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It’s almost impossible to write with passion unless we have something in life we are truly passionate about; being dedicated to something you love doing.  It could be mountain climbing or embroidery.  If you’re passionate about it, you can covey those emotional moments of triumph and defeat, as a translation of the written word.  We can always draw from experience as well…

When I want to write about something I’m passionate about, I need to place myself within a situation, so I prefer to blog these kind of stories late  into the night, where silence and solace are my allies!  I’m one of those very fussy writers who must have complete silence, someone to bring me a snack, or I’d starve to death…  I hear we tend to think more clearly on an empty stomach; must be some extra alertness survival method that kicks in.  Anyway, I find it works for me!

Ever have an argument, and after, write down all you can remember that was said?  That’s just journalism in action!  Journalists do sugar coat the facts to make events sound more exciting, more dramatic!  So if you find you need to beef up the excitement,  shore up the details, and inject more mystery, more questions!  Some things must be left to the imagination of the reader.  So it’s good to impose a sense of question-ability at times.  We don’t want anyone guessing the ending now do we?

Character descriptions must flow with some sense of continuity, to get the reader involved!  They are most important to provide a hero and a villan, a climax and an anticlimax.  If it isn’t working you up, you won’t work up your audience!  They are your objective; the ones you must hold captive to the story line!  What plot twists and moral questions do you wish to impose? 

When writing about a boxing match for example, you’re not writing about technique to work someone up.  It must be about pain; the fight to get back up when you have no strength left to do so!  It’s the crocked business, confrontations, a real behind the scenes look, the boxing audience doesn’t see!  That’s what we wanna read!  What life shattering event have you come through?  How did it change you?  What was the final result?  These are the questions you need to be asking!  Become whom you are writing about.  Embody their charactor as a living being on the written page…



The Silent Call

Standing in the freezing rain;

He calls up to us once again!

Will you not relieve my pain?

The silent call awaits us!


Frozen hearts that beat on high;

Oblivious to any cry!

Keep time to those who walk on by;

The silent call awaits us!


Torn coats of shattered dreams;

Frozen in the wind it seems!

Cries that dissipate sunlit beams;

The silent call awaits us!


Can your passion not be sold;

For the price of ice and cold?

As the wind steals away what’s told;

The silent call awaits us!


And yet we see there’s no one there;

Or could it be we just don’t care?

Our emptiness, a frigid stare;

The silent call awaits us!

Featuring Vic Briggs: (Winner of nine consecutive awards!)


Underneath Vic’s warm and pleasant exterior, is a real Writer! Though her poetry is excellent, this lady writes about far more than poetic, vast secrets of passion and pit-falls, brewed in a cauldron of magically wound plots, having just the right emphasis, in just the right places.  Her impeccable writing abilities extend into the difficult realms of blog building instruction, futuristic possibilities, in fact, it is better if you read this particular blog yourself.  It’s quite thought provoking, as is most all of her work:

What’s really amazing, is that she’ll tackle topics that other Bloggers don’t dare touch!  So why don’t we begin our exploration of her blogging prowess by going where no Blogger has gone before, and see how she deals with racism…

A Writer Adrift:


Not only has Vic chosen a picture that simply conveys the subject, but puzzlement about one another, pointing out a fundamental problem between different ethnic groups  Does she let it go?  No!  Read above how elegantly she reminds us all that although the existence of racism should cancel itself out;  yet No!   What are we reminded: ‘nonetheless, race is regarded as a social fact.’  It hasn’t just quietly gone away, as some believe!  Go here to read more on this compelling yet highly controversial subject; a subject only a brave, confident, and experienced Blogger would dare tackle.

Does she help other Bloggers?


You might want to read this intriguing article above.  It lists 5 excellent tips on not only what methods are of value to explore, but how to implement them in your writing.  If you would like to improve your writing skills at all,, this is the blog to read…  Vic comes up with many such helpful tips for her fellow bloggers all the time!  I think, for all the:’Hey look at me!’ bloggers’ that are out there, it’s safe to say Vic is NOT one of them!  She consistently demonstrates a plethora of indispensible material!  investigating this kind of stuff is one of the most important steps to becoming a great writer!  Lap up this invaluable article, if you haven’t already:

Don’t be duped….


I’ll tell you truthfully, there are many other blog sites I could have picked to profile.  Art sites, designed to capture your imagination, or technological wonders that will sweep you off to things and ideas that are yet to be…  Then, it struck me, that it doesn’t matter the topic, this is ‘all’ Art we publish here!  It is just presented in different forms is all..

Then when you look at snippets like the one above, you  have to really admire how quickly she sites, and encapsulates problems for your perusal  Please keep in mind I’m not showing you the most interesting part of her articles, only what’s around images.  She ‘encapsulates’ much more into articles which I believe are purposely shorter, so you may retain what you’ve learned for the day: She’s a work-horse too, sometimes publishing four or five posts in one day:

Where’s the passion?


Much of Vic’s passion lies in what she can present to you!  Controversial topics of all kinds are presented on this site.  I’m not about to tell you it’s the ‘best’ blog on The Internet.  We all know that all of us are still evolving in that respect, on a more or less constant basis.  What I am trying to tell you is that I’ve never seen a more balanced mix between poetic expression, publishing instruction, and delightfully, opinionated responses to current events, about our day to day problems…  Vic tackles it all!

Yes but can she rivet you to your chair?


Read this, and then you tell me…  She can bolt you to the side of an aeroplane wing if that’s what she chooses to do.  The paragraph she had with him follows this point in the article.  Dying to know what happens next?  I thought so:  Notice how that top line just grabs your attention, be it a mixture of fact, and imagination?  Does it matter really?  Either way, she’s taking you for a ride!  So strap yourselves in!  This, is no horsey trot!

Does she ever rub people the wrong way?

Do you?  If everyone believed completely in everything we told them, what would we be telling them but ‘Nothing’?  It’s just rehashed stuff you already know about.;  If there is even a tiny piece of you that can change your way of thinking, adapt to new ideas, and see different ways of looking at things, wouldn’t that be a good thing?  Must we always confine ourselves to our tiny, little selves?  The answer is ‘No!’  Vic is here to help us spread our wings and fly!  And we need people like her, as badly as we do to breathe, or feel the energy off of another human beings life! experience.  There are nine (9) other points in this article.  To read them, click here:


In Conclusion:

These are just a very few snippets from only a tiny portion of Vic’s articles, going back less than a month actually!  I have not even touched the tip of the treasure trove of information this site has to offer you, on quite a regular bases; a prolific Writer without question,  I solute you Vic., a 6 star winner as blog of the year for 2013, along with many other awards this year! 


Vic explains the above article so well, that even verbal Sloths like me can make sense of it!  She has a popular site, always, with lots of likes and comments; quite the inter-active place!  You don’t have to want to be a better writer to enjoy Vic’s site.  There are plenty of other topics to keep you occupied…  At the very least, a lot of people are out there anticipating your next post; Here’s to a prosperous and collaborative New Year!  Cheers!  And here’s to a job well done!


Six Star: ‘Blog of The Year (2013)’ award: Congratulations to Vic Briggs!