How to comment and make it count

I am one of the worst offenders of this little sneak play, yet it comes in handy if I don’t quite know what I should say or ask, regarding some blogs.  I will sometimes read all the other comments, to get a general consensus of what the general public is saying, and just go along with the flow.

For one thing, the above tactic is not only better than not commenting at all!  And it’s just like saying that what this blogger had to say, doesn’t interest you at all!  Even if it should mildly capture your attention, it wouldn’t destroy you to at least leave a ‘like’ behind for effort…  Likes are very encouraging and shouldn’t be underestimated, if you at least get a few of them.  One or 2 only, leaves most people still feeling crumby though.

Walk in their shoes

These are more than blogs to us, they are reflections of our characters as well.  Some of us present you with products they worked hard to produce.  Others, like myself, just spill their guts all over The Net!  LOL!  That’s how I am, and others, such as ‘Harsh Reality’ are interesting types because you see an honest representation, that attempts to clarify issues, dazzle you with short stories, lessons in life, poetry, artistry, photos, science, and general information (when we feel it pertinent) and sometimes demonstrate our love, if and when, it should actually occur to us.

There’s spiritual wisdom

These people are critical to our well being, and I do think to some degree, the ‘Thermostats’ out there, that help keep things running smoothly.  Without their astute observations about the human psyche, is an invaluable dispensation for all of us who choose to acknowledge them!  They warm our hearts, lift our spirits, suggest alternative thinking and evaluate a more encompassing view of the entire picture behind life’s little jollies and pitfalls, advise us sensibly not to take them too seriously.  They attract new bloggers to a feeling of trust and enthusiasm, while sharing ideas.  Together, we’re a formidable data-base, still in it infancy, yet will one-day provide solutions for much of our world’s problems! 

So let it be known

So let it be done!  (I always wanted to say that.)  Leaving a comment not only gains you respect within this community of bloggers, they answer you back, it sets the example for others, and can, at times be as interesting an interaction as the article itself!  The risk involved in stirring people up emotionally soured inside, is negligible compared to the enormous amount of effort taken, to not only make for a good read, yet provides for a much high privilege for us all; an opportunity to interact with our fellow creatures of Earth.  Their stories, their talent and there lives are gloriously mapped out before us.  Do the entire world in favor and help promote blogging.  Thank you in advance for your co-operation.  And for making what you do count!

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