Where Does God Live?

Below is a response I gave to Pat…  I presently await her answer.  Some of you know her, and some don’t!  She is very close to God and before I begin, I want you to know that I do respect her beliefs, and have felt the presence of a superior being working within my life as well.  So the object of this post is NOT to deny God’s existence, but to get answers.  I thought perhaps if I widen my scope of enquiry, it my improve my understanding of God!  Comprehending me?  Anyway, this below, was my questioning to her.  You must go to her site to see how this all began.  Click on: ‘One Wish’ and read the comments section for the whole scoop:  https://patcegan.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/one-wish/


Dear Darling One; How did you get so wise huh? You make people pick up their Bibles! According to Heb. 11:1 ‘Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for,+ the evident demonstration* of realities that are not seen.’ I was a Jehovah’s Witness. They used to be called ‘Bible Students’ because they know the Bible so well! Too bad they don’t put it into practice… Anyway, they have a great site for grabbing quotes from the Bible and much more:  http://www.jw.org/en/
You surprised me that you used quantum mechanics as a rhealm where impossibilities become possible!


Lets move to the other end of the scale shall we? When a star dies, it releases all the elements that made us. We are literally composed of star-dust. Yes? So if the stars made us, how could God have done so? We can look back to the very beginning of the universe within every possible spectrum of light, and we haven’t found hide nor hair of the man? LOL! Add to this, if he is perfect, how on earth did he create such an imperfect being as us? All through life, we find that everything we’re told is a lie. Yet I’m supposed to believe what sounds like the biggest whopper of all! And since time did not exist before the beginning of the universe, how could God have existed to make the thing?


Since organised religion could never answer me, and I have caught them in mistakes like: ‘God will not create life anywhere else until He perfects us!’ Yet now we know there are, as a conservative estimate, 33 billion Earth like planets in our galaxy alone (not including exo-moons), any one of which, an advanced being with what we’d call supernatural powers could have emerged from… And since a star moved across the sky, and then hovered over a manager, it’s hard not to think: ‘Space-craft’ And since Religion has zip for answers, I’m inclined to have questions. I do NOT deny that God exists. I simply feel that He talks to us in ways that people could understand 2000 years ago. Yet by expanding an element of mystery to His nature, He looks larger and more powerful than us.


He says we can’t see Him because He’s a spirit, yet if He made us in his image, as having a spiritual nature as well, then why not? And since we are now on the verge of being able to greatly extend our own lives, and learning more every day about how to improve our own way of life, why do we need Him? I know… Just saying this stuff makes me feel like The Anti-Christ, but these are very pertinent questions to me! In fact, I may copy this as a blog, and just see who has the answers… What say you?





Blogging for Beginners (Part#1)



This part conveys information about blogging materials or ideas about what to blog about, to hopefully dispel some of the road-blocks to blogging that many experience.  Part #2 will concentrate on the inner workings behind your new blog: how one may go about customizing it and utilizing the space available to them, for their advantage.

I got curious enough to enter into Google: ‘Blogging Definition’ and got back 18 million results.  Seems there’s no shortage of opinion as to just what blogging is all about, so I chose the top one which states as follows:

‘a website containing a writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. 2. a single entry or post on such a website: She regularly contributes a blog to the magazine’s website.’

I believe there’s a lot more to it than the above encapsulation because one might blog about little known facts, poetry, songs, other peoples blogs, health, recipes, science…  You name it, we blog about it.  Yet how does one consider just what most people are interested in reading about?  That’s as least as important as techniques one might use to compose a blog entry.  Those are the two most important questions I shall answer for you here:

  • Topics of General Interest –  Obviously ‘Blogging’ is a topic of interest.  Believe it or not, even experienced bloggers sometimes grapple primarily with what captures the interest of their peers.  What’s spooky, is that we’re all interested in each others social interactions in general, and sometimes we’re a little hesitant about presenting the awkward side of that coin.  The hard part is, that’s the side of the coin we’re all intrigued about.  Chances are, if it’s about something easy to handle, others can handle it easily as well, and won’t be interested.  
  • Captivate your audience – If it is about an experience, it had better be intriguing!  It had better keep your audience guessing about the outcome until the end, or why need they keep reading?  It ought to contain a climax and an anti-climax.  That is, it should gradually build to a crescendo, and then be summed up with an object lesson that everyone can gain from this ‘unusual’ experience.
  • Start at the beginning – A lot of people complain that they have a topic in mind, but don’t know where to start.  Start with a subheading called : ‘Introduction’.  Generally and briefly explain what your blog entry is going to be about.  Do this by answering the five W’s of all journalism: Who, What, When Where and Why.  Then use your post to elaborate on them.  This will not only give your audience an overview to follow, it will also help you to set up how you intend to explain the order of events and prioritize your approach.
  • Condense and confide – Try not to be to wordy about any one thing.  Always get to the point, and don’t forget to ask your readers what they think about your conclusions and opinions about the matter.  This allows the reader the confidence to comment, if they believe you have an open mind about it.  Most people don’t have a lot of time.  That’s why it’s good to mix up your entries with, picture quotes, recipes, poems, songs, short stories and humorous antidotes: because they’re short.  Some people buy books for the pictures?  No!  You can compose some long posts as well, as long as they concern complicated topics designed to instill confidence, such as blogging…
  • Be controversial – No one’s going to care about the ins and outs of tying your shoe laces!  Talk about how you handle, sex, murder, ignorance, injustice, community affairs, prejudice, world shaking events, what’s wrong with what’s right…  Make bold assertions, and suggest solutions.  What do people like to watch on TV generally?  Blood, guts, intrigue, survival, humor, war, intrigue, mystery, suspense, violence, a good horror shtick?  Or how well little, johnny did on his essay?  Just be sure to be unbiased that’s all.  Do you think black Americans have too many special privileges?  You can say so without calling them dirty, or saying you think  they have a low I.Q. or commit all the crimes on Earth: arguments of the closed minded…  People will agree or disagree with you.  But at least it won’t be boring milk toast!  To pose pertinent questions, you’re just going to have to shoulder some amount of risk.
  • Take full advantage of point form – And use ‘Bold’ on the points you expound upon as I did here, to give your audience the option of quickly jumping to the part of the post that interests them most!  It saves them time, and you aggravation for lack of likes.  In other words, don’t underestimate the value of properly formatting your entry…  Examples of point form posts may include: ’10 ways to overcome fear’ or ‘The 10 best movies of 2014’…  If you’re not sure, you’ll be surprised how quickly they come to you, once you begin.
  • Find topics over The Internet – That’s what it’s there for!  Don’t copy it word for word.  Make reference and give the website if it’s extensive.  Or, read through it quickly, and write about it, developing your own opinion.  Since we all crave pictures so much, I start a lot of my searches with ‘pictures of’ and ‘picture quotes by’ famous people that tend to captivate audiences, such as: Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman etc..  They didn’t get famous by sitting on their butts all their lives!  They’re hard working, intelligent people who usually have something worthwhile to say.
  • People enjoy ‘How to’ posts – Em…  As long as it’s not about how to tie your own shoelaces…  ‘How to comment’ or ‘How to avoid sarcasm in 3 easy steps’ etc..  Something that’s going to grab peoples attention.
  • Feature and reblog other people – But don’t just concentrate on that alone, or you’ll loose your own identity.  To many people just concentrate on one subject in an attempt to write very little, and therefore narrow their audience to people who like to read very little about you!
  • Don’t knock yourself out – Don’t build your life around blogging or you’ll become a Drone!  On those days you don’t feel like blogging, those are the days you can just through up a quote, or jot down a spontaneous 5 minute poem.
  • Don’t forget The Reader – Post first.  Then go to The Reader.  Comment often in a sensible and helpful manner if need be.  Commend them for their efforts, give them likes if they deserve them, and chances are, they’ll reciprocate on your blog
  • Build upon your followers in other ways as well – Become involved on other forums such as: Facebook, Twitter and Google+…  Leave comments and pictures there as well.  Build up a rapor (STINKING DICTIONARY!) with them, and make some friends before mentioning your blog and include reference to a post, only about once every two weeks or so.  This is a case where: ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ really DOES apply.  If you keep bugging them to come, they’ll purposely avoid you.
  • Believe in yourself – If you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect anybody else to?  You must exude an air of confidence, encouragement, kindness, humor, whit, make suggestions, composure, promote ideas, lead the way, and set it by example…  Look at what everybody else does, then don’t do it!  Be unique.  Stand apart from the crowd and walk the road least traveled.  It’s a lot less crowded there, brings people’s attention to you, and causes everybody else to quip: ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’

In Conclusion:

This is the anti-climax I was talking about.  Be free spirited, observe others blogging techniques, and learn from them! Speak from your heart, yet don’t forget to back it up with common sense and reasoning.  Don’t be overly religious or political.  I know I’ve said before that those are the two things that control us and therefore should be talking more about, but you can’t fight City Hall.  People set up huge road-blocks against that because they choose to decide for themselves, and that’s the name of that tune…  And it IS cheesy to pedal your goods over a basically free forum.  The people who do that, can be found in your spam queue.  Give stuff away freely!  The Internet used to be like that once.  Keep in mind people have to pay for a connection in the first place, and own computers that essentially come to them broken and vulnerable.  It doesn’t mean you’re a Sucker!  Well, if you’ve gotten this far, at the very least, you’ll read a lot of blogs.  ‘May good fortune smile upon most of you…’ – Spartacus


Answers To My Own Questions #1

  • Why did I dump all over you the other day?  It’s so I can loose my audience, take enough pain killers to lead a herd of Buffalo into a swamp, and learn how to cut myself so I can relieve the pain!
  • Why am I so controlling?  It’s because I have a remote control stuck to my forehead, as my answer to an improved Arian race!
  • Why won’t people answer my long posts about living longer?  Maybe it’s because they have to go for a pee pee queue?  After all, the cut off point for human life is still 115…  So a 62 year old isn’t qualified to speak about that yet!
  • Why doesn’t anyone respond to my ideas?  Maybe because they really suck?  Or maybe because they remain just that until I or someone else implements them.
  • Why do I get so mad?  It’s because I was diagnosed as being mad.  Righteous indignation be damned!  I’m just down right moody!  Now I know why serial killers have so much fun :O(
  • Will I ever get well?  Will a bear ever sit on my face and laugh?  That ‘God help me to accept the things I cannot change’ part, is something I really need to accept!
  • Well how long have I got?  Just about as long as everybody else!  Maybe all their take this to stay young poop, is just that.  Poop!
  • Do people want to hear about religion or politics?  No!
  • Will I ever be forgiven?  Self?  You will always be forgiven!  You’re just too regimental on yourself to see that!
  • How large is the Universe?  Too large to find a hamburger stand out there, so there’s not a lot we can really relate to on a general level…
  • What do people really want from me?  Cyber sex, recipes for the nearest takeout place to them, more animal extracts (minus the entrails), how to function on LSD, where’s the cheapest rock concert, etc..
  • How do I reach people?  By taking the microchip out of my ass and showing the feeling I so much demand from them!
  • Will I ever stop asking questions?  No.  But I do have to learn how to ask the right ones!
  • Is it something I said?  It’s something I need to say, in a more calm, and sensible way than a Zebra trying to paint on stripes…



America The Divided…

Why are we all so divided? Why can’t we just ignore all the B.S. and devise a new system concerned with the problems that people face? Because B.S. baffles brains? If only ignorance were that blissful! It’s because there are only two choices: Bad, and rotten! It’s because the two very things that could bring the entire world together, Religion and Politics, are the very two things we’re always told to never talk about! It’s because involvement within our communities is too time consuming, while we’re all so busy keeping up with the Joneses… Here in Canada, we enjoy sucking up to American asses, have pretty much the same system, only we get to keep our creeps in office much longer, and should really be called Socialist instructors. Our health care system is a joke now, where it used to be a refuge for so many! They want a Civil War so we can kill ourselves off, leaving nobody to gripe about them any more, spoiling their fun at the Country Club… Add to this, there are only 92 years in total, for all 4 million years of Apes on this rock when the entire world has been at peace, and none of that time has been recent as 60,000 years ago, when we were supposed to have finally developed some brains: ‘It does not belong to Man even to direct his own step!’ I’m completely convinced of that!  We are truly now:  ‘America The Divided…’


Babylon the Great


The world empire of false religion, embracing all religions whose teachings and practices that do not conform to the worship of Jehovah, the only true God. Following the flood of Noah’s day, false religion had its beginning at Babel (later known as Babylon; (Gen. 10:8-10; 11: 4-9) In time, Babylonian religious beliefs and practices spread to many lands.Sp Babylon the Great became a fitting name for false religion as a whole.

What evidence points toward Babylon the Great, referred to in Revelations?

It could not be the ancient city of Babylon.  Relations was written at the end of the first century C.E. and describes events that would reach down to our day. The encyclopedia America says: ‘The city of Babylon was taken under Cyrus the Great in 539 B.C.  Later Alexander the Great planned to make the capital of his eastern empire, but after his death Babylon began to loose importance.’  Today the city is an uninhabited ruin.

In the symbolism of revelation, Babylon the Great is referred to as a ‘great city,’ a Kingdom that rules other Kings. (Rev. 17:18) Like a city it would have many organizations within it; and like a kingdom that includes other kings in its domain, it would be international in scope.  It is described as having relations with political rulers and contributing much to the wealth of men in commerce, while itself becoming a third element that ‘has become a dwelling place of demons’ and a persecutor of prophets and of holy ones.’ – Rev. 18:2, 9-17, 24.