People think I’m sucking off the system because I’m disabled, when it was in fact the system that disabled me…  People are generally judgemental and self assuming…  Most are envious and suppose I lay around all day sipping lemonade.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Work is where you find it, and I do quite a lot without any pay at all.  Not my fault they can’t spell: ‘Career’…  That doesn’t look right…  How do you spell ‘Career’? I do the things I love to do: all of it involves work.  Who needs pay when you have a purpose higher than serving people fatty cow meat?  There’s an ethical question involved too, and a competence factor…  People are always promoted to just the position they can’t master: I see more people suffering as a result of how they’re treated in society via a lack of responsible, congenial, competent public servants, administrators, Doctors, Dentists, etc..  So my theory is:  Everything is backwards… 

If you’re sick for instance, how do they expect you to have the energy to go to a Doctor?  There was a time when they came to you!  What logic is there in fighting disease when you cram people with various viruses in the same waiting room?  In Queens English, work doesn’t work!  Why is it that Tennis Players make millions every year for playing a ‘game’, and construction workers can’t afford to buy their own homes?  Backwards!  You want fair? If everyone helped everyone else, no one need suffer for goods and services at all! 

Those who clean your offices keep the air clean so you don’t get sick!  How are they less valuable than highly paid Scientists who just sit around and think all day?  We tell people not to smoke, and then sell them cigarettes!  What kind of backward CRAP is that?  I tell you, the whole system has to be wiped out, and revised!  If you work a day, you should have a day off to pursue other interests rather than them owning you lock, stock and barrel! (barrel?)  How did that get in there?  Help me build my house, and I’ll help you build yours, rather than someone who didn’t do the work should occupy…  So backwards!!  What say you?



I’m Under Construction

Sorry for the inconvenience, not posting for the last few days, but I’m under construction so to speak (We can rebuild him!).  I feel like The $6 man…   I hope to be worth at least a 10 spot before I’m through.  I decided to just install Premium Design suite CS3 rather than lay out any further expenditure.  It’s plenty good enough for my porpoises.

That means I have a lot of brushing up to do.  Right now I’m reading The Illustrator CS3 WOW book; I’ll want to do illustrations for one thing, because I have a lot of ideas for them, and another, vector drawings can be loaded up here in PDF format without having to change them into raster files (pixel based).  And finally, I remember dabbling in it a long time ago (before radio), and found it has a better look and feel to your work than Photoshop does.

Then I have to read The Flash Bible (I think it’s thicker) and The InDesign Bible and a book on Dreamweaver.  It’s mostly Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Photoshop that I’m concerned with.  It’s been too long since I worked in those programs so I’m going to need a refresher course, experimentation etc..  I “am” a diligent workhorse so it won’t be forever.

See, the main problem is, I’ve yet to solve the mystery of why Windows 8 won’t recognize my camera?  I phoned my Computer Guru, and he said his Canon Rebel works just fine on Windows 8.  That’s what I get for buying an 8 thousand dollar camera…  That means, for now anyway, I can produce no more pictures unless I find a machine that will do it and download them onto disk.

So this is a small, dire crises.  I can’t give you anything more unless I start designing again.  It does mean better instruction though because I can take screen shots for what I’m doing.  So if things seem a little slow on my end for the time being, please take it with a grain of salt (use the whole salt shaker if you have to), and check on me periodically. 

I don’t want to lose the traffic It’s taken me so much effort to build!  I just wanted to let you know, it’s a good thing.  There’s plenty of talent out there anyway, so you won’t miss my rants, if I bring you quality designs.  I will be in touch from time to time, but not every day and three or four posts like before…  I thank you for your patience and understanding… Akunamatada…