The Silent Call

Standing in the freezing rain;

He calls up to us once again!

Will you not relieve my pain?

The silent call awaits us!


Frozen hearts that beat on high;

Oblivious to any cry!

Keep time to those who walk on by;

The silent call awaits us!


Torn coats of shattered dreams;

Frozen in the wind it seems!

Cries that dissipate sunlit beams;

The silent call awaits us!


Can your passion not be sold;

For the price of ice and cold?

As the wind steals away what’s told;

The silent call awaits us!


And yet we see there’s no one there;

Or could it be we just don’t care?

Our emptiness, a frigid stare;

The silent call awaits us!


Alone in a Crowd

The Fool On The Hill

I find it disheartening that the very things I keep trying to escape in life, keep towing along with me seemingly, always!  There are those Theologians of shattered dreams that would proclaim that negative vibes are what attracts negative events.  Yet I’m forced to deal with a negative environment full of troubled people all the time, and then walk around with the altitude that I can readily be creative?  I don’t even feel like I live in my own skin anymore!  I know that I’m at a real low period in my life, and no one can help me because they’re all worse off than I am! 

Figures that I’d become a nut-bar, and suddenly, everybody wants to get in on the act!  LOL!  It makes me feel smothered: as though I could go ahead and cry out, but after all really, what would be the use?  Like the proverbial: ‘Fool On The Hill’, I see all that goes on about me all right, but never want to be a part of it.  I tend to distance myself from everyone right now because I’m not particularly impressed by people in general anyway.  When someone is screaming in pain all day from falling, and constantly searching the house for everything,  it does not make me want to put on my party hat!  I feel more like a cereal killer: downing more Bran Flakes than my gut can possibly hold!  And the more sad I get, the more life is just about flakes…


Promises Promises!

One of the things that annoy me about people the most, is how they’ll promise you the moon, knowing full well they can never deliver…  Well, that’s misleading because the very premise of the scam is to make some things happen at random, so you’ll always believe there’s a possibility it might come true.  But as a rule, it doesn’t, or does, but in a wimpy way: they’ll make out like it’s a favor for you, but it’s really something that they want, disguised as something that you want.  A favor that doesn’t exist…  Weird!

Also, I lost my glasses over a month ago, and my Worker never returned my calls, saying it was because she only had my old number, yet whenever I called, I left the new number on her answering machine…  This would be fine if a cookie woman, a wood bee friend and a total disregard for the entire human population were my only problems.  NOT!!  Not to mention…  OK then.  To mention, now I have to wait for their reply, which means I could end up this summer, as just one, big blur!

I stopped running for a couple of weeks because it was making me tired, so I thought it would allow me to spend time here.  I wanted to write, but I was wrong!  I was drawn here by all means, and didn’t lack for something to say, because of the whale like way I like to draw in plankton.  I just feel like The Tin Man from: ‘The Wizard of OZ’: having no heart for such a strange land!


Alone in a Crowd…

It’s weird!  It’s as though I can only view things as an outsider: as though my body won’t do what my mind commands it to do!  And my body just feels like a vacant space: an unoccupied shell…  You know in the past how I tried to kill myself by cutting my wrists with dangerous toothpicks!  CHEAP Q-TIPS!  And that gun?  Well how was I to know it only fired caps?  True, a ‘Cowboys and Indians’ game followed, in which I tied everyone up, and demanded their wallets and jewelry… Got enough for a club soda!  And I would have gotten more if I knew how to be rotten without vomiting all over the place :O(

So, as you can see, I’m left with no choice but to come here with my dribble…  For the low, low price of ABSOLUTELY FREE, I would give you all not one, but two paws full of magical, breath-taking, saw dust, if any one of you could tell me how to clime out of this hole I’ve dug myself into!  I’m not happy, and you can’t make me!  I enjoy not doing anything, but I’m afraid I’m going to turn into a Manikin! And I get moody if I don’t get my usual 16 hours sleep a day…  I can dream can’t I?

I really don’t know how long it will take me to snap out of it…  Could be six months.  Could be six minutes.  I have no idea…

If you’d like to become Bi-polar, write to:

Worthless Rejects;

123 Sycamore St.

Discarded Mail Sack;

Swift Current, Saskatchewan,



The Great Divide


We preach peace, but we make war!  We say we abhor prejudice, yet so many suffer from it moment by moment, worldwide!  We offer each other love, but inflict pain!  Holding truth on high, as if it were some ideal to achieve, when the truth about truth is that it’s not always good, not always helpful or even always right!  We struggle with it so because it isn’t a black and white thing: more like a 256 shades of grey thing.  And when we lie to someone, more often than not, it’s to prevent them from being hurt.  Yet, is that something that they themselves would prefer? 

So by not telling the entire truth, you are still lying, because concealment is also a form of deception.  If thou dust respect the Earth, why dust thou still pollute, and warm globally?  Are we not then in fact living a lie?  With this entry, we will put our high-sounding words to the test, in answer to the question: ‘What is it that seperates us all from the value system we seek to be omnipresent?’  Where is Man’s agreement with his fellow-man to live and let live?

Great Expectations


The only way you’re ever going to see truth, justice and the american way written in stone, is when you die, and that’s a fact!  Part of the problem, is all of the pressure put upon us to be somebody: to constantly perform at such a high level, that the vast majority of us won’t even come close!  This in turn prods us to pose as an ‘example’ of what others want us to be, rather than being who we truly are.  So, we are encouraged to be impostors!  We cover our faults in shame, when in fact, we should be very much aware of them, if we ever hope to change this for ourselves, and hence, for the world in general…

A wise man once asked me: ‘Are you some kind of Idiot?’  Yes, idiots come in different flavors as well… However, we need our idiots, or our geniuses wouldn’t look so smart without comparison.  We just can’t be everything to everyone all the time!  So when we fail, we put the blame all on ourselves, and refuse to reach out for support, that our weakness might be revealed!  I am NOT Superman, and here’s a little secret: very few people are!  And if we all always told the truth?  We’d all be in jail!  LOL!  If we’d all admit we’re all liars to some extent or other, we’d have something apparent to fix!

Great ignorance


This is the Chevrolet Volt electric car…  Now if you had solar panels on your roof, you could charge this baby up for free!  It goes for $34,170 which I think is just great for something that would save you so much money in gas!  And if we won’t buy them, they won’t make them!  There are some out there now with performance specs that would make you drool!

Hold a chicken upside down and cover its eyes for a minute.  He’ll think it’s night-time and go to sleep…  But that doesn’t make it so!  The powers that be,  behave like the chicken,  and believe it will be night-time for them if they should promote electric cars, do business via computer, rather than a big shot plane ride, remove pesticides from our food in favor of natural predators, and stop killing the oceans for profit, starving people, and sucking money from us, that never gets to them! Funny thing is, they make their mess, and then throw the responsiblity to clean it up, on the public, and buy our lives up cheap so they can keep The Stone Age alive and well!  Modern?  Look around you!  We still live in caves!

The Great Divide

Toroweap Point

Remember the story where several blind men feel different parts of an elephant?  One feels it’s trunk and says he thinks an elephant is very much like a snake.  Another feels it’s foot and says it’s very much like a turtle etc..?  Well that’s how we are: all examining our tiny portion of the same thing, and calling it something different!  Truth be known. all the parts of an Elephant work together, and so should we.  Instead, we make borders and divide up our perspectives on the same thing…  Humanity, which is so divided now, it looks very much like a snake!  Association between different cultures provides us with a picture of the entire elephant…  At least then we’d know we need nuts!

Need we be poor?  No!  It’s only because Mankind has no agreement that we are…  You know very well, if I received just one dollar from every Canadian, I’d be 40 million dollars richer and they’d barely notice!  Need we go hungry?  No!  The Earth provides enough food to carry us all twice over: in fact, 2 whole acres of food each!   It is our solemn obligation to feed one another!  What would happen to your body if any one of its parts refused to do its job?

Ya know?  Instead of this: ‘Let the chips fall where they may!’  CRAP, can we not divide up the chips equally?  Is it not precisely where the chips fall that counts?  A Sweeper does much more for your health than a Tennis Player!  Yet who do we pay more, and by how much?  We pay more to those forbidding our freedom, than to those who would liberate us from, let’s face it, slavery.  If all you can afford is a little food, and a rented roof, do slaves get less?

In Conclusion:

Will Mankind ever reach an agreement of dignity and honor for all?  Or must I quote Orson Wells: ‘To know the future, imagine a giant, boot stomping on a human face…  Forever!’  It need not be so though…  If we will be kind enough, and loving enough, and determined enough to learn how to live together in a selfless, and compassionate way: crime, hunger, pollution, sickness, pain, poverty, humiliation, and death?  Those things would simply vanish from our midst! 

And progress without selfishness?  Imagine progress at 100  times the pace you see now!  Imagine a world that never has time for sadness or despair again: a world alive with vibrance and interest!  Imagine a world where you can truthfully say: ‘I really love to be here!’  A world where everyone loves you now, and always…  Love and forgiveness!  Isn’t that what you really want?


Hi!  My name is: ‘Stupid’, and it should be that, because all of Mankind only knows 5% of our oceans, and we live here!  I see many people hustling about their business, but very few of them are in scuba suits!  Why?  We have become the total sum of a world in which thinking has very little to do with our daily routine.  In fact, I will go so far as to say that we are creatures of routine, creatures of routine, creatures of routine!  Sorry!  I got caught a loop there…

If I could sum up just one word that would make us all more capable bloggers, that word wood bee: ‘Curiosity’…  C’Mon!  It’s cousin is: ‘Get me into trouble!’  LOL!  Where has our spirit of adventure gone?  We have forgotten the five ‘W’s’ of journalism: ‘What, where, why, when and whack off…’  To think on something, we need to explore.  If we find for example, that life leads to a futile process of decay, pain and death,  I might develop the opinion: ‘THAT REALLY SUCKS MAN!’

So look at that!  That title for a really good blog has just materialized out of thin air: ‘THAT REALLY SUCKS MAN!’  And why?  It solicited an emotional response.  And that’s the secret, is to get yourself all worked up first!

So listen up!  I’m a Depresoid so knowledge isn’t really a good idea for me! And I can’t go getting all stirred up with emotions!  Knowing people really stinks too!  I’m really scared of my own shadow.  ‘What was that?’  Oh…  It’s OK…  It was only my own shadow…  In fact, STAY AWAY FROM ME!  I DON’T WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING!  GO AWAY!  LOL!


Footnote:  Put this picture on a page the same color as the one The Clown is ripping through, and it makes for a great piece of stationary :O)

Healing Hands


This will be a long entry because I am going to use the powers of suggestion to persuade you on the road to your own happiness!  And the only tool I will use for this, is the truth.  Never a more true saying has there been than: ‘The truth shall set you free!’  Nor will it be me that I ask you to believe in: only the facts that I present to you.  I require nothing from you.  I already have what I need to cure you of all that ails you, simply by harnessing the powers already present in your own mind!  So it is not I that will heal you, rather, you that will heal yourself!  All you need do to be free from all further pain in your life, is evaluate the facts I present to you…  Fair enough?


_A Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness. Although many people are not aware, you pass through a state of hypnosis every night when you are falling asleep and every morning when you wake up. Hypnosis is often described as a deep state of relaxation and one of the best feelings someone will ever experience. One hour of hypnosis is the equivalent to eight hours of sleep.

I have actually had this done to me in a live audience as well.  The Hypnotist starts out by asking everyone to close their eyes and spread their hands about a foot apart.  Then he rapidly tells you in several different ways, that you can’t help but feel a powerful force pulling your hands together.  Look at the picture…  That’s the power of suggestion!

The Placebo Effect:

_A Pill

Pills…  How do you know what’s in them?  You don’t!  Do you?  If I wore a white coat, and used a Doctors office on his day off to give you some poison pills, you would faithfully take them, and be dead in 10 minutes…  Doctors have long known there are hypochondriacs among us: those who come down with every imaginary disease on the planet.  They may not really be sick at all, true enough.  Yet they believe that they are, and actually come down with symptoms because they believe they are sick so strongly!

The Doctor won’t try to argue with you that you really have no disease at all, and are perfectly healthy, because he knows you won’t believe him.  After all, you even feel sick!  So he gives you a sugar pill, stating that this will cure you of: ‘Pink Spot Gravis Disease’, if that’s what you think you have…  And low and behold, you are cured.  PRAISE JESUS!

Do Do That Voodoo!


Words can heal you…  Or they can kill you just as easily!  I’m going to tell you a true story of a Doctor who had a patient that was perfectly well, yet thought he was going to die!  This Doctor already knew this was quite possible because he already knew of a man who was told that he had cancer, and would be dead in 2 months.  And sure enough, the man died right on queue: almost 2 months to the day!  They performed an autopsy, and discovered the cancer had gone into remission.  The man died simply of the stress of knowing he was going to die!  Are you fascinated yet?  No?

Well then, suppose someone held a gun to your head and told you they were going to pull the trigger…  You would be dead in 45 seconds, whether they pulled the trigger or not!  That’s because in your mind, you are dead already.  It’s caused by a total loss of security.  And your fast pumping heart will simply give up.  That’s how powerful the power of suggestion can be!

Anyway, this man looked extremely ill. had stopped eating, yet showed no signs of disease! When asked why he thought he was going to die, the man told the Doctor that he had visited a Voodoo Priest.  And when he turned to leave, the Priest called out his name.  So when the man turned around unexpectingly, the Priest blew some black powder into his face, and told him he would die soon!  Then he laughed an evil laugh: ‘HAHAHAHAHAHA!!’

So the Doctor paid a visit to the Priest, and asked him what was in the black powder…  The Priest said: ‘Do you really think  I would give him something that would trace his murder back to me?  The powder is harmless!  I kill the man with the powers of his own mind.  And for this, I can be accused of no crime!

With this, The Doctor knew that the only way to save the man was to make him believe he could lift the spell!  So he came back and told the man that he had visited the Priest, and that the black powder contained lizard eggs he had inhaled.  He told the man a lizard is eating you up from the inside out, and I must remove it quickly if you are to survive!

Then he gave the man a needle to make him sleep, but with something else in it to cause him to throw up when the anesthetic wore off.  Then he conveniently placed a bucket by his bed.  Just as he had hoped, the man awoke during the night, and threw up in the bucket, but it was too dark to see…

The Doctor then entered the room, took a lizard out of his pocket, and placed it in the bucket as he held it some distance from the man.  Then he asked the Nurse to light the lamp and bring it over to the bucket: ‘OMG!’ she said: ‘What on Earth is that?’  The Doctor then pulled the Lizard out, and showed it to the man exclaiming: ‘This was your killer!  And now it is out of you!  The curse has been lifted!  And sure enough, the man then recovered…

The Healing Power of Faith!


Does God exist?  Wrong question!  Why do you always ask the wrong questions?  The question you should be asking is: ‘Do you believe He exists?’  Whether He does exist or not doesn’t matter.  What matters, is that if you believe that He does, statistically speaking, you will live a longer, happier life!  Why?  It’s because through your faith, you have relieved yourself of the stress that impending death inflicts upon you.  That’s why!

You see my delicate flowers?  If you believe you will go on living, as promised you by God, your mind will persuade you to do so!  If you believe that your reward is saved for you in Heaven via helping others, the stress of having to make money is lifted from you, along with all the risk of having money, and not knowing who your friends really are…  For that matter, who your enemies might be…

Does it sound practical to you that so many people would believe in God for no reason what-so-ever?  It is just our way of utilizing the powers of our minds to protect ourselves from harm imposed upon us by the very world in which we all must reside, one way, or another.  So I now pronounce you healed by virtue of the power of your own mind…  HEAL!

Running in The Winter

Two women run down Mountain Avenue in a snowstorm.

Gearing Up

The first thing you have to remember is to get dressed!  Why is it that the best pictures are always inevitably of women?  It always gives me the feeling that men don’t exist!  This all looks fine and prissy and all that, yet there’s something missing from this photo if you run in Canada: clothes!  Here, you usually have several feet of snow, so you can just replace the sneakers with heavy boots, and 65 pound gloves!  And running in jackets like that up here, will find you both frozen in a dashing position, cuz the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, so add the weight of a heavy coat with a hood. Replace the super hero leotards with long johns and jeans, and you’re carrying around a lot of extra weight threw heavy snow!

I arrive home with the back of my legs in excruciating pain!  No bout I doubt it, winter running is exhausting!  So…  I have a few tricks left up my long sleeved shirt and sweater that may just help to take the chicken out of you that also resides in me. Yes, I too look out my door and wonder if I should just take my suicide pill and go for a nap…


Wait for The Snow-Plow

In the summer, I try to get out before 8 am. because I like the smell of early morning dew on my nose! In the winter, I wait until at least 9:30 am. to give the snow plows a chance to at least clear some of the way for me.  Why?  It’s because here I was running at top speed, yet still staying in one place, when I chanced to glance across the street and seen that the snow-plow had been through and cleared a path.  So I crawled across the road and felt such a relief to surpass the speed of dark, one mile a month!  Much easier than sucking your boots out of the snow!