How to Really Be Someone!


Ever feel out-of-place?  Ever feel unloved or rejected, just because you don’t fit the mold others are prepared to see you in?  Is it in fact a curse to be different?  Are you really: ‘Out there!’ with your ideas, appearance, and actions?  Well Thank God (Howard in Heaven…  Howard be thy name!), that YOU are NOT alone!  WEIRDO!  LOL!  Hey!  Underneath, we’re all naked!

Take heart!  The world doesn’t want to see: ‘The real you’, it wants to see the image it conjours of you: ‘How one ‘should’ appropriately conduct themselves within the confines of social acceptance.  Going by your own rules is a no-no!  So how do you be you, if the social norm puts restrictions on just who ‘you’ should be: as a neighbor, parent, worker, friend?

The fact is, the decision has always been yours…  There are rewards and sacrifices no matter what you choose.  The trick is to weigh out each situation correctly.  Yes, saying exactly what you think, isn’t always what people always want to hear.  Though they would respect and trust you more than someone who hides what they’re thinking, or wears a mask.  Don’t trust anyone with a white horse, who says his name is Zorro!

There’s an up side to being a nobody too.  People only kill who they love…  But if you’re a nobody, please keep in mind that it’s not likely people will even know you’re in the same room with them!  And feather more, risks can be taken responsibly, if all angles of approach are appropriately considered within reason.  Don’t go playing the Hero, and go running in to douse an A-Bomb with a glass of water!  Let’s consider your options…

Being a Professional

_0007_A Clown

If you choose to be a Jerk for money, then you will always be recognized as a Jerk and can NOT suddenly change-up and be recognized as Collage Professor material from there.  Once a Jerk, always a Jerk.  That’s your label from now on, and it can’t be changed.  Congratulations!  You have become stereotyped!  <Stamping ‘WAR’ on your forehead!>

This is one way I believe The System is flawed…  I foresee a future in which many people will turn to computers so they can fit many personas into their lives and develop more well-rounded characters: lead more interesting lives than this stupid ‘sameness’ thing we all get so caught up in.  Is it more safe for you?  IT’S BORING!!

So What Is The Answer?


Become a wandering Vagabond!  Seriously, if Christ said give all your possessions over to the poor (Me!), and follow me, Him, then why aren’t you doing that?  Why are you still part of this world?  Why not explore the world and see how it’s part of you?  Haven’t got the money?  I went 3000 miles on 47 cents and a package of cheese slices!  I learned more on that journey than I ever could have at any factory, institution, or administrative job.  For one thing, I learned that you don’t have to make money to enjoy life: one can still earn their way through service, and still find time to explore!

Though nobody wants you to be, it’s important you be an outcast and a unicorn!  Let others teach you what they know, rather than shoot your mouth off.  It makes them think you like them…  This way you can gain introspective into yourself, because we all carry similar thoughts, sensations, impressions etc.. 

After I do things, I like to imagine I was staring down at myself the entire time, observing my own gestures and actions.  I know one thing: when I dream, I’m more often the observer than the participant.  To me, this denotes that I’m sometimes afraid to take a chance…  The pertinent question is: am I brave enough, informed enough, wise enough, humble enough, observant enough to take that chance?  And in what way do others seem to approve of me?  As a leader?  Or a follower?  All questions you must ask of yourself on the road of: ‘How to Really Be Someone!’  One thing’s for sure: ‘Wherever you go, there you are!’ – Total Recall


Rich Man Poor Man

Rich man

The rich man is smart!  He plans his future out well, with practical step by step goals to achieve his own success.  He’s dressed for success!  You can almost smell the money wafting off of him!  He has worked hard to get a good education, sought out a reputable Firm, where he could flourish and grow…


Not the poor man though;  no, he has chosen to just fold his hands and live a life of rest and relaxation!  Our poor man here, doesn’t care if he gets a good education or not…


Pretty soon, rich men have so much money, they can afford to just give away gifts like this, as if they didn’t even care!


And what does our poor man plan to do?  Nothing!  He’s not listening and thinks the whole thing one big joke!


A rich man is free to come and go with as many women as he pleases, and this is quite acceptable in society.


When a poor man marries, he is stuck with a chain around his neck, leading a life of drudgery, and pain…

rich-men-hot-women-23Before you know it, our rich man has all the women he could ever ask for…  The poor man thinks the rich man is just pretending to be smart while he walks a crooked, and dishonest path…


Just try to ask the poor man what 2+2 equals, and this is what you’ll get!


Yet when it comes to a night out on the town with the guys, he has no trouble coming to a decision at all!  Hmmmmm….


Our rich man continues to play…


Not the poor man.  He has a family to raise!  He didn’t even know what hit’m!


Sometimes the poor man must give up one of his off-spring to a foster family, just so he can eek out a living!


Meanwhile, our rich man continues to prosper…


The poor man now weak from hunger and despair, is finally resembling Albert Einstein, yet even now,  he knows very little!  It’s suddenly not so funny anymore?  Just judging by these graphic images alone, which one would you rather be?  Rich man?  Or  Poor man?  And why?