What’s The Big Idea?

Some People Just Don’t Want to Listen!


The big idea is: The greater your obligation toward the public, the greater the necessity to be trained in public relations…  Yet Doctors (in general) for instance, have such large egos, that they couldn’t possibly imagine you might know what’s wrong before they assess you themselves: as if it were their body and not yours!  You don’t have a cold…  You have a Rhino virus!  Leaving one to wonder:  ‘How did I come in contact with a Rhino anyway?’

What if I were to tell you that their agenda isn’t to cure you at all, but to keep you as a cadaver that walks, so you’ll keep returning, to keep them, and The Government well-heeled?  You however, will never be healed!  After all, a real customer is someone who keeps coming back!  Right?  Feather more, what if I were to tell you that it’s just as likely for any one of them, to be just as crazy, as anyone of us?  And to make matters worse, ‘crazy’ is not always so easy to define…

Backward Thinking…


I have periodontal disease from all the years of smoking!  One of the reasons I stopped, was to save my tooth!  LOL!  Anyway, I just got a new Dentist.  To me, it was like trading in a Porsche, for a Model T…  His head is buried because he can’t see that teeth, and gums go together.  He thinks I just have teeth!  So he taps my teeth, and because they don’t hurt, he says there’s no infection.  Meanwhile, my gums look like a mouth full of balloons!

Even his demeanor was very condescending!  I tell him I need something for the pain, and he says he don’t see pain…  So I asked him what pain looks like if it’s not crawling up my face right now…  And he said I’m not giving you anything because there’s nothing wrong with you.  So I asked: ‘May I please just have some antibiotics for the infection then?’  and he said Periodontal disease doesn’t cause infection: ‘I’m not a Pharmacy!’ he said…  Gee…  Could’ve fooled me!

His name is Dr. Katz…  With that I said: ‘I know just how to deal with you Dr. Quacks!’  So I sicked the little woman on him!  And what does the A-Hole finally do?  He writes me out a prescription for ibuprofen!  I don’t need him for that!  It’s an: ‘over the counter’ drug that would shut down my liver before it could even come close to touching this kind of pain.  I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink…  I could moan though.  I’m a very good moaner!  From there, I went straight to my Doctor…  He said I could have went to jail for kicking up such a fuss!  So…  For sticking up for my rights, and trying to save my life, I’m the bad guy huh?

Physician Heal Thy Self!


So how’s this for logic?  My Doctor looks in my mouth, and right away, he sees my gums are infected.  So he gives me an antibiotic and, Tylenol 3’s with codeine.  The Tylenols cause constipation, so the idea here, is to cure my infection while my body fills up with excrement.

The instructions suggest I exercise to relieve the constipation.  Meanwhile, my stomach is bloated up like a basketball because I have an ulcer, had to double up on the Tylenol 3’s and ibuprofen, so I feel like I’m gonna up-chuck!  It’s 3 am., and they recommend I run downtown!  Hence, I have to go back to see the Doctor, which is just what he was shooting for!

My other half has managed to accumulate six Doctors over the years, and she is sick as a dog!  Everything was hunky Dorrie,  (Hunky Dorrie?  I didn’t know a Dorrie could be hunky!) until she started going to Doctors!  She goes to a Dentist too, and guess what?  Now she has no teeth!  Aren’t Dentists supposed to save your teeth?  Aren’t Doctors supposed to improve your health?  God forbid you should ever need a Lawyer!  And don’t complain, or you will!  What’s the big idea?  If you have one, I’d like to hear it!

Just Wanted to Get This off My Chest


I once believed that The Law was there for our protection, and I’m certain that at one time or other, it was.  I was soon to discover however that laws aren’t really governed by The People, but rather, who happens to be in power at the time!  Laws can be overturned, dropped, or even completely banned for all time barring a civil war!  This came as a devastating shock to naïve, Minnie me!  Suddenly, my illusionary secure world became a little less secure, and most certainly smaller, and more vulnerable to many flaws within the fabric of our great justice system: Something we’re all supposed to depend on, and pay taxes to uphold!  What kind of monkey business IS THIS???

I was traumatized!

_an Anvil

 I just have to get this off my chest!  After them taking my license away for 3 full years now, considering I have no previous record, and I am not at fault here, but merely could not afford a Lawyer to prove that, and that even my appointed Lawyer was really working for the other side, my indignation over this event has been slowly building…

After all, when a man looses his driving privileges for life, this is no small event to him!  In fact, it’s like being sent to my room!  I tried to replace the event with something positive, like running to improve my health.  Yet whenever I run, I can’t help but keep thinking I could get there much faster with a car!  Let me just refresh you briefly on what happened:

  • I took a girl camping who thought I wanted sex…
  • I really just wanted her to romp through the forest and nibble on berries.
  • She told The Police to arrest me for an attempted rape I didn’t do.
  • I got in my car and tried to run away.
  • They caught up to my clunker on foot after I moved only five feet.
  • They said I was drunk, yet tested very low because it hadn’t had time to enter my system yet!
  • I told her that someday she may do this to the wrong person and be decapitated…
  • Apparently, The Law can’t distinguish between a threat, and a warning!
  • They threw the book at me…
  • The book hit me right in the forehead and now I have a goose egg!
  • A goose came in and asked me: ‘What gives you the right to hide my child?’

I’d just like to say in closing, that we are living in a Police State now, without any mercy or justice at all!  Prisons are NOT rehabilitation centers.  They’re cages where they keep the animals!  People there are bullied, beaten, and sexually abused!  This makes them nothing more than a breeding ground for Gays and Pedophiles…  When they’re released, they continue to prey upon our communities, only in a far worse way than they did before!

I have nothing against Gay rights.  The way I figure it, they can’t have children anyway, so they’ll eventually weed themselves out.  LOL!  Pedophiles however, prey upon our children!  This is something that The Government does, not us!  And all under the guise of: ‘To serve and protect!’  That’s what’s written on the side of our police cars.  What it should read is: ‘To swerve and reject!’  We should all fashion signs, go down to City Hall, and get arrested :O(  I’m  MADD!

It’s My Life

I’m sick to death (and death comes before sick), of people telling me what I should do, when, and how I should do it!  I’ll do things according to God’s set of rules not yours!  OK by you?  Not really! When are you going to learn that you only hurt yourself and cause resentment when you order people around?  This is not YOUR JOB!  You are not ‘the boss at work’ here!  The women in my life have been especially notorious for this.  It bugs their ass no end that I have my own mind and just so happen to think for myself!

I’ll give you the correct order of operation on this rock and you can forking well implant it in your brains once and for all time, because you are answerable to God for this, not me!  So it’s not me who’s setting down the law here.  I don’t make the rules, but I sure as Hell had better follow them!  And you know why!  Because it serves my/your best interest.  That’s why!  If you break the law, you answer to the government don’t you?  If your children break the rules you set for them, do they not answer to you? And why do you suppose that’s true?  It’s because one has more power over the other!  One is more competent to make decisions on behalf of the others best well being whether we freaking well like it or not!  Here is your order of operations, not dictated by the peanut gallery I might add:

  • God
  • Christ
  • Man
  • Woman
  • Adolescent
  • Child
  • Infant
  • Embryo

Look!  This order is not placed in this particular arrangement so that each can be a freaking big shot over the one below it!  Do you understand?  DO YOU?  If you did, then you would go apologize to your mate right now for acting like a tyrant prison warden over their entire lives, and turning them into nothing more than what’s tantamount to your very own freaking vegetable garden, and you know it!  And no, I did not forget the government.  I didn’t list it because it’s a sub-category placed here by God to make certain you follow His way for you because YOU refuse to do it!

Contrary to popular belief, you weren’t put here for your own private disco dance!  We all have a duty to ourselves and others, to leave a positive imprint on this world so that we might leave it with a clear conscience, and so that it might continue to exist in a productive manner.  But no!  You don’t give a flying rats ass, just as long as you can keep your bib in your mouth…  Grow up!  Be someone!

I still don’t think you can comprehend what I’m saying because you’ve been like this for so long, you actually believe your own lies!  I’m not mad at you.  Unlike the way some bloggers conduct themselves, it’s not my objective to put you down.  

However, there is such a thing as righteous indignation.  Now as much as I’d like to always give you what you want, I must also see to your needs as given priority over what you want because you obviously don’t know what you want any more likely than you will ever get up off your sorry ass and DO THE RIGHT THING!!

You know I’ve bent over backwards to be fair about this!  There are plenty of posts here you will find where I give you what you want: Soft backgrounds, photos, poems, quotes, extracts, buttons, icons, and all sorts of neat and tidy little packages because you’re either to damn lazy or refuse to commit yourself to read over 196 words precisely!  You just push a like button, the lying sneak in the grass that you are, and figure you’ve made some kind of contribution to the blogging world…

Math has an order of operations called: ‘BEDMAS’ (Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction), does it not?  Notice how subtraction is the last priority in line…  You are here to help your family, mate, friends etc.. not trample all over them with your silly set of rules and regulations!  You have zero tolerance and that’s your downfall!  If we should change the rules of math, then complete chaos would be the only answer available to us, and its entire structure would be nothing short of useless to us all!  It works the same way with humans…  It works the same way for everything and must!

Now no matter how incompetent you think your mate is, refer back to the order of operations, and you will see that Man is answerable to Christ, who in turn is answerable to God.  Yes?  Now if we make mistakes, I’m sorry for your delicate sensitivities, but that’s how we learn in this life!  So stop stifling my education!  And find a branding iron, and embed it your mind concerning everyone around you!  IT’S MY LIFE!!  And I’ll live it the way I see fit, shortcomings and all.  It may come as a shock to you, but you have your own misgivings that need revamping as well.  That’s your duty to yourself and the best favor you will ever do for yourself if you ever want to get along in this world.  

Oh you may fool the weak minded among you, but you won’t fool Christ, and you’ll have to answer to God for it, because Christ can’t help you if you refuse his instruction for you!  And yes.  He’s here!  In this universe of what we now believe may be one of many, are you so arrogant as to believe you’re the only intelligent thing walking?  You’re in for a rude awakening!

Why does Google list all of our tags in a backward position from the way we place them?  It’s because as I keep drilling into your numb skulls, everything is backwards! Now from women on down most especially, with the exception of embryos and infants, because they’re not responsible for their behavior, but the rest of you are!  And don’t misunderstand me!  Many men think they’re God too!  IT’S MY LIFE!!  NOT YOURS!  HANDS OFF!  NO TRESPASSING!

How to Change The World

Open Chat

Hello backward people, in your backward world, with your backward children, being filled with a bunch of backward rules and regulations designed to stifle creativity.  I bought a tuke from The Thrift Store day before yesterday.  It has flaps on it for your ears.  Yet when I put it on front-ways, it doesn’t quite cover my ears.  When I put it on backwards, it does!  

I brought along $2.70. Not because that’s what it costs, but because that’s what I think it’s worth.  I don’t buy things there.  I barter for them!  Why? Because people shouldn’t be seeking a profit for hand-me-down goods that people have handed over in good faith, to assist the poor.  They shouldn’t be exploiting the poor!

So after a much wrangling and brew-ha-ha, she finally agreed to accept the $2.70.  Then she quips: ‘You’re supposed to pay taxes on that ya know!  It’s the law!  I just looked off and pretended I was watching a bird fly away while she rang it up… Firstly, you’re not supposed to double tax things.  The taxes have already been paid on them!

And 3, should you obey a law that is unjust or incorrect?  And the answer is an emphatic NO: even if it means going to jail, because you’re not just protecting your rights, but the rights of millions!  You’ve got to stop complacently going along with the wrong poop Man: cuz that means you’re sleeping with the enemy, and if you sleep with the enemy, you’ll just have to inhale their viruses!  So think twice on that.  Laws are supposed to be designed for ‘The People’, not ‘The Business Community’ which are in cahoots with ‘The Government’ anyway!  That’s the ‘real’ law:  ‘So let it be written!  So let it be done – The Ten Contaminants…

Now they’re planning to limit just what you can and can’t say over the Internet, so there goes your freedom of speech! Constitution?  I have news for you!  You don’t have one anymore!  So all that your brave sons and daughters have fought and died to protect, this should amount to nothing now?  Are you out of your skulls?  That’s what the inability to act gets you!  Seems you’re so busy protecting the rights of others world wide, you’ve forgotten those rights that define your own homeland…  Don’t blame me!  It wasn’t my decision!


Reforming Our World Begins With You

More specifically, it begins with the children we are raising; the kinds of rules they should follow, and instilled ability to think outside of the box, and to approach problems from several different sides before giving up: ‘You haven’t failed 1000 times. You’ve just found 1000 wrong ways of doing things!’  And that’s valuable to know, so you know what to avoid in looking for the right answers in the future.  The 1001st. way just may be the right one!

And how do we teach our children right from wrong, good from bad, if our educational system is just filling our kids heads with a bunch of CRAP they’ll never use?  Plus, on how to utilize their two Gods: ‘Science and Technology’…  I’m not saying those things are bad for you: only that they are designed to serve the rich, not you!

Take my sneakers, please!  They design the shoe laces now with tiny grooves in the sides, so that when you tie them up, they stay tied.  Awe, but their sneaky trick is, that they only make those grooves to a specific depth as a signal that they think it’s time for you to replace your runners…  And that’s how they manipulate you into buying another pair!

What Our Children Really Need to Know

They need to know real, practical methods they can employ within the world they’re about to face.  They don’t need to be shown the results of experiments, but directed on ways to come up with what their own experiments to determine the out-come of what they need to find out about themselves, based upon their own career choices.  In other words, classrooms should be made up of children with similar interests and taught along those lines.  

If your child wants to become an Astronomer, you don’t need to teach him how to balance books.  The math skills he needs run much deeper than that!  If your child wants to become a business man, what does that have to do with stars and galaxies?  Suppose your child has athletic capabilities.  Well then?  Shouldn’t he be out on the field playing football or something?  Education designed to cater to your own children’s interests.  And first hand experiences just as to how it works in the real world.  Those are the changes we need to make!  We are all made up of a diversity of things…


Proper Moral Conduct

Teaching our children to be immoral con artists and manipulators doesn’t mean they’re smarter than us because they must resort to deception n lies to achieve their goals, which carries on into how they implement them.  Besides, one day they’ll slip up and end up behind bars conning inmates into a portion of their meals…  Besides, people in their right minds don’t really want people who use them as friends, so they’re cutting themselves off from those they could other-wise trust.  Not so clever after all…  Hmmm?

Rebellion, manipulation and bullying should not so much be punished as intelligent and compassionate behavior should be emphasized and rewarded.  You can take a whip to a rebels back all day, and that will never change him/her.  In fact, making them: ‘The Noble Marter’ only stokes the flame!  Standing out as an outcast from the rest of the group may just have some positive effect though.  If they see their plan to be the big, bad, hero isn’t working, it may give them cause to rethink it.  Parents who exhibit bad traits only teach their children to behave the same way.

Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say

If you desire a world free from global warming, you need to start adapting to electric cars!  If you want your children to have ‘The Good Life’, then you should be teaching them to choose their friends wisely, or they’ll just go down the same path as all the rest of the blind Lemmings!  If it’s your desire that your children become strong and healthy, then you shouldn’t be sitting around the TV all day, stuffing yourself with hamburgers!  How should you expect them to discipline themselves when you can’t exhibit a shred of it yourselves?  

‘Tay-Coe-Mose-Coe!’  I know you mosquitoes!  You want changes, but you don’t want to do what’s necessary to implement. Just how involved with your own communities affairs for example?  Probably Nada!  Zilch!  No comprehend-day!

What do you see when you hang with your friends…  You see Whites with Whites, Blacks with Blacks, Aussies with Aussies…  Boarders need to come down!  There should be no need to separate ourselves from one another, impose sheriffs or any of that garbage.  Then you whine and gripe your lives aways all about how we need to stop racial prejudice! How can you ever expect to understand one another if you never hang together?  

Research confirms that cultures who separate themselves from others tend to fair poorly, both in diversity, and in intelligent solutions to their problems…  Taking affirmative action on an individual level concerning these problems, is the only viable solution as to how to change the world into a better place:  Not just for you and your offspring, but for everyone!


Dignity For All…

Chew on This!

The eradication of poverty is upon us if you are a Canadian Citizen!  Fact of the matter is, of all the advanced countries in the modern world, Canada is the poorest!  We have more poverty stricken families per capita, than anywhere else; mostly due to a systematic dismantling of our health care system, and sky-rocketing food prices!  Our piddly little Government cheques provide for a dismal housing situation, not enough food to last through the month, even if you’re a frugal Bugle!  Clothing is practically out of the question, unless you go to a Thrift store and purchase something someone died in…

There is an organization in place it turns out, after a little research, that started just last year and has grown to gigantic proportions across Canada; anywhere there’s a food bank!  On October 17th., if you join up, you can now do your part to help eradicate poverty in Canada whether you are poor or not.  October 17th. has been officially declared:  ‘National Poverty Eradication Day’, and if you’d like lower gas prices, now’s your chance!

Here’s the idea, you’re given a box full of little, bags that contain an apple, a magnet and a post card addressed to Stephen Harper.  Then just distribute them to your neighbors; should take you a half hour, tops!  And with so many participants across Canada, it should produce a mighty wind in Ottawa.  A wind so strong and prevalent, they will be made to obey, or loose the next election, because their rotten crumbliness will shine through like a beacon of pure unadulterated CRAP for all to see!  And we will not stop until we win!  Here’s the site:  http://www.chewonthis.ca


Eat These Statistics!

Over the last four years produce has jumped up in price by 21%!  That’s no sneeze!  And meat has jumped up by 47% during the same period of time (shows what kind of CRAP you’ve been eating)!  No surprise to me.  That’s good though, cuz while you swill down CRAP, I get the good stuff for half the mark up that you do.  Mind you, 21% is still a hefty mark up for a mere four years, where-as O.D.S.P. gives you a 1% increase yearly…  That just doesn’t cut it!  Things are getting way out of hand here!  You have to buy shopping bags at the supermarket for a nickel each now; so cheap they have to suck on your last nickel!  And they make sure you can’t use them for garbage bags, because the cheap, crumby bags all have holes in them by the time you get them home!

We Need a Plan…


You just can’t treat people like this and expect not to raise a Nation of thieves and murderers!  Is that the kind of country you’d like to call your own?  Of corpse not!  So it’s really imperative you get out there and do your part, rich, poor, or dissolving middle class, you HAVE to do this!  Hopelessness, despair, anger, frustration and eventual ramped psychosis if you don’t do something about this NOW!

Since they took my license away from me for all the wrong reasons, the nearest food bank to me is about 30 miles away!  Still, I’m gonna try and get a ride and participate in this thing!

Would You Starve Your Own Children?


Is some other Mother’s child less important than yours because they’re poor?  I’d think long and hard about that if I were you!  A mind isn’t the only thing that’s a terrible thing to waste.  We’re talking brain damage, yes, but so much more! Disease and early death.  Are you telling me you’d like to spread that around as well?  How competent would it make you feel as a mother if you can’t even give your kid a glass of milk?  You think I’m fooling?

Feast Your Eyes on This!


One in five!  And that will keep growing unless we latch onto this organization and promote it the only way we know how; by taking action instead of sitting on your ‘Who cares!’ fat chair shaped butts like you always do!  Why is it so bad?  It’s bad because you can only get a job flipping burgers for chubby donut munching morons when you have to dress like a frump and smell like disinfectant, let alone a career!

I tried to pursue a career in Photography once.  The course costs $9,000!  Now where is a frump going to find $9,000, or even 9,000 cents?  And don’t get into trouble with your now warped mind and blackened heart!  I costs you 6 times more money for a Lawyer than it does for the fine!  There’s a law for the poor full of judgmental poop and trickery, and a law for the rich with a : ‘My poop don’t stick’ policy!  Think we’re all tickled pick cuz we can’t work?  What raised you?  A sewer? Smarten up and get real!

How would You Feel?


How would you feel going to a Church dinner once a week because you haven’t had anything substantial to eat in that long? What would you be thinking sitting around a bunch of diseased, psychotic, frumps, all laughing and joking and actually speaking to one another, while you’d normally be eating in silence, in your miniature castle, looking like a sanitized Nun?

Look!  I know this is not your fault.  Not directly.  But by turning your backs to this but again, it becomes your fault!  So I’m counting on you to do the right thing!  Get out there and help us conquer poverty once and for all!  If we can succeed at this in Canada, many more less fortunate nations will follow!  Here’s a site that has more sites you should read, at the bottom of its page:  http://www.rcinet.ca/en/2013/10/15/chew-on-this-stop-hunger-and-poverty-in-Canada-say-organizers-of-campaign/  If you want ‘real justice’ you have to go out and earn it.  It won’t come knocking on your door…  Do your part!

Just what I’ve been talking about all along, is something that this world can all do together as a one, big, fully co-operative unit!  If we achieve this now, other ideas for world-wide participation besides war will follow.  More than just a good idea, this could be the beginning of a cascading effect that will change the world for the better in very many ways, and that includes you!  No way of getting around that.  Is there?  It’s a brilliant idea, and now it has support!  Are you in?


Helping The Needy…


What do you think of when you think of Caregivers?  You think of some young girl, who looks like Mini Driver tending to some old, Battle-Ax.  Right?  And when I looked up: ‘pictures of care-givers’, That’s just what they show, is a bunch of young people looking after Old Farts…

Well I’m here to tell you that Care-giving has been stereo-typed to belong to only young females, looking for Tuition money. I’ve been a Caregiver all of my life.  And although I’m male and 62 years old, that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of others.  I take care of Leslie and all her needs, and she’s only 58!  I take care of Bonehead, who comes here everyday for all of his needs: TV, cigarettes, food…  It all adds up!  He likes specialty channels.  Hehehehehe…


Because she can’t walk around without her cane, she confines herself to bed mostly.  So I must service her meals, help her take a bath, regulate her pills properly, do her laundry and go get all her confectioneries, cosmetics and Dainty Wipes…  Isn’t that being a Caregiver?  Not quite.

Because of her poor health Leslie needs a lot of hugs and reassurance, as well as encouragement and advice!  When a person becomes chronically ill, they quite naturally become afraid of what’s happening to them.  You have to be a source of strength for them, be ever present and on call at 3 am. if necessary…

When she does walk, she can fall at any time because she refuses to use her cane.  So I follow her until she’s seated.  She was in two separate car accidents, that complicated things that are already wrong with her.  They had to operate and had to twist her guts all around so everything would function properly.  

She has a rare form of eye cancer called something like: Hodgman’s Slodgeman’s Disease.  Blind as a bat!  Uses her own sonar too…  She has a broken back, a broken arm, and two bad knees!  She also has Fibromyalgia. (Stupid Dictionary)!  And some kind of virus that leaves little, purple dots all over her body!  At times, I can get her to fetch the paper, or beg for treats, but basically, she can only creep around on rare occasions, like bathroom breaks.  Thank Dog!  (I’m Dyslexic).

Doctors don’t give her enough pain meds, to kill all the pain she has, and so she suffers a lot.  Of corpse Doctors must have their puppet strings pulled by The Canadian Government now, and is only a lotted a certain number of pills and that’s it.  I do think that’s terribly wrong, cruel and unusual punishment!  Oh but if they ever get sick (Government Officials), sky high’s the limit!  With all the wrong in this world, they punish invalids?  Nice going…  You should all be shot with slow, infective, painful bullets, so that you linger and suffer, like you make others do!

Where’s my Paycheck?

caregiver (1)

I have a Title that fits along side of: ‘Doctor’ and ‘Radio Lab Technician’.  I save lives too!  So where’s my woppingly huge paycheck then?  That’s right!  We do it for FREE because nobody offers us a paycheck…  And unless you’re a Caregiver yourself, you have no idea how involving this is!  And it’s a 24 hr. a day job as well…  ’24 Hour Service’!

I ask for very little reward.  Perhaps a ‘Hi!’ now and again would help?  ‘I liked your blog!’ maybe?  A LIKE???  OK well…  Will you throw me a peanut every now and then?  Hey!  I know!  You know?  I could feature your story about how you care for the Slob you got stuck with!  You should put people to good use ya know.  Else-wise, we may just evaporate!  Meeya!  See?

adult helping senior in hospital