Listen up, and listen up good!

This is for all you fony balogna ‘friends’ out there…  I know you want perfect people, and I’m not that, so get lost!  This includes: ‘Amy Rose!’  I’m cleaning house right now.  I got rid of the steaming tea bag, Romeo (Bonehead), cuz he’s just a mooch off me, and I probably will ditch Leslie too, cuz she’s just a lying bitch-witch!  Anybody else wants to cross me, you’ll see what you get!  Let’s get one thing straight right now…  I don’t ‘need’ any of you!  I’ve got enough imagination to keep me busy on my own for a lifetime!  So go ahead and act like them, and see what happens to you!  I’m my own person!  You don’t like it?  Piss off!!



I prayed, and He took my hand!

I pleaded, and He listened to me!

I wandered, and He brought me back to Him!

So I asked: ‘What must I do to unthaw frozen hearts?’

‘What key words are there I am missing?’

And the simplest answer came back to me.

‘Only speak to those who will listen…’