Why Your Blogs Lay Dormant

Whoever said life was fair?


You’ve got 40 million WordPress.com users out there!  Out of those, how many of them do you really think are honest and don’t prefer a rigged game, if and when they can find one?  I started out when blogging was brand new!  In those days, if you put up a post about Bugs Bunny, people would flock all over it!  In those days, we were the pioneers.  Were the ones who kept blogging alive.  Without us mapping the road, this platform wouldn’t even be here today.  And I’ll tell you something else.  One day very soon, you’re going to have to pay to be here whether you’re ever noticed or not…  Whoever said life was fair?

I was out taking pictures using actual manual settings in the days when most of you could only understand the need for an instamatic through-away, just in case someone showed up for your sons birthday party you paid 3 million dollars to have occupy the cover page of The New York Times… 

Today, everybody takes pictures right off their cell phones.  The people in the picture above, are actually all brain-storming a single blog they all take credit for!  There are many groups out there just like them, walking all over your chances.  It would have left Einstein himself scratching his head at why he’s never read, or even considered worth reading!  You don’t even need to save great pictures anymore.  What’s the need to?  They’re out there everywhere!  You can look at them any time you like, right from where they are, or just pop it up on your screen until you’re sick of it because everyone has unlimited Internet access now…

So you try to be original!


Sorry!  You’ve been beaten to the punch again.  Many people now will pay out big bucks for the information they need, so they hire people to write their ‘original’ material for them, and take all the credit for themselves.  And I’m talking about stuff that nobody knows or has access to.  Besides, most people have never picked up a book in their lives unless they were trying to get their Masters Degree, and then it was just ‘Bickers’ cheats so they could get samples of the test questions.

I’m not stupid!  I’ve seen how dismal The Reader looks!  And I watch my stats enough to know that you don’t think you have enough time to read more than 60 words a day, and that’s why all of my likes and yours (unusual und 5 though I supposedly have over 260 followers, which is in itself chicken feed for someone who’s been here blogging his brains out for over two years now), are all about famous, one liner sayings and an accompanying picture anyone can pull off the Internet and put up in less than five minutes.  That’s not blogging!  That’s called: ‘Getting away with BS’!  And you want people to comment on your blog sure enough, but you never comment on theirs…

Anyone for butchered meat?


Here is what you look like to bloggers who wave thousands of viewers…  To them, you are nothing more than a commodity that can be bought or sold: taken or hung out to cure.  The truth of the matter is, soon robots will be doing everything for us, so you won’t even be able to get a job, let alone be any kind of presence on The Internet!

Someone once asked me what do I care whether anybody notices me here or not?  That’s because to him, it’s all just a game!  They care no more about leaving a legacy of helpful information behind for others than they would a crumb for a starving mouse!  They believe the oh so many expensive toys they have to leave behind will speak all the volumes they need say to those important around them:  Their dog, and a possible semen sample to bring back a clone of themselves…

The laws, rights and privileges designed to protect your average individual are just about dead now!  Voice?  You have no voice!  The only thing you have is three square meals and a roof over your head: the very same things readily provided to any inmate in prison.  And in this world of material this, and material that, you’re just about as pertinent. 

Read blogs?  How boring, when there’s a concert to go to!  How fruitless, when there’s so much money to be made!  How mundane when you’re going to be late for your world cruise!  And how time consuming when all you really need do is pick up a phone, and avoid all the effort of having to think altogether!  Blogs?  Why didn’t you know?  We’re all just a bunch of attention seekers, and no more important to you than an ant a good tin of insecticide won’t take care of.  Oh…  Excuse me…  We’re not that immediate.  You can just click us off with but a single key stroke… Petty humans!  So that’s why your blog lies dormant.  You don’t matter…


It’s My Life

I’m sick to death (and death comes before sick), of people telling me what I should do, when, and how I should do it!  I’ll do things according to God’s set of rules not yours!  OK by you?  Not really! When are you going to learn that you only hurt yourself and cause resentment when you order people around?  This is not YOUR JOB!  You are not ‘the boss at work’ here!  The women in my life have been especially notorious for this.  It bugs their ass no end that I have my own mind and just so happen to think for myself!

I’ll give you the correct order of operation on this rock and you can forking well implant it in your brains once and for all time, because you are answerable to God for this, not me!  So it’s not me who’s setting down the law here.  I don’t make the rules, but I sure as Hell had better follow them!  And you know why!  Because it serves my/your best interest.  That’s why!  If you break the law, you answer to the government don’t you?  If your children break the rules you set for them, do they not answer to you? And why do you suppose that’s true?  It’s because one has more power over the other!  One is more competent to make decisions on behalf of the others best well being whether we freaking well like it or not!  Here is your order of operations, not dictated by the peanut gallery I might add:

  • God
  • Christ
  • Man
  • Woman
  • Adolescent
  • Child
  • Infant
  • Embryo

Look!  This order is not placed in this particular arrangement so that each can be a freaking big shot over the one below it!  Do you understand?  DO YOU?  If you did, then you would go apologize to your mate right now for acting like a tyrant prison warden over their entire lives, and turning them into nothing more than what’s tantamount to your very own freaking vegetable garden, and you know it!  And no, I did not forget the government.  I didn’t list it because it’s a sub-category placed here by God to make certain you follow His way for you because YOU refuse to do it!

Contrary to popular belief, you weren’t put here for your own private disco dance!  We all have a duty to ourselves and others, to leave a positive imprint on this world so that we might leave it with a clear conscience, and so that it might continue to exist in a productive manner.  But no!  You don’t give a flying rats ass, just as long as you can keep your bib in your mouth…  Grow up!  Be someone!

I still don’t think you can comprehend what I’m saying because you’ve been like this for so long, you actually believe your own lies!  I’m not mad at you.  Unlike the way some bloggers conduct themselves, it’s not my objective to put you down.  

However, there is such a thing as righteous indignation.  Now as much as I’d like to always give you what you want, I must also see to your needs as given priority over what you want because you obviously don’t know what you want any more likely than you will ever get up off your sorry ass and DO THE RIGHT THING!!

You know I’ve bent over backwards to be fair about this!  There are plenty of posts here you will find where I give you what you want: Soft backgrounds, photos, poems, quotes, extracts, buttons, icons, and all sorts of neat and tidy little packages because you’re either to damn lazy or refuse to commit yourself to read over 196 words precisely!  You just push a like button, the lying sneak in the grass that you are, and figure you’ve made some kind of contribution to the blogging world…

Math has an order of operations called: ‘BEDMAS’ (Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction), does it not?  Notice how subtraction is the last priority in line…  You are here to help your family, mate, friends etc.. not trample all over them with your silly set of rules and regulations!  You have zero tolerance and that’s your downfall!  If we should change the rules of math, then complete chaos would be the only answer available to us, and its entire structure would be nothing short of useless to us all!  It works the same way with humans…  It works the same way for everything and must!

Now no matter how incompetent you think your mate is, refer back to the order of operations, and you will see that Man is answerable to Christ, who in turn is answerable to God.  Yes?  Now if we make mistakes, I’m sorry for your delicate sensitivities, but that’s how we learn in this life!  So stop stifling my education!  And find a branding iron, and embed it your mind concerning everyone around you!  IT’S MY LIFE!!  And I’ll live it the way I see fit, shortcomings and all.  It may come as a shock to you, but you have your own misgivings that need revamping as well.  That’s your duty to yourself and the best favor you will ever do for yourself if you ever want to get along in this world.  

Oh you may fool the weak minded among you, but you won’t fool Christ, and you’ll have to answer to God for it, because Christ can’t help you if you refuse his instruction for you!  And yes.  He’s here!  In this universe of what we now believe may be one of many, are you so arrogant as to believe you’re the only intelligent thing walking?  You’re in for a rude awakening!

Why does Google list all of our tags in a backward position from the way we place them?  It’s because as I keep drilling into your numb skulls, everything is backwards! Now from women on down most especially, with the exception of embryos and infants, because they’re not responsible for their behavior, but the rest of you are!  And don’t misunderstand me!  Many men think they’re God too!  IT’S MY LIFE!!  NOT YOURS!  HANDS OFF!  NO TRESPASSING!

Just what The Doctor Ordered

Take a seat and we’ll be right with you…

Crowded emergency room waiting area.

Look familiar?  Look at the junk food vending dispensers in the background…  What a fine example a Doctor should set!  That’s because you’re going to sit there like a pimple on someone’s face for hours!  This looks very similar to the sweat box I go to.  I know!  Let’s put a whole bunch of sick people all in one room!  Dah!  Not a great idea!

While rummaging through the 700 magazines, all for women, I managed to find a tiny sample copy of Reader’s Digest.  And it was even October 2014.  Someone must’ve complained…  Oh thank you for busting your ass for me!

Why we ignore our Ignorance…

Anyway, I found a very interesting article that said most of us loose our curiosity by the time we’re four years old.  That figures because while we want to explore, all we hear is: ‘Don’t touch that!  Be quiet!  Sit down and don’t move!’ and if we don’t listen, we get get clipped in the head, or have paralyzing fear stuck in us with phrases like: ‘Just wait until your father gets home!’

The article went on to say that there’s a very fine line between our capacity to learn, and how much self esteem we possess.  Interestingly, if we have too much self esteem, we think we know it all, or at least all we need to get by with, and if we have too little self esteem, we use up all our cognitive ability just trying to survive!

So our self esteem is going to have to be someplace in between if we ever hope to be curious about anything at all!  And that’s not very likely because we’re all so preoccupied with so many things we have to do; go to work, look after the kids, shop for food, clothes, cosmetics and shaving stuff so we can fart around all day trying to look impressive!  Just taking care of yourself can be a full time job if you’re that serious about it.

Zip and we’re gone!

Life is short enough as it is: most especially as we begin to age.  By the time we’re 40, we find the years are creeping up on us and we haven’t even begun to live!  There’s so much to learn, see, and explore in this big, phat world of ours!  And we’re missing it all!  When was the last time you picked up a book and just read the whole thing?

Do you ever think about building up your character?  Maybe taking an interest in what other people have to say?  Or does it go in one ear and out the other?  Perhaps you find them an annoyance and distraction from your daily boring routine, so afraid that your house of cards is going to come crashing down if you even stop for a breath?

You may fear leaving your comfort zone.

It is only when we do this that we can truly learn something new, and yes, even something different that you never knew even existed before.  Sometimes, if we want to find real change and growth within ourselves, we have to throw caution to the wind, get out there and actually do something new.  We have to learn how to start asking questions again.  Questions like: ‘What’s a four letter word for suffering?’  LOL!  ‘Who was Socrates and what did he philosophize about?’  A fifth grader is probably more curious about his fellow man/fellow woman than we are!  Do bird watchers just watch birds?  They learn something from them!  Interesting things you thought you knew but didn’t.  That’s why I always pose the question: ‘Do you know what you know?

For instance…  Did you know why Canadian geese are all honking their asses off in various groups flying over head in the day time and never at night?  That’s because they don’t fly south in the day time.  They’re actually calling other geese to go to their subscribed meeting place.  When they’re sure the gathering is complete, then they take off, but only at night because by the time morning arrives, they’ll be tired of flying enough to land and be able to see to hunt for food for strength to continue.  You may have thought at first, just Geese flying south, but you were wrong.  It was interesting to learn that though.  Wasn’t it?  Learning is as insatiable an apatite as is eating, or having sex, only more so!  In fact, once you start, you’ll never want to stop!  Don’t miss out on life, by fooling yourself into complacency…  Grab life by the horns while you still have the chance!  Tomorrow, you could be gone.  Tomorrow never comes!  Live for today!


Rant #: 6973

Technically, This is Still a Rant!

And this is my site, with my rules!  I figure this way, I can make it whatever rant number I choose out of the blue, and chances are, I haven’t used it before…  I figure in my life, I’ve got to have at least 20,000 rants buy now, easy!   If you could see all your rants on a video, I’ll bet you my worthless, rock collection, you’d laugh your guts out all over your rug!  There. That wasn’t so bad, was it? LOL!  Anyway, today, I don’t feel none too good at all…  And while the intellectuals are trying to figure out if the previous sentence was really a true quadruple negative, I’ll tell the rest of you why.

It just seams to me, that the more I see my Doctor, the sicker I get!  Last Wednesday night, I got up about 3 in the morning, to defecate, and as if someone turned on a tap full blast, about a pint of blood dropped out of my body!  So what is it now?  I have to go for a blood test, and go back and sit around with all the other sick people for an hour and a half!  I we’re sick, why don’t they quarantine us in the first place, until they know what’s wrong?  You could be sitting in a waiting room with spinal Meningitis floating around for all you know!

Anyway, as you may imagine, I haven’t been myself since!  I’m listless, fatigued, pale, and have lost my apatite!  Oh!  So this is what it feels like after a Vampire bites your throat…  I have to go with her, to pick out what glasses suits her best, because apparently, I’m a Fashion expert now..  If she didn’t need my help, I’d be back to the status of low life, street person; only coming in to eat!  She keeps my food in a bowl on the floor, beside the refrigerator…

We’re back now.

That didn’t take long…  LOL!  Anyway, we managed to get a crane in there to fit the frames upon her enormous proboscis!  We decided on purple, with no design on the side so it can catch a sunbeam: Superstar!  Plus, I pointed out that the lens should not be too big, nor too small, and since she’s dyed her hair blond now, I included the ones that don’t have a frame on the bottom so they can melt into her face better. 

Of corpse, they’re scratch resistant, and if they won’t pay for the tinting, because of her glaucoma, and Hodgman’s Slodgman’s Disease, I’ll have to fork over $90 for tinting…  That’s because O.D.S.P. has gotten so cheap now, that they might just tell her to buy those UV sunglasses for $14.95, that clip onto your frames and make you look like an oncoming bus!  Oh I just wanna rip the arms off a Praying Mantis SO BAD!