Street Talk

Street talk, as they say, is: ‘straight talk’…  Tellin’ it like IT is, so that people who are afraid, or even deny to look at the truth, will bare witness to it anyway!  In some translation, it’s actually: ‘tough love’, yet if someone doesn’t speak up, injustice, and misunderstanding might prevail.  So some of the brave among us will take on topics that others dare not…  Well I’m one of those idiots!  LOL!

Let it be known that because of the topic of discussion, I in no way, shape or for, with malice or intent, would or could ever murder anyone.  That just isn’t in me.  However, there are people who walk this Earth, when their lives are threatened, their livelihood, or their family, will take the law into their own hands: even more especially, when their assailant is falsely accusing them.  We commonly refer to this as a kind of: ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar’…  Anyway, If we don’t, we should!

Some people are willing to sacrifice themselves to stop parasites that prey upon other humans…  They are usually people who are sick-and-tired of life in general, and want to go out ridding the world of a predator, and if it were left up to me, I’d sooner pin a medal on their chest, and avoid any unnecessary paper-work…  Yes.  There is a ‘law above the law’ that subscribes to God rather than Mankind…  These people feel you are the sacrifice they offer God for entrance into Disneyland…

A Word to The Wise

‘When you set out for vengeance, start by digging two graves…’  I would suggest also, that you subscribe to God’s Law: to love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you.  Elese-wise, nobody will show up at your funerals either.  Evil begets evil!  And I truly believe that one day, the evil ones will cancel each other out, and we’ll no longer have to support criminals.  Always fight bad with good.  And ‘The Good’ simply have to do nothing, knowing they’ve already won the game by default.  Christ’s own promise :O)

For What It’s Worth

Hoorah!  Hooray!  Congrats on being me;

How can so much BS, possibly smell so pure?

How much better could I possibly be;

In comparison to the rest of the manure?

That what I’m saying is only my own epiphany…

If it’s hard to believe, it’s only because it’s the truth;

Just sitting beside me can be such a thrill!

The rest of your friends are in lack of such proof;

That just breathing my air will give you your fill!

That what I’m saying isn’t just a tad aloof…

I know I am the greatest man on Earth;

That doesn’t mean you have to run away!

Stay for my love and wisdom to give birth;

Kneel to me and pray!

That what I’m saying, has really been what it’s worth…