Green Eyes


Guess what?  I have green eyes!  And they do turn blue or grey sometimes…  Also, my psychological profile classifies me as a ‘rare green’…  Anyone who’s ever taken a psychology course knows what I mean.  There are four different character references according to color: Green, Blue, Orange, and Gold.  A rare anyone means ‘destined for greatness.’  It never happened so, must be BS…  Maybe if I actually tried?  Look it up.  It’s interesting!


I would NEVER raise a hand to my Child!

You’re what I like to call: ‘Wrong!’

You know me to be quite apt at explaining myself by now.  Reason being, I would never say anything to mislead you if I can possibly help it!  I’ve always tried to look ahead, consider the entire picture and possible consequence of my actions against the dividends.  My judgments then, are more than usually spot on.  If I don’t know what I’m talking about, you can pretty well bet I won’t tackle the subject.  However, having learned through keen, observation, and personal experience, I can confidently say that I qualify as a competent Parent, rather than the Child Beater you may be supposing of me right now.  There’s a difference!

If you truly love your children, you must administer the appropriate amount of discipline at the appropriate times!  By appropriate, I mean if it concerns something major to their proper development, like failing to carry out instructions that may involve serious consequences for your child later in life, or an actual armed robbery…  LOL!  

Take my word for this.  For two of my children, a boy and a girl, I have only administered corporal punishment once and once only!  Since taking this wise step, (not holding back , and teaching who’s Boss).  That’s all important or you may wind up with a little Psychopath on your hands!  It’s not my problem if your kid goes to Prison for Life at 19 cuz he lost his temper and shot someone.

Some boys more especially, tend to be willful enough not to produce tears.  A red butt confirms it was delivered successfully.  Then be certain to explain in detail exactly how much that hurt you to have to do that!  Ask them why they did what they did, and explain the consequences, not just from you, but from how their entire lives will proceed on such a premise…  ‘Will you please listen to me from now on?’  Else-wise, this is Parental Neglect!

Since then, I’ve had nothing but glowing reports from people everywhere, on how well behaved my children are, and I never once had to touch them again!  When I ask them to jump, they ask how high…  And it’s not out of fear, but the common sense that must be drilled into them.  This in truth is respect that guides them.  Else-wise, you are raising a little Trouble Maker, that eventually become:  ‘Big Trouble Makers!’  Comprehend?  This has also worked on my cat.  It now obeys my every command making it unnecessary to suffer through life to begin with.  You will find then generally, just making your cat stand in the corner with it’s nose against the wall, is enough…

The One that got away…

Elliot was the one I had yet to discipline at all before I left.  He was only 3 at the time…  I managed to retrieve a picture from my (One time) brother, and it was obvious in the picture that he was a true instigator in the making!  So you see, the stand in the corner, or removal of privileges, or even grounding, in and of it’s own, is primary ineffective without at first removing the want to create mischief far from them, and as unfortunate as this may sound to you, sometimes you may have to even threaten the little Dodgers, reminding them that you DON’T want to strike them, and not that you do.  This is one prominent reason we raise Criminals; we don’t spend enough constructive time with them to point them in the right directions to begin with!

These are Human Beings that start out as animals!  Check out parental behavior in the entire Animal Kingdom if you don’t believe me…  Watch a sibling start a fight with another cub, and just see if the Mother solves the problem with words?  I’m not in a particular mood to strike any child.  It’s a one time event, while they’re young, backed by caring and value instruction on life and how to tackle what they must face out there, without becoming just like them.  And I’m not here to tell you to do anything!  Your choices are yours to make, and yours alone..  For further instructions, please view this site:  Backward as ever though:  ‘I would NEVER raise a hand to my Child!’  



Hi Folks

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, ‘Words-back, is just Backwards Backwards.  Time, in my view, has no present or future; only the past repeated over and over again, each time improving it’s stature. There’s no present because it is transitory.  Time does not stand still to my knowledge.  And the future is yet to be, which is also transitory because that’s anyone’s guess.  Besides that, time is a concept.  You don’t suppose aliens wear watches do you?

We’re even backwards about Aliens!  We think they’re going to find our submicroscopic, rather plain, small, and insignificant star?  Meanwhile, us Hominids are the ones developing plasma for deep space travel, to find and colonize habitable planets.  Doesn’t that make US the aliens? See? Backwards!  Did you know that in Australia, the water circles do the drain backwards?  BUT IT LOOKS FORWARDS TO THEM!

Depression Sucks

Finding your way out of the darkness:

In my case, I have lapses in time called Dementia and then fall into a non-responsive state; that’s when I loose all motivation entirely and enter my own world.  It’s like I suddenly have to go out after a rain, and cut a worm in half to see if they go their own separate ways, or hang out together?

The good news is, the times that I am actually willing to be here with you, are longer. This is my pathetic attempt at trying to instill hope within you, that an actual person resides within me.  He’s just changed so much I’m afraid he’s gonna take my wallet!  And you can’t run away because: ‘Wherever you go, there you are!’

Things are changing my mood for the better

  • Large and Larger are leaving Thursday.  Good!  So now I can fix all the plumbing and buy a new air conditioner ‘The Tele-tubies’ burnt it out by running it day and night cuz their room with a window is too hot…  Then in the winter, her was too cold so him had to have the furnace on all the time, which blows right over man head where I sleep…  My head’s shrunk two sizes already.  I’ll soon be ready to shrink-wrap!
  • I got all of my teeth fixed and got my smile back (If I ever use it)…  Meanwhile, The Dentist and his demure assistant were arguing about whether the air conditioner was on or not.  I don’t know why one of them didn’t just check…  And I can’t say a word because I have a tube hooked on one side of my mouth for suction, and the Assistant was watering me with another tube, I had to big wads of cotton that protruded my upper lip to look more monkey like, and all I could do was grunt anyway…  Not that it mattered…
  • I’ve stepped up the intensity of my work-outs even more and increased my consumption of Omega 3, and it seams to have worked…  Now I can remember my name…  Uh,  just the first one.  It’s Spartacus.  Still, my friends look at me weird!
  • Spousal tolerance came from her own lips: ‘Never sweat the small stuff!’  However, a lot of small stuff can accumulate into one long, and continuous annoyance!  I still cope better though now.  Wanna know why?  It’s because, if one tries hard enough, they can convince themselves of anything; that, coupled with a lot of love and understanding has paved the way for me.  She’s in constant pain now, and won’t be long for this Earth, (She wants to be cremated!)  All I can do, is try to make her as comfortable as possible.