Rules and Regulations


Rules and regulations aren’t always good for us.  As the picture above illustrates, there’s really nothing left to do here but leave your car and go home :O(.  And so, for this blog anyway, I’d like to pick on The Government!  It’s as though they tie us all up in straight jackets, leaving you homeless, hungry and jobless, and say:  ‘Go forth and fly young eagle!  Go and leave your mark!’  What mark?  I’m not allowed to do anything without going to jail…

Just for the record, I’m in Canada, but that doesn’t matter.  This is a world-wide problem!  And it grows exponentially with the populace!  Like rats trapped in a cage,  The more complex the maze, and the more rats there are, the more likelihood the rats will turn on each other.  And rats are rodents, so we ascended from rats!  They’re our descendents…  And you know what they say: ‘Like father, like son!’


By the time you figure this sign out, you’ll already be in jail for smacking into a tree!  Are you beginning to catch my drift?  You may have noticed that for this particular blog, I have not used any subtitles…  I hate subtitles!  That’s no way to run a blog!  It kills the mystery: ‘OK.  I’m going to write a paragraph.  But first, I’m gonna tell you what it’s all about.’  Dah!  Isn’t that WHY you’re reading the paragraph anyway?  I only do it because Google says I’ll get more hits, and they’re running this show, so I have to follow their ‘Rules and Regulations!’  One of these days I’m going to just write conversation, with a title, (a story) and that’s all they get!  What say Yee?











Let me give you some you a choice.  You can be Liberal, choose to ignore the rules and regulations, choose your own road…  Choose to be different from all the Conservative, Rules and Regulation following sheep, and probably go to jail: or at the very least, get pounded out, (street talk for having the living CRAP beat out of you) and left in a gutter for dead!  So what’s it gonna be?  Are you gonna Man up and choose death?  LOL!  Or are you gonna play it safe, knowing you’ll never really have lived at all?  I think both choices stink!

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.

Staying The Course

Social Networking


I don’t see that: ‘Life is what you make it’ so much as what it makes of you.  I could have the best attitude there is.  But if I don’t see the bigger picture, I won’t be able to open the right doors.  In other words, experience teaches us how to implement it into our character, and manifest the results in real ways, for real people!.

It’s not just a matter of saying I’ll help others, and then handing out chocolate bars!  I must prioritize who needs my help most, and then how to tactfully administer what kind of help they need, in a way that maintains both their dignity, and my own.  If the truth hurts, how do you administer it without hurting someone? 

If you think someone is annoying, you don’t out-rightly tell them that!  You tell them that you think you are annoying, and ask them how you could go about solving the problem.  This way, you teach them how to teach themselves, and avoid them closing their ears and bruising their dignity.  Andy of Mayberry was very good at that!  So tactfulness in helping others with their problems is a very good way to make friends!  And making friends is the most important part about social networking…

Is everyone entitled to their own opinion?


See, I believe that the impossible is something that can be made possible, if we just change the rules under which a person, place or thing functions!  It was impossible to get me to clean my room until my Mother told me that I could go without dinner if I failed to do so!  So when I got hungry enough, I suddenly wanted to clean my room, thereby making the impossible possible!

So no!  I don’t think you’re entitled to your own opinion if it’s a stupid one.  I could be of the opinion that I no longer need to look for traffic before I cross the road, because I have ears, and can hear cars coming.  Sounds right, but did I think it out properly?  What if someone’s just turning a corner when I step out into the road?  I might not hear that!  What if someone is fiddling with their radio, and I’m slowly loosing my hearing?  What if?  So don’t be duped into thinking because you have an opinion to express, that everyone’s going to think you’re entitled to it.  You had better be right, or what purpose does it serve?

Truth is our Teacher…

_the truth is quotes (1)

Why do we avoid the truth?  Compliments may make you feel good alright.  But they don’t teach you anything about how to progress!  Will placing blame solve the problem? Do I expect friends if I don’t go out and make them?

Once I told someone that a line in their poem didn’t fit with the rest  I also pointed out what did fit, and praised the rest of the poem so this person could keep his dignity.  Later, I received a reply thanking me for leaving a comment he actually found useful!  What’s the moral?  If you sound like everybody else, you’re going to be treated like everybody else…  Ignored…  Respect isn’t an entitlement!  So be constructive when you comment, and add to what’s already there.

Staying the course?  ‘Oh that poem’s so beautiful!’ comments.  Yes!  And?  They already know it’s worthwhile. If you thought it was all so beautiful, you might have went on to ask: ‘Could you help me to write poems like this?’   You probably would have gained a friend for life!  I’m asking you to stay the course, learn from experience, and apply that.  BTW, was able to condense, by more than 300 words :O)

Why Your Blogs Lay Dormant

Whoever said life was fair?


You’ve got 40 million users out there!  Out of those, how many of them do you really think are honest and don’t prefer a rigged game, if and when they can find one?  I started out when blogging was brand new!  In those days, if you put up a post about Bugs Bunny, people would flock all over it!  In those days, we were the pioneers.  Were the ones who kept blogging alive.  Without us mapping the road, this platform wouldn’t even be here today.  And I’ll tell you something else.  One day very soon, you’re going to have to pay to be here whether you’re ever noticed or not…  Whoever said life was fair?

I was out taking pictures using actual manual settings in the days when most of you could only understand the need for an instamatic through-away, just in case someone showed up for your sons birthday party you paid 3 million dollars to have occupy the cover page of The New York Times… 

Today, everybody takes pictures right off their cell phones.  The people in the picture above, are actually all brain-storming a single blog they all take credit for!  There are many groups out there just like them, walking all over your chances.  It would have left Einstein himself scratching his head at why he’s never read, or even considered worth reading!  You don’t even need to save great pictures anymore.  What’s the need to?  They’re out there everywhere!  You can look at them any time you like, right from where they are, or just pop it up on your screen until you’re sick of it because everyone has unlimited Internet access now…

So you try to be original!


Sorry!  You’ve been beaten to the punch again.  Many people now will pay out big bucks for the information they need, so they hire people to write their ‘original’ material for them, and take all the credit for themselves.  And I’m talking about stuff that nobody knows or has access to.  Besides, most people have never picked up a book in their lives unless they were trying to get their Masters Degree, and then it was just ‘Bickers’ cheats so they could get samples of the test questions.

I’m not stupid!  I’ve seen how dismal The Reader looks!  And I watch my stats enough to know that you don’t think you have enough time to read more than 60 words a day, and that’s why all of my likes and yours (unusual und 5 though I supposedly have over 260 followers, which is in itself chicken feed for someone who’s been here blogging his brains out for over two years now), are all about famous, one liner sayings and an accompanying picture anyone can pull off the Internet and put up in less than five minutes.  That’s not blogging!  That’s called: ‘Getting away with BS’!  And you want people to comment on your blog sure enough, but you never comment on theirs…

Anyone for butchered meat?


Here is what you look like to bloggers who wave thousands of viewers…  To them, you are nothing more than a commodity that can be bought or sold: taken or hung out to cure.  The truth of the matter is, soon robots will be doing everything for us, so you won’t even be able to get a job, let alone be any kind of presence on The Internet!

Someone once asked me what do I care whether anybody notices me here or not?  That’s because to him, it’s all just a game!  They care no more about leaving a legacy of helpful information behind for others than they would a crumb for a starving mouse!  They believe the oh so many expensive toys they have to leave behind will speak all the volumes they need say to those important around them:  Their dog, and a possible semen sample to bring back a clone of themselves…

The laws, rights and privileges designed to protect your average individual are just about dead now!  Voice?  You have no voice!  The only thing you have is three square meals and a roof over your head: the very same things readily provided to any inmate in prison.  And in this world of material this, and material that, you’re just about as pertinent. 

Read blogs?  How boring, when there’s a concert to go to!  How fruitless, when there’s so much money to be made!  How mundane when you’re going to be late for your world cruise!  And how time consuming when all you really need do is pick up a phone, and avoid all the effort of having to think altogether!  Blogs?  Why didn’t you know?  We’re all just a bunch of attention seekers, and no more important to you than an ant a good tin of insecticide won’t take care of.  Oh…  Excuse me…  We’re not that immediate.  You can just click us off with but a single key stroke… Petty humans!  So that’s why your blog lies dormant.  You don’t matter…


Running in The Winter

Two women run down Mountain Avenue in a snowstorm.

Gearing Up

The first thing you have to remember is to get dressed!  Why is it that the best pictures are always inevitably of women?  It always gives me the feeling that men don’t exist!  This all looks fine and prissy and all that, yet there’s something missing from this photo if you run in Canada: clothes!  Here, you usually have several feet of snow, so you can just replace the sneakers with heavy boots, and 65 pound gloves!  And running in jackets like that up here, will find you both frozen in a dashing position, cuz the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, so add the weight of a heavy coat with a hood. Replace the super hero leotards with long johns and jeans, and you’re carrying around a lot of extra weight threw heavy snow!

I arrive home with the back of my legs in excruciating pain!  No bout I doubt it, winter running is exhausting!  So…  I have a few tricks left up my long sleeved shirt and sweater that may just help to take the chicken out of you that also resides in me. Yes, I too look out my door and wonder if I should just take my suicide pill and go for a nap…


Wait for The Snow-Plow

In the summer, I try to get out before 8 am. because I like the smell of early morning dew on my nose! In the winter, I wait until at least 9:30 am. to give the snow plows a chance to at least clear some of the way for me.  Why?  It’s because here I was running at top speed, yet still staying in one place, when I chanced to glance across the street and seen that the snow-plow had been through and cleared a path.  So I crawled across the road and felt such a relief to surpass the speed of dark, one mile a month!  Much easier than sucking your boots out of the snow!