Don’t Give Up


The story goes that while attending University, Stephen and a group of other considered advanced students were given 10 physics questions to complete in two weeks.  While the other students feverishly racked their brains for solutions to the problems, Stephen calmly went about what he loves the most…  Rowing!

As the dead-line drew near, the other students drew Stephens attention to the fact that these questions were really hard!  They emphasized that the time allotted to them was drawing to a close, and he hadn’t even looked at the questions yet!  The night before it was time to turn their answers in, Stephen sat himself down and quickly jotted down the answers…

The other students laughed at and taunted him, exclaiming that he had put no effort into this what-so-ever and was bound to fail miserably.  When the results came in, Stephen had gotten all of the questions correct, and the next best result from anyone in the group, all brain-storming together, was two answers right.  THAT’S how smart this man is!  God never takes something away, but that He doesn’t give back in return!

My 10 Things ‘To Do’ List

  • Getting up earlyI’m sure this is on everyone’s list, almost…  I find the adage: ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man/woman, healthy, wealthy, and wise!’  I know!  It’s a bitch when you can’t get a Jimmy Hendrix tune out of your head until 3 O’clock in the morning…
  • Clean up the house I must admit that all the constantly occurring messes can sometimes get the better of me.  I find that if I start doing something, even though I don’t want to, once I get into it, I want to…
  • Finding something to do This is a tough on for a lot of people!  I’m not one of those people.  If I’m not on the computer, I’m running, lifting weights, doing house-work, going shopping or working at some construction job Bone Head digs up for us.  Plus, I do a lot of research and tend after Leslie because of her many aches and pains.  Having so many hobbies as I do helps!
  • Don’t back-slideI guess a ‘not to do’ can be classified as a ‘to do’ because you have to practice not doing it, so really, it must be a ‘to do’…  It’s so easy to rationalize your way through the day with phrases like: ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself!’ and: ‘Just this once won’t make any difference!’  Well it does, and you have to be hard on yourself if you’re going to stick to the routine that got you to the place you are now!  You have to really be determined and give yourself a lot of pep talks to tow the line like you should.  This is not for praise, or to gloat!  It’s only what you should be doing that’s going to bring you benefits in life, or you may just as well not be here, as to just sit around and occupy space…  In my book, that’s not living!
  • Only eat when I’m hungryYou’ve heard the term: ‘Comfort food?’  Well, it’s extremely difficult sometimes not to feel so sorry for yourself that you fill up on so many sweet things that you’d have to exercise for 3 days straight to get rid of: not worth it for me!  So now I practice saying: ‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself!’  Then I can get on with my life!
  • Try to take a dump at least once a monthLOL!  Unfortunately, I’m not a big prune juice fan…  It might sound outrageous, but with all the money I spend monthly on supplements, I still have to convince myself to part with the bucks for probiotics!  I truly need them if I even hope for a regular bowel movement once a day…
  • Communicate with Leslie moreThis is one thing that men generally suck at!  I constantly have to remind myself that although I find plenty to do all day, everyday, she is stuck in bed all day watching TV.  And I wouldn’t wish that on my worse enemy…  I have to remember that and implement it more often! 
  • Fight my depression Thinking positively is difficult with this mentally debilitating disease!  Every day is a challenge to motivate myself, make plans, be involved with others…  My mind always wants to do the opposite of these things, and I have to be constantly alert to this and reverse my thinking, blot other things out of my mind so often during the course of a day, I sometimes wonder: ‘Is it live?  Or Memorex?’
  • Always find someone to help It’s difficult when you’re waddling in self pity all day, fighting off greedy thoughts and the temptation to make rodents suffer for your own short-comings, to consider that you’re not the only one with demons to wrestle with.  I have very little money, and it’s so hard to part with.  LOL!  However, there are those worse off than me, and I must keep giving them a little something to help them get by.  Who else is gonna do it?  And it’s not just money.  They need to be comforted as well!
  • Leave what’s outside, outside  Believe it or not, I become very irate at all the stupid things I see people doing around me!  This only hurts me!  I would do well to understand that from their point of view, I may look stupid to them too…