How to Stop Crime

Baltimore at Siege


When you get older, you know what’s going to happen in the near future, just by observing present changes.  Baltimore’s Mayor knew, as did all of us, in advance, that this kind of gathering was going to spawn riots!  They should have organized the protest before it happened…  They should have confined it to open fields surrounded by guards, where no damage can be done, except to themselves, if they should so choose.

I can see the logic of these young people is to exact revenge, like they did in Ferguson, that got them to revise their Police Department.  However, in this case, we’re now talking city folk, whose usual approach involves retribution of some kind!  It will likely be the parents of these kids that will end up paying hefty fines!  And I think it rightfully so.  Here’s why…

The Base of the Problem


Is it the parents that’s the base of the problem?  Not exactly, though they do participate.  If the law makes it illegal for you to administer capital punishment when necessary in public, how are parents able to raise their children to stay out of trouble?  And parents should be given courses on how to raise their children so they grow up with some rules and reasons that make sense to them!  This messed up world heading to suicide is not what they expected from you!

Take The Lord’s Prayer out of our school system for example, and you’re teaching our children that God and morals don’t matter!  A lot of people are having a change of heart about that question, and are experiencing a change of activity in ways to properly discipline their children.  I think laws should be changed, yes…  Also, pay scales are way below what they should be in all honesty.  If the best Tennis Player can make $77,000,000 why he’s still young in his Career, what about people who clean your house and office for you?  Is your insured health not worth more than what you give a Tennis player?  Do you think THAT might have something to do with why they vandalize your businesses?

Change The System


It’s too bad more people aren’t on top of the political world, and monitoring their own communities more closely!  Perhaps then, they would clean up the Prostitutes from the streets, and give them jobs with similar pay!  Or is that not worth your little girl not getting the wrong idea about how to make a living?  You can’t blame these children for reacting to injustice the way that they do.  You made a heartless world for them to reside in, so what else can you expect from them?  The system needs to be changed, and that means being involved in your community, including community meetings…  Do you even know where they’re being held?

I would make protests only legal On LIne if it were me.  But hey!  Can’t have everything…  Remember that our children are our most precious commodity!  They are the future quite literally.  Help them to build a better world: spend some more time with them, teaching them the kind of things they won’t learn in school…  Like maybe that they would get a lot more freebies in life by showing kindness of their own, proving they don’t have to steal!  Earning respect from others might also build their confidence in themselves to perhaps shoot for loftier goals.  Give them a little direction and love maybe?  Maybe exchange video games for a little outdoor activity with the family?

Soft Backgrounds

Changing things up


On Don Charisma’s blog, he has a saying up right now that fits me to a: ‘T’, not to mention all the other letters of the alphabet…  It goes something like this: ‘You can never explore the ocean, until you have the courage to loose sight of the shore’ – Muriel Chen.  I’m just that kind of crazy hair pin that always wants to change things up!

Perhaps that’s why you’ll find me laying out instructions for you from time to time.  It’s not to boss you around, but to liberate you!  This entry must go into depth because it discusses braking free from a paradigm about blogging.  Now you can change up your backgrounds as readily as you do your shirt, but people seldom do, and always choose plain colored backgrounds so as not to distract the reader with fancy, deep colored backgrounds that distract the reader from the text. 

This is largely because very soft backgrounds are hard to find, and most of us work all day, so we just don’t have the time to hunt patterns down, download pattern files which all come in their own zipped folders.  Then place them all in Photoshop’s ‘Patterns’ preset folder, mark them all down so you don’t get them confused with the sets you already have loaded.  And then sift through them, deleting out all the frumpy looking ones, and finally changing them to very light, non-assuming web sized pages you can use.  Some even have to be cropped so they’ll tile vertically properly for you. 

Well I’ve done all that stuff for you, and it takes about 3 full days of work: and by full, I mean about 14 hours a day.  I’ve gone to great pains to make absolutely sure these will not distract from your writing at all: in fact, to make your blog look more crafted yet too subtle to be distracting at all!  Only the classiest have been chosen, and I have very good taste I might add!

Same old, same old…


Now I don’t know about you (Yes I do!), but I’ve been looking at the same, old theme on my blog for two years now, and I’m getting pretty tired of it!  So not only am I asking you to make the leap, I fully intend to do so myself.  Everything you have on the side of these, like categories, awards, links, feeds etc.. will stand out just fine.

All you need to know, is that they’re color coordinated, are all the regulation 1024 pixels width, and only 560 pixels long because you can choose to tile them vertically, which makes for very small files that load up lightning fast!  I fully intend to change them up as fast as my underwear (About every two weeks…).  Most hover between 50 and 85k which is next to nothing, and are high quality visually.

I started making these originally, to be unobtrusive backgrounds, screen size, in my case 1920 x 1080 for a project I’ll present to you later, also no charge.  Now these web backgrounds are all public domain, and even free to sell as long as you refer back to the designer.  They do the work, so I will refer you to the site I got them, at: ‘Deviant Art’. This way you can see how obtrusive they start out as… Others, I made myself and are not all that difficult to do, but that’s a separate tutorial altogether I’ll provide at a later date.

How to change your background


Go onto your Admin page and from the left hand column choose: Appearance/Backgrounds.  From there, you must first delete your original background: don’t worry, it’s probably still in your media folder.  Then just choose the new background from your drive, choose: ‘Center’ and ‘Tile Vertically’, and that’s all there is to it.  Think you can manage that?  It’s all pretty straight forward…

In another blog, I’ll give you the splash pages I’m making with these.  Well you wanted them, so at long last, here they are!  Be sure and download them all from the gallery so you’ll have lots of change ups, because I worked hard at them to get them just right, and because they really take up very little space.  Enjoy!  I know I will… Here are your soft backgrounds…  And if you’re nice little, girls and boys: cute little kiddies, I’ll even through in some matching Headers with some jazzed up quotes :O)

How to Change The World

Open Chat

Hello backward people, in your backward world, with your backward children, being filled with a bunch of backward rules and regulations designed to stifle creativity.  I bought a tuke from The Thrift Store day before yesterday.  It has flaps on it for your ears.  Yet when I put it on front-ways, it doesn’t quite cover my ears.  When I put it on backwards, it does!  

I brought along $2.70. Not because that’s what it costs, but because that’s what I think it’s worth.  I don’t buy things there.  I barter for them!  Why? Because people shouldn’t be seeking a profit for hand-me-down goods that people have handed over in good faith, to assist the poor.  They shouldn’t be exploiting the poor!

So after a much wrangling and brew-ha-ha, she finally agreed to accept the $2.70.  Then she quips: ‘You’re supposed to pay taxes on that ya know!  It’s the law!  I just looked off and pretended I was watching a bird fly away while she rang it up… Firstly, you’re not supposed to double tax things.  The taxes have already been paid on them!

And 3, should you obey a law that is unjust or incorrect?  And the answer is an emphatic NO: even if it means going to jail, because you’re not just protecting your rights, but the rights of millions!  You’ve got to stop complacently going along with the wrong poop Man: cuz that means you’re sleeping with the enemy, and if you sleep with the enemy, you’ll just have to inhale their viruses!  So think twice on that.  Laws are supposed to be designed for ‘The People’, not ‘The Business Community’ which are in cahoots with ‘The Government’ anyway!  That’s the ‘real’ law:  ‘So let it be written!  So let it be done – The Ten Contaminants…

Now they’re planning to limit just what you can and can’t say over the Internet, so there goes your freedom of speech! Constitution?  I have news for you!  You don’t have one anymore!  So all that your brave sons and daughters have fought and died to protect, this should amount to nothing now?  Are you out of your skulls?  That’s what the inability to act gets you!  Seems you’re so busy protecting the rights of others world wide, you’ve forgotten those rights that define your own homeland…  Don’t blame me!  It wasn’t my decision!


Reforming Our World Begins With You

More specifically, it begins with the children we are raising; the kinds of rules they should follow, and instilled ability to think outside of the box, and to approach problems from several different sides before giving up: ‘You haven’t failed 1000 times. You’ve just found 1000 wrong ways of doing things!’  And that’s valuable to know, so you know what to avoid in looking for the right answers in the future.  The 1001st. way just may be the right one!

And how do we teach our children right from wrong, good from bad, if our educational system is just filling our kids heads with a bunch of CRAP they’ll never use?  Plus, on how to utilize their two Gods: ‘Science and Technology’…  I’m not saying those things are bad for you: only that they are designed to serve the rich, not you!

Take my sneakers, please!  They design the shoe laces now with tiny grooves in the sides, so that when you tie them up, they stay tied.  Awe, but their sneaky trick is, that they only make those grooves to a specific depth as a signal that they think it’s time for you to replace your runners…  And that’s how they manipulate you into buying another pair!

What Our Children Really Need to Know

They need to know real, practical methods they can employ within the world they’re about to face.  They don’t need to be shown the results of experiments, but directed on ways to come up with what their own experiments to determine the out-come of what they need to find out about themselves, based upon their own career choices.  In other words, classrooms should be made up of children with similar interests and taught along those lines.  

If your child wants to become an Astronomer, you don’t need to teach him how to balance books.  The math skills he needs run much deeper than that!  If your child wants to become a business man, what does that have to do with stars and galaxies?  Suppose your child has athletic capabilities.  Well then?  Shouldn’t he be out on the field playing football or something?  Education designed to cater to your own children’s interests.  And first hand experiences just as to how it works in the real world.  Those are the changes we need to make!  We are all made up of a diversity of things…


Proper Moral Conduct

Teaching our children to be immoral con artists and manipulators doesn’t mean they’re smarter than us because they must resort to deception n lies to achieve their goals, which carries on into how they implement them.  Besides, one day they’ll slip up and end up behind bars conning inmates into a portion of their meals…  Besides, people in their right minds don’t really want people who use them as friends, so they’re cutting themselves off from those they could other-wise trust.  Not so clever after all…  Hmmm?

Rebellion, manipulation and bullying should not so much be punished as intelligent and compassionate behavior should be emphasized and rewarded.  You can take a whip to a rebels back all day, and that will never change him/her.  In fact, making them: ‘The Noble Marter’ only stokes the flame!  Standing out as an outcast from the rest of the group may just have some positive effect though.  If they see their plan to be the big, bad, hero isn’t working, it may give them cause to rethink it.  Parents who exhibit bad traits only teach their children to behave the same way.

Say What You Mean, and Mean What You Say

If you desire a world free from global warming, you need to start adapting to electric cars!  If you want your children to have ‘The Good Life’, then you should be teaching them to choose their friends wisely, or they’ll just go down the same path as all the rest of the blind Lemmings!  If it’s your desire that your children become strong and healthy, then you shouldn’t be sitting around the TV all day, stuffing yourself with hamburgers!  How should you expect them to discipline themselves when you can’t exhibit a shred of it yourselves?  

‘Tay-Coe-Mose-Coe!’  I know you mosquitoes!  You want changes, but you don’t want to do what’s necessary to implement. Just how involved with your own communities affairs for example?  Probably Nada!  Zilch!  No comprehend-day!

What do you see when you hang with your friends…  You see Whites with Whites, Blacks with Blacks, Aussies with Aussies…  Boarders need to come down!  There should be no need to separate ourselves from one another, impose sheriffs or any of that garbage.  Then you whine and gripe your lives aways all about how we need to stop racial prejudice! How can you ever expect to understand one another if you never hang together?  

Research confirms that cultures who separate themselves from others tend to fair poorly, both in diversity, and in intelligent solutions to their problems…  Taking affirmative action on an individual level concerning these problems, is the only viable solution as to how to change the world into a better place:  Not just for you and your offspring, but for everyone!


Infinite Expansion

Let’s Split

When I put my shoes on every morning of my run, my sneakers squeak louder than the cat’s meow!  I thought they were called sneakers for a reason…  proving once again, that backward thinking is the norm.  I sit here between two adjacent mirrors.  Once, in an attempt to capture infinity in motion, I bounced a tennis ball here.  Instead, I stuttered for a month!  I wonder if a pair of void schizophrenics sat here, if they wouldn’t turn into a multitude?  I promise on day I’ll capture an image of me going on and on and on and on…  That’s my warm up for the day.  Hope it gave you a chuckle!




The  ‘m’ stands for ‘mother’… Mitochondrial DNA is not mixed.  It is passed on by the mother only!  Might I con Dria?  Read the caption if you don’t believe me.  Since my voracity is called into question by those of little faith, unable to move mole hills, let alone mountains, I must pee on my tree and defend my territory.  Here you will find the latest ‘honest’ research on the advantages of consuming PQQ and co-Q-10 in tandem: 

BTW, the old tea bag who discovered this, lived to be 103!  Me?  This just helps me survive until something better comes along I figure.  New developments are popping up all the time!  They need your help though, or small minds will crush it!  I will share two of them here with you now.




Notice at the end ‘substrate level’, Resveratrol  ( have to teach my own dictonary how to spell) only comprises one quarter of the entire substrate.  And there are not 1 but 7 Sirt proteins that play a role in life extension!  In point of fact, mega doses of resveratrol only impedes the results of exercise.  Where as PQQ quickly dispaches of oxygen ‘free radicals’ created by exercise and illuminates them!  Look carefully in the ‘complex formation’ section, and you’ll find LSD in there!  LOL!  So for a comfortable dose of Resveratrol, just eat red grapes…  Below, is a link to current research on that.  This is the one that caused mice equivalent to 90 year old human age, on the brink of death, to become active again and reversed to the equivelent to that of a 45 year old human!  Contrary to popular belief, we descend from rodents: mice in particular.  That’s why Scientists use them for research…  (silly dangling paragraph)…


Wrapping you up in love



I don’t convey the truth at all times, to belittle or criticize you in any fashion.  ‘More or less’ intellectuals are just that.  They ration out information in a more or less fashion in attempts to circumvent their own arrogance.  Watch or rent: ‘The Owl and The Pussy Cat’ staring George Seagull and Barbara Streisand: my two favorite old time actors, out standing in their field, next to Doug Mc.Clur and Clitoris Leachman.  How did they get there?  Freaking persistence that’s how!  I know you’ve probably seen the movie.  But did you learn anything or just enjoy the giggles?  Do you really know what you know?  

Look!  ‘that that is is that that is not is not is that not it is…’  Punctuate that for me will you?  If any of you say the movie ‘Charley’ yet did not read the book:  Flowers for Algernon – By Danial Keys, you’re missing something!

Back in 1972 I was a youthful, lively, invigorated 20 years of age.  In the spring of that year, when people emerge from their dungeons with their masks off for a brief period, hoping Spring will somehow rub off on them, on the Ferry to Toronto Island, or Wards Island specifically, to visit a friend who lived there, a rather large crowd had gathered on deck, so I excused my way through the thongs to see what was up, and what all the laughter was all about.

And there in the center, surrounded, was a tired, old, ragged, dirty, unshaven, street person, who was probably given the fair by a kind soul, holding a bag of popcorn.  What a joke apparently!  As their laughter grew, so did my outrage at this pathetic display of hard-heartedness!  So I entered the empty space that separated him from so called people, smiled warmly at him, so he would know I had a plan and wasn’t just being rude, I reached into his bag, took out a handful of popcorn, and began munching on it beside him, facing the crowd!  The laughter fell dead, and the crowd dispersed.  The old gentle man and myself had a pleasant and enlightening conversation there-after.  BTW, I caught no disease from him.

So how do we change opinions?  Not by whinning, begging, spiffy posts, con jobs or theft.  Rather by setting the example for others; by lighting their path along the way. by expressing your own opinion rather than following that of others.  We are not here, to get pats on the back or gain enough praise to be noticed by the wicked.  So I leave you with a simple prayer you know only too well: ‘God grant me the serenity to change the things I can, accept the things I cannot, and the wisdom to know the difference!’  Perhaps now you see, it’s not just life itself we need to extend, rather, the quality with which we live it…  Infinite Expansion or seclusion in the grave.  It’s up to you.  It’s ALL up to you!