Can We Talk?


Youth in a Bottle

Look at her!  Isn’t she Jewish?  No, contrary to popular believe.  She just sounds Jewish because she was born in Brooklyn New York.  The youngest of three children, she was born of Russian Immigrant parents: ‘Joan Alexandra Molinsky’.  Yes. She’s a sky!  I believe she’s a Gemini, so actually, she’s twins inhabiting one body.  And what a body that is!

She was born on June 8th. 1933.  That makes her 81 years old!  Oh sure!  She’s had numerous face lifts, only the best medical care, creams and lotions,  Still, I would remind you that she is still 81 years old!  And I’d further ask you to look further down toward her cleavage.  Oh you dirty Cockadudy!  Look!  Smooth vibrant skin radiating with color and youthful exuberance!  Nope…  She’s been doing just what I’ve been telling you to do.  And she’s been taking what I’ve been telling you to take.  The best thing for your completion isn’t in lotions and creams, it’s in water.  Your skin is an organ too…

What a card though!  LOL!  What’s better than a rose on your piano?  Tulips on your organ!  <SHABOOM!>  OK, OK! Here’s a blond joke befitting of Joan.  Two blonds. Each is standing on opposite sides of a Joan River.  One blond shouts back to the other: ‘HOW DO I GET TO THE OTHER SIDE?  And the other blond shouts back: YOU ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE!  <SYMBOL CRASH!>  Here’s her biography:

Can We Talk?

Look!  There isn’t a mean bone in my body…  OK, one, but I keep him under wraps!  Cellophane mostly…  Excellent at preventing woody’s on a bus!  That’s because my Sheboygan is completely oxygen deprived at the time!  We’re wandering off topic here!

Yes I was completely filled with rage for three years, and for purely legitimate reasons!  I told you what they were and the extreme amount of stress I endured.  Yet while completely out of my mind, I never once lashed out at any of you!  And that’s a huge accomplishment for anyone to resist doing that!  I have overcome that now, and harmony now prevails in my home and everywhere else for that matter…  

Very much unlike, the unbridled display from Mingtea, I’m sure you’ve witnessed in the comments section about a recent post I made about her, and this is not the first time!  She’s an extremely volatile person who lives quite close by, and I am attempting to bring her out of her torment!  My intentions were honorable and I’m doing the very best I can for her.

I’m quite certain a major part of the conflict was that you did NOT comment on the subject of poverty, and what it can do to people, after being beat into the ground in spite of all her well intentioned attempts at success financially.  The rich won’t allow us to cross social barriers and you know it!  She needed to know what you were thinking wasn’t against her but against the state that this world puts her in; me as well, as a lot of you out there!

I’m not angry at you for your ignorance!  You can’t help that anymore than I can expect to undue decades of wrong teaching over night!  And if you think I suppose myself in any way, shape or form, better than you, you’re mistaken about that as well.  I’ve been taught to put you first!  That was a very cruel and spiteful thing for you to do to her!  Didn’t help at all! You who are so rudiment about helping others, overflowing with Hippocratic CRAP for all to witness of each other!  No.  I refuse to be angry with you.  You don’t get off the hook that easily!  I do experience righteous indignation about it though, and at least attempt to stop judging others!  We have enough self appointed Judges as it is!  ‘It does not belong to Man even to direct his own step!’  I’m sorry. I have to tell the truth.  It’s my curse!  No.  It’s you!  And has been all along: ‘YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!’ – A Few Good Men.  And BTW, you can’t be ‘Good’!  Only God can be good!  If said my piece, learn from it!  Silence can kill as readily as words!