I Need to Slap Someone!



               Are we really going to have to go through a long time of listening to Harper’s lies about how he’s going to make lives better for seasonal workers?  He hasn’t done so in the past, why would he now, suddenly do so in the future?

I may be sounding slightly on the subversive side of the fence, though I do see myself as something of an intelligent man: I.Q. higher than 50.  OK?  So just who are those people in the background?  Is he in Shanghai vacationing again?  That guy on your far left looks like he wants to take a shot at him! 

And Frankly, I Shirley haven’t heard such a load of Buffalo dung, since Harper campaigned during his first campaign!  Don’t believe a word of his scare tactics either, or his hypnotic ways of speaking!  The man is a subversive, mind controlling tyrant who has had his foot on the necks of the poor now for long enough I should say…  How about letting us be free again…

How About Trudeau?


All be it, this was the largest good quality picture I could get of Justin not picking his nose, or a flash from three inches away from his face etc..  I guess I’ve always been a Liberal at heart because they are more ‘liberal’ about helping the disabled: ME!!, eat next week! And are more about helping Canadians ( I find), than hording every penny’s worth of life blood that can possibly be sucked from our rapidly decaying bodies!

Personally, I don’t vote, because just watching an election campaign makes me break out in disgusting boils!  And I don’t think he’s too young.  And even if he was, he would help our youth, which is an investment in the future of this country (Nazi Germany!).  After all is said and done, they probably have the whole thing rigged already anyway.  Besides, even as Harper speaks, we are letting Refugees in across our borders.  And odds are, they’ll be set up with a better life than I’ve got, if you vote for Harper :O(  Anyway, I like Trudaeu’s ideas :O)


My Scary Cat!

Terrify The Kiddies!

T’was the night before Chrismiss…  And all threw the mouse…  Oops!  Wrong Holy Day!  I quit smoking pot a long time ago (about three weeks), because it was making me turn Spanish.  Anyway, me and my cat: ‘Smokey’ used to enjoy a few Marijuana Cabbage Rolls together and I would sing him a Spanish lullaby.  Forgive my Spanish which smells: ‘Donda estas esa promesa K-Hole dios assist us, poor me’!  Roughly translated, it’s put so romantically meaning: ‘Where is the promise you gave to me?’  And being stoned, he’d just started laughing at me:


 The Transformation

I’m sorry and embarrassed to say this, but I think my cat is turning Homo-Sapient!  I first notice once upon a time, last night, All Hallows Eve, after he smoked his Hookah Pipe designed for grey cats, he lied down on the arm of my big, green, bean bag type chair.  You know?  The kind that tends to hug your body so you can suck your thumb, and feel safe…

Anyway, he gave me one of his meows under his breath and wanted me to touch him in inappropriate places, if you catch my drift: like up the bridge of his nose, on top of his head and along his whiskers…  Then he attached his paw to my sweat shirt and wouldn’t let go.  I thought he was going to sexually assault me!  Instead I ripped him off and he then fell asleep in his usual place when he’s stoned: On a homeless dog…

Funny animal picutre with a grey cat sleeping on top of a black dog

Nothing odd about that…  So I had my usual bowl of Hagus, and went to sleep with my ghoul friend…  While I sleep he goes out through the hole at our bedroom window, he made in our screen, which is right over our heads, so he always wakes me up at 7 am. when he comes in carrying a half dead bat he likes to torture…  Only on this very spooky Halloween morning, his meow sounded very different!  More like: ‘Harper!  Harper!’  Ooo!  Very scary!  He had changed into this:


I could tell he wanted me!  I immediately phoned The Zoo and asked what to do?  They told me, it’s OK, some cats are just a little different than the rest of us…  It wasn’t long before I knew the filthy truth of the matter.  He was turning Homo-sapien! It must’ve happened during his Nappie.  I didn’t know what to do!  So I put on my plaid skirt, pulled out my bag pipes, and started playing: ‘Don’t you think I’m Sexy?’, when right before my eyes he turned into something hideous!


Oooo!  Are you frightened?  Did I scare you kiddies with my kitty?  Did you pee your Halloween costume?  Are you gonna wear the silly thing all day now?  I know you want candy but first I must terrify with homo-sapien tendencies…  After a long while (about 15 cat minutes), he changed into this:


Then he told me he was taking over and started singing: ‘No no no no, I don’t smoke it no Moe.  I’m tired of waking up on the floor!  No thank you please, it only makes me sneeze, and then it makes it hard to find thee door!’  So tonight I have to go out dressed like Ringo Star.  I hope I don’t run into any blood sucking scorpions from Grinch Village!  My cat’s going out just dressed as himself :O(