poop!  Oh for shame Father!   Since I’ve read the book: ‘How to Rip The Wings off of  Insects and Enjoy It Less!’   Now I only torture Froggy…  Wouldn’t let me borrow your Zebra would ya?  I didn’t think so…



Across The Atlantic


My mind went back to the story,  of the air force G.I.

By the time he was forty, man but that boy could fly;

The Bombardier was on the make;

And never knew of his mistake,

Till shortly after World War II.


Across the Atlantic;

It sounds so romantic.

Across the Atlantic,

We’ll drop one on you!

We’ll drop one on you!

We’ll drop one on you!


My mind went back to the story, of the Salvation Man.

By the time he was 40, boy but that man sure can;

The Bombardier was on the make;

And never knew of his mistake,

Till shortly after World War II


Across the Atlantic;

It sounds so romantic.

Across the Atlantic,

We’ll drop one on you!

We’ll drop one on you!

We’ll drop one on you!