Shutte Bug Hunger #3

I Don’t Wanna Drag This Out But…


I think this is a pretty cule picture!  In fact, I think this, the best part of the series…  I always save the best for last! We will romp and play through a tiny world, one of mystery, craftsmanship, and three containers that are over 150 years old!


I can’t tell you the heartache I endured picking tiny, white flecks off this thing!  The thrashing of limbs, and gnawing of teeth!  OK…  Perhaps not THAT bad… You wanted craftmanship?  Don’t forget to examine it full size in the slide show.  There’s more where that came from!


Hears the more craftmanship…  I remember seeing the tops of these lighters in the late 1950’s…  That takes me back to the constant flow of gasoline fumes!


These are the three that are over 150 years old.  I dunno.  I would think they’d have to have been mummified in Saran Wrap to come out looking this good!  See?  Someone’s always trying to pull a fast one on me.  And I’m always just one step behind them :O(


Here is one of the tiny, cups from England.  It’s from the: ‘Royal Dalton’ collection.  Guys would just laugh at how tiny they are!  So ladies, you might like this one to remind you to drink more coffee.  LOL!  Notice how I have conveniently left some space on our left for icons…


And here we have the mystery…  There’s also a close-up that shows blue flame at the bottom of the candle light…  Enjoy the sideshow…


How to Comment Without Really Trying

It has come to my attention through my stats page that most of you are acting like a flock of Lemmings wandering through a Flea Market rather than pushing on the pain-staking like button or leaving a comment at all!  Now I have a really informative blog here:

  •  I post about advances in Astronomy, Psychology, Nanotechnology, how to make intriguing blogs, information on designing and publishing your own web site.
  • I’ve posted extracts by the hundreds that you can simply drop into any picture you desire, that took a lot of effort to make for you!
  • Here, you will find hundreds of pictures from one of the best Canon Portrait Cameras ever made!  The Canon 5D.  Journalists use this camera!  And I have taken the time to remove every speck and enhance the rendition of every single shot in Photoshop.  And I use a tripod and cable release, so they’re all crystal clear!
  • I have featured many of you on my blog with many admirable recommendations…
  • I take the time and effort to comment extensively on as many of your blogs as I can get to on a consistent basis!
  • I have followed the rules places Headings in my blogs with lots of defining pictures and a whole slew of tags, and have taken special precautions not to display aggression, temper tantrums or foul language for the benefit of the women and children that may view.
  • There are many buttons, icons, headings, soft backgrounds and interfaces you’ll find under the category: ‘Graphic Design’.
  • I’ve given you instruction on how to design and publish your own web-sites!
  • The are numerous post, extensive ones on how to improve your health, live longer and advances in life extension!
  • I have dauntingly hung in with a total of 428 posts over two years, having just one or two likes and next to zippo comments!
  • I have hundres of spam comments, all with wonderful praises on my blogging expertise.  Only one problem.  They’re a bunch of Lemmings that only show up on two of my posts: ‘Dinosaur Extracts’ and a video on why we should revamp our educational system.
  • I’ve injected a sense of humor in many posts and tackled controversial topics elegantly!  I don’t know what else you could possibly ask for from me…
  • There are songs and short stories… And everything here is original!  I mean, good grief!
  • Oh yeah!  And I also put up a lot of those snappy picture quotes you facebook fanatics enjoy so much for their lame reading requirements…

Now I have more than paid my dues here, no thanks to you!  I’ve hung in for the long term anyway because I believe in advancing blogging as a medium presence on the internet.  I don’t ask for your attention to stoke my ego alone.  If you continue with this attitude of favoring only a very few bloggers, only pushing like buttons for the fun of it, and posting as little as you can possibly get away with, blogging promotions like WordPress will see their projects as complete flops and they will shut down!  Many talented bloggers have left already.  You still have a chance ( a slim one), to redeem yourselves.  I strongly suggest you take it!

Now I have switched over to using Internet Explorer from Opera because some spammers have suggested this may be my problem.  I don’t think it is, but I’ll give it a go.  If this doesn’t work, I’m leaving too.  BTW, you also mentioned the left side of my blog with all my awards on it, has been mostly cut off.  If you want to see them, turn off your favorites side-bar.  Another method I’ve suggested is to hit ctrl + to enlarge your view, and ctrl – to zoom out.  Thank you for your time, and I trust, co-operation…


It’s My Life

I’m sick to death (and death comes before sick), of people telling me what I should do, when, and how I should do it!  I’ll do things according to God’s set of rules not yours!  OK by you?  Not really! When are you going to learn that you only hurt yourself and cause resentment when you order people around?  This is not YOUR JOB!  You are not ‘the boss at work’ here!  The women in my life have been especially notorious for this.  It bugs their ass no end that I have my own mind and just so happen to think for myself!

I’ll give you the correct order of operation on this rock and you can forking well implant it in your brains once and for all time, because you are answerable to God for this, not me!  So it’s not me who’s setting down the law here.  I don’t make the rules, but I sure as Hell had better follow them!  And you know why!  Because it serves my/your best interest.  That’s why!  If you break the law, you answer to the government don’t you?  If your children break the rules you set for them, do they not answer to you? And why do you suppose that’s true?  It’s because one has more power over the other!  One is more competent to make decisions on behalf of the others best well being whether we freaking well like it or not!  Here is your order of operations, not dictated by the peanut gallery I might add:

  • God
  • Christ
  • Man
  • Woman
  • Adolescent
  • Child
  • Infant
  • Embryo

Look!  This order is not placed in this particular arrangement so that each can be a freaking big shot over the one below it!  Do you understand?  DO YOU?  If you did, then you would go apologize to your mate right now for acting like a tyrant prison warden over their entire lives, and turning them into nothing more than what’s tantamount to your very own freaking vegetable garden, and you know it!  And no, I did not forget the government.  I didn’t list it because it’s a sub-category placed here by God to make certain you follow His way for you because YOU refuse to do it!

Contrary to popular belief, you weren’t put here for your own private disco dance!  We all have a duty to ourselves and others, to leave a positive imprint on this world so that we might leave it with a clear conscience, and so that it might continue to exist in a productive manner.  But no!  You don’t give a flying rats ass, just as long as you can keep your bib in your mouth…  Grow up!  Be someone!

I still don’t think you can comprehend what I’m saying because you’ve been like this for so long, you actually believe your own lies!  I’m not mad at you.  Unlike the way some bloggers conduct themselves, it’s not my objective to put you down.  

However, there is such a thing as righteous indignation.  Now as much as I’d like to always give you what you want, I must also see to your needs as given priority over what you want because you obviously don’t know what you want any more likely than you will ever get up off your sorry ass and DO THE RIGHT THING!!

You know I’ve bent over backwards to be fair about this!  There are plenty of posts here you will find where I give you what you want: Soft backgrounds, photos, poems, quotes, extracts, buttons, icons, and all sorts of neat and tidy little packages because you’re either to damn lazy or refuse to commit yourself to read over 196 words precisely!  You just push a like button, the lying sneak in the grass that you are, and figure you’ve made some kind of contribution to the blogging world…

Math has an order of operations called: ‘BEDMAS’ (Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction), does it not?  Notice how subtraction is the last priority in line…  You are here to help your family, mate, friends etc.. not trample all over them with your silly set of rules and regulations!  You have zero tolerance and that’s your downfall!  If we should change the rules of math, then complete chaos would be the only answer available to us, and its entire structure would be nothing short of useless to us all!  It works the same way with humans…  It works the same way for everything and must!

Now no matter how incompetent you think your mate is, refer back to the order of operations, and you will see that Man is answerable to Christ, who in turn is answerable to God.  Yes?  Now if we make mistakes, I’m sorry for your delicate sensitivities, but that’s how we learn in this life!  So stop stifling my education!  And find a branding iron, and embed it your mind concerning everyone around you!  IT’S MY LIFE!!  And I’ll live it the way I see fit, shortcomings and all.  It may come as a shock to you, but you have your own misgivings that need revamping as well.  That’s your duty to yourself and the best favor you will ever do for yourself if you ever want to get along in this world.  

Oh you may fool the weak minded among you, but you won’t fool Christ, and you’ll have to answer to God for it, because Christ can’t help you if you refuse his instruction for you!  And yes.  He’s here!  In this universe of what we now believe may be one of many, are you so arrogant as to believe you’re the only intelligent thing walking?  You’re in for a rude awakening!

Why does Google list all of our tags in a backward position from the way we place them?  It’s because as I keep drilling into your numb skulls, everything is backwards! Now from women on down most especially, with the exception of embryos and infants, because they’re not responsible for their behavior, but the rest of you are!  And don’t misunderstand me!  Many men think they’re God too!  IT’S MY LIFE!!  NOT YOURS!  HANDS OFF!  NO TRESPASSING!

Understanding Gradients



I am putting three examples in here that are full size at 300 dpi.  Full size for me is 1920 x 1080, which just fits a wide screen 24 inch monitor.  You can right click them, choose save as, and get the full size image.  I know some of you have much larger monitors.  Yet keep in mind that they are high resolution, so you can tell your computer to: ‘fit screen’ without any real loss of detail.  And if they’re not 300 dpi, tell your computer that anyway, and see if you can fool it.  Besides, sometimes, it’s really cool to center something smaller and have some neato-beato black space to really make all your dorky (door key?) icons stand out.  I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I don’t remember what forking resolution they are and don’t care!  In the future, and who knows when that will be, I’ll make sure they’re 300 dpi.  NOW GET OFF MY BACK!!!

A wonderful deception

God I love corrupting you!  Not hard considering we’re a bunch of Apes.  Or, if you’re on drugs, a bunch of Grapes…  Color is deceptive in that it also carries with it properties of light and dark.  Because of this, gradients, complex ones that work with only Grey-scale, or just with a beige color added to give the illusion of copper, or gold for gold, one can produce hills and valleys upon an object without using the bevel and emboss controls in Photoshop.  In point of fact, when working with gradients, beveling them can ruin the effect, where-as drop shadow and inner shadow can enhance them.  Working with complex gradients and, ‘Kaleidoscope 2.1’ FREE mirroring application opens the door to all kinds of intriguing possibilities!

The spiral-graph or mirrored image started out as a simple tribal brush.  Since I have a compulsion for symmetry, I purposely sought to off-set the object from the center of the design using: ‘The Law of Thirds’, present as a grid on some camera screens to draw the eye away from our annoying tendency to center everything. Because the seem with what looks like rivets came that way with the background, I put a doorknob on it to simulate a door.  I then added the word: ‘Cyclotron’ ( whatever that means ) and the silver band on the far left, again just using gradients.  The only thing I really had to do was scale them to suit what regions I wish to stand out and what regions are to appear to recede into shadow… 

Gradients work on more than brushes


You can mirror patterns, shapes, and even letters of the alphabet using fancy script fonts and fill them with depth adding gradients.  This opens the door to a wide variety of choices, only limited by the extent of your imagination.  Photoshop also allows you to make your own gradients and save the sets as your own.  You can then upload them on The Photoshop Exchange site to share with other people.  They truly act like prefabricated bevels, saving you a lot of fiddling around with embossing effects…  And they’re easy to make and understand!  You really should give them a try.

Stunningly captivating results

Vlcan Steel

I’ll bring you other examples of these by varying the backgrounds.  In so doing, one may be inspired to allow there creative juices to flow on to other more challenging projects I’m presently involved in as i speak. BTW, blurring the background a little can add to a 3D effect as well…  I’ll explain those at a later date. Mean-while, enjoy displaying these however you wish. Some people who want entrance pages to their websites may even offer you cash for them.  Yes!  I just mentioned mammon!  ‘In God We Trust!’ and all that malarkey…  For using lots of colors, and glass effects, please refer the post just prior to this one within this category.  Now go into Photoshop, sit there like a dumb-cluck, wondering what in tar-nation I’m talking about…  I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy these and take full advantage of their qualitative aspects.  Lots of potential. That’s understanding gradients!  Cheers!

More Buttons

Small Icons 2

Here is a good assortment of small web buttons I made, you can circular select.  There are lots of symbolic ones here and some with small pictures inside.  When you just need something fast, this is a good file to choose from…  Keep in mind, they can easily be duplicated as well.

Mixed Balls 1

Here are some  more round balls.  You seem to like these for some reason or other…


I can’t promise that this entire set will all be perfectly round, elliptical or perfectly square.  Never the less, they are still extractable.  And if you’re willing to put in the effort, I have some real gems for you…

Object Rings

I know.  Not so easy to extract these.  There is, never-the-less, a tool for just such a purpose.  The “Magnetic Selection” tool, places a straight like from mouse click to mouse click.  The blue, diamond gem I made above, would be very easy to select with this tool; just be sure to double click when you get back to the beginning.  This will turn your selection into a parade of “marching ants”, ready for extraction.


If you’re using an extraction tool, you can “buffer” your selection by using a wide brush that completely covers anything extruding from your selection; like the antennas on the lady bugs above for example. 

JinxFX Buttons 2

I’m certain with a little practice at 300 % magnification, and you should be able to extract almost anything.  At first, slowly.  Speed will come in time.  Everything here are my own creations you may use as you wish.  Personally, I like the chess logo :O)

JinxFX Buttons

For the crescent moons, just make a circular selection, then delete any background inside the circle with your magic wand…


I hope you will find some of these useful.  I think the ultimate experience, would be to make your website in Dreamweaver, using Fireworks to light up your buttons!  I’ve done it before, and it’s not very complicated at all.  The ones above are in an off state right now.  You’ll need to make a duplicate and recolor it to make it look lit up.  That’s your “On State.” Then you make a duplicate that looks depressed for your “Click State”, and there you have a button that only needs a URL to go to…

Rings 2

Oh look!  More round ones!  LOL!   Cheers!