Do You Need A Lube Job?


How long would your car last if you neglected the maintenance?  Would you feel it of little importance to fill up with gas before going on a long trip?  And what sort of mileage would you get if your tires were under inflated?  If you didn’t get a lube job and rust protection for the winter, would your doors not squeak, and your floor not eventually fall out from under you?  If you didn’t change the oil, how long before your car breaks down?

Well…  Not much worry your car will fall apart because an engine light will go on at the first sign of trouble.  And we know what to do to avoid problems, and even come equipped with roman candles, a blanket, a cell phone, and even join The: AA association, and carry a number for a reliable tow truck service, just in case!

So why is it we take such good care of our cars,  and yet neglect the care and maintenance of our own bodies?  Is it in hopes our cars will get us to an incompetently staffed, crowded, low-budget Hospital in time?  We wouldn’t even think of putting used oil in our cars, yet we call last nights pizza slice breakfast!  We keep our cars temp. down with radiator fluid, yet do nothing to prevent ourselves from blowing out tops at the slightest provocation.  We wouldn’t put sugar in our gas tanks, yet load our bodies up with it without even a second thought.

The purpose of this blog, is to inform you of the various things we can to maintain the quality of our health through various sites I’ve researched for myself, and assure you that I wouldn’t ask you to take anything I wouldn’t take for myself.  The idea here, is that nature provides us with natural curative effects, as opposed to Doctors just masking symptoms to insure you’ll keep coming back, in much the same way a Mechanic would set one problem in the making while relieving you of another.

Naturally, there are ‘Nay Sayers’ : people with very little faith in anything trying to rain all over your parade.  Look at it this way.  When it comes to something as all important as your health, finding out what works for you, should be given a little more priority than your car because, how are you going to drive it if you’re dead?

Epsom Salts

Actually, it’s not salt at all, but magnesium!  The curative effects of epsom salts has been well documented for centuries.  You’ll find it at your local supermarket for less than a drug store will charge you.  The name comes from Epsom England, after people found that soaking in a hot water spring there, amazing curative effects were noted for much of what ailed them!  Take a gander at this sight for usage, and just what this miraculous substance can do when added to your bath water.

Milk Thistle

It’s no secret that so many of us have greatly abused our livers (The largest filtration system in your body), with enough alcohol to drown a herd of Buffalo!  But did you know that this unusual plant handles a lot more than sclerosis when it comes to diseases of the liver.  May I add that taking this, or any of these things, is no excuse to keep leading the lifestyle that caused the problem in the first place…


Turmeric contains a substance called ‘curcumin’.  This is the active ingredient that has had some measured success in the treatment of cancer of all things!  It’s available in pill form.  Then again, everything is!  You can buy it much cheaper at your supermarket in a vegetable form that’s a cross between a hunk of ginger and a carrot, or in powder form on the spice rack.

Liquid Chlorophyll

I can’t say enough about this stuff!  Zehrs carries it that I know of.  Since it is so close to the hemoglobin molecule in blood, it ensures healthy, red, blood cells.  In fact, it is the same as hemoglobin except that it swops out iron for magnesium at its center.  It also balances your PH: if your body is too acidic, you’ll develop cancer.  So an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure in this case.  It also boosts energy levels and acts as a gentle detox. It’s the basis for how all life on Earth started!  Read all about it!

Ionized Water

I have a ‘Zero Filter’, and one of its 5 components is an ionizer for your water.  Many may wonder just what ionization does.  And the answer is: ‘Nothing!’  LOL!  All it does do, is keep your water’s PH level at exactly 7…  That means: ‘Neutral.’  Not alkaline and not acidic.  That’s not what you’ll be interested to hear on this page though.  There’s a video about all the contaminants that is in bottled and tap water. 

This guy rattles off over a hundred of them, and I think you should listen.  It will make your ears perk, that’s for sure!  The rest is just hype to sell his product at a ridiculously outlandish price…  You can skip that part.  He makes a point that there is no minerals left after filtration systems are through with them.  However, multivitamins are loaded with them.  And much cheaper to buy!  DAH!  Silly sales pitch…


This is the food of mitochondrial DNA!  The body doesn’t naturally produce it.  However, The DNA at the nucleus of a blood cell is well protected from free radicals and oxidative stress by a tough membrane that won’t let any harmful substance in.  Mitochondrial DNA however, (your cells built-in factory) surrounds the nucleus, and is therefore vulnerable to attack and needs CoQ10 so that the cell will be healthy, and insures its full life-span of three months, not to mention how it protects your heart in a major way!


Also available at Zehrs, if CoQ10 ensues healthy cells, PQQ actually builds new mitochondrial DNA in dying cells!  Actually, CoQ10 and PQQ work in tandem to protect the two most vital organs in your body:  Your heart, and your brain!  Taken twice daily, 300 mgs.of CoQ10 coupled with 20 mgs. of PQQ is all that is needed for full protection.  And the two will run you $90 a month in combination.  If you double up on them both, PQQ will move from the brain to eventually cure your nervous system as well!  Be sure, if anything else, you read about these important enzymes and how they work together!  vitamin C for instance initiates 2 enzymes, where-as PQQ initiates over 5000!

Omega 3

Not to mention fighting bi-polar disorder, Parkinson’s disease, and Old Timers, among just a few of the diseases that rear their ugly heads with more advanced age, if you don’t take it in supplement form, along with fish three times a week (Wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon and Sardines preferably), your brain will actually shrink with age!  Hear are 61 health benefits that this natural substance provides for…

Oxidative Stress and Free Radicals

There’s little sense in explaining about all of these miracle enhancements, if you don’t know why you must take them.  Is there?  Here is a small page that gives you the general rundown.  Now I’m not suggesting you take any of the things I’ve listed above: merely that you don’t put it in your car!  LOL!

Some may suggest that some or all of these things prevent sentience (cell suicide) in the body, there-by actually triggering cancer.  I’m 63 years old, so I have nothing to lose by experimenting upon myself.  I just don’t see ‘cell death’ as the road to extending life either.  Fell free to carry out your own research and make your own decisions accordingly.  I simply caution: ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained!’  I think what you should really be asking yourself is: ‘Do You Need A Lube Job?’


Why We Shouldn’t Legalize Mary Jane…

Now that I have your attention, LOL, I just thought I’d report in on why I’m not reporting in.  We’ll get to the topic later.  For now though, you must endure this stupid, report:  I’m not here (I’m not here?), because I’m busy painfully processing images for you,  Highlighting (highlighting?), ‘Compositing Images by Creatively Using Beach Front Cottages to Store Desktop Icons…’  I know!  exceptionally long title.  I did that,  to cleverly disguise myself as someone who can think…This is followed by actual titles! : ‘More Picturesque DSLR Cameras at 1600 ISO Using a 50 mm. Macro Lens…’  This will be capped off with a segment on: ‘Macro Captures of Tiny Flowers…’ and ‘A Memorable Sunset Featuring Freaky, Cloud Patterns…  Expect to hear from me again in, oh, I dunno…  LOL! 16 months?  LOL!

One lesson I learned while taking telephoto shots (300 mm), was that I should have cleaned my lens!  There are lots of specks and blobs I have to take out of all my sky shots.  Plus, space shots need to be edited as well because spherical abrasion too far from the center of the photos, make stars look like footballs, plus I found out that shooting stars at more than 185 mm, and getting pin point sharpness required for star shots beyond the cameras auto focus.  It’s impossible for me because that particular lens (70mm to 300mm zoom lens), doesn’t come into infinity focus at its farthest point of travel.  And for the money,  I really expected better workmanship from Canon…  I may just return it for one that works!

Below, are some beautiful star images featuring: ‘The Orion Nebula’, and even shows the nebula using a 50 mm lens, and 1600 ISO under conditions a little bit: out-of-town: away from town lights!  I plan to go even further out of town soon…The constellation of Orion, beautiful in and of itself, hovers over sleeping lights on the other side of Lake Simcoe.  The water is still frozen in placeses further down the inlet.

As always, to see these shots revealing all-stars, full magnification is required:  So look at them at full size…

151_a 0387a 0401a

The other two are previews of the sunset photos…


This is a picture of Orion shot with a 50 mm lens.  Just below: ‘Orion’s Belt’ (The tree bright stars in a row…  They are respectively. from left to right, Alnitak, Alnalam, and Mintaka).  See that what looks like a string of stars pointing downward on a guantie angle?  The brightest fuzzy patch, is the Orion Nebular: a birthing place for new stars.  You can get a better view in the slide show coming up shortly…  It also includes a couple of pictures of beach front cottages…  Click the first picture on your far left to get into The Gallery below.

Editing Info.

The star pictures, although edited at 1600 ISO, can be blown up to: 19″ by 13″, and must be in that ratio, or your star points will all be football shaped and blurry.  I suggest the Stylus R2000 Ink-jet Printer for graphics retailing at around $700 Canadian, plus 13% tax.  It has 8 different color inks and special: ‘Piezo Electric’ nozzles to distribute more exacting tone transitions…  I shall return with more in a couple of days.  Salutations!  Live long and Prosper!  May you be forever young!

:Pot is Miraculous

Surly Pot can stop seizures, fight cancer, and Depression and a host of other ailments.  I’m not disputing that.  I’m just saying, it should all be kept underground or funding for these treatments may not be available!  LOL!  i.e. some parents are feeding it to their children, so they don’t want THC in it.  I’m saying Pot shouldn’t be legalized so it can remain relatively inexpensive.  If it’s legalized, its price will be maybe as high as $8 a joint…  To start…  Then it would go up!  And it would be more expensive according to THC content!  Of corpse you’re going to want 13% content as opposed to 3%…  Shirley you don’t want this because Medical Mariquana will cost you even more!  Wanna do something constructive?  Lower the price of running shoes :O)

Healing Hands


This will be a long entry because I am going to use the powers of suggestion to persuade you on the road to your own happiness!  And the only tool I will use for this, is the truth.  Never a more true saying has there been than: ‘The truth shall set you free!’  Nor will it be me that I ask you to believe in: only the facts that I present to you.  I require nothing from you.  I already have what I need to cure you of all that ails you, simply by harnessing the powers already present in your own mind!  So it is not I that will heal you, rather, you that will heal yourself!  All you need do to be free from all further pain in your life, is evaluate the facts I present to you…  Fair enough?


_A Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness. Although many people are not aware, you pass through a state of hypnosis every night when you are falling asleep and every morning when you wake up. Hypnosis is often described as a deep state of relaxation and one of the best feelings someone will ever experience. One hour of hypnosis is the equivalent to eight hours of sleep.

I have actually had this done to me in a live audience as well.  The Hypnotist starts out by asking everyone to close their eyes and spread their hands about a foot apart.  Then he rapidly tells you in several different ways, that you can’t help but feel a powerful force pulling your hands together.  Look at the picture…  That’s the power of suggestion!

The Placebo Effect:

_A Pill

Pills…  How do you know what’s in them?  You don’t!  Do you?  If I wore a white coat, and used a Doctors office on his day off to give you some poison pills, you would faithfully take them, and be dead in 10 minutes…  Doctors have long known there are hypochondriacs among us: those who come down with every imaginary disease on the planet.  They may not really be sick at all, true enough.  Yet they believe that they are, and actually come down with symptoms because they believe they are sick so strongly!

The Doctor won’t try to argue with you that you really have no disease at all, and are perfectly healthy, because he knows you won’t believe him.  After all, you even feel sick!  So he gives you a sugar pill, stating that this will cure you of: ‘Pink Spot Gravis Disease’, if that’s what you think you have…  And low and behold, you are cured.  PRAISE JESUS!

Do Do That Voodoo!


Words can heal you…  Or they can kill you just as easily!  I’m going to tell you a true story of a Doctor who had a patient that was perfectly well, yet thought he was going to die!  This Doctor already knew this was quite possible because he already knew of a man who was told that he had cancer, and would be dead in 2 months.  And sure enough, the man died right on queue: almost 2 months to the day!  They performed an autopsy, and discovered the cancer had gone into remission.  The man died simply of the stress of knowing he was going to die!  Are you fascinated yet?  No?

Well then, suppose someone held a gun to your head and told you they were going to pull the trigger…  You would be dead in 45 seconds, whether they pulled the trigger or not!  That’s because in your mind, you are dead already.  It’s caused by a total loss of security.  And your fast pumping heart will simply give up.  That’s how powerful the power of suggestion can be!

Anyway, this man looked extremely ill. had stopped eating, yet showed no signs of disease! When asked why he thought he was going to die, the man told the Doctor that he had visited a Voodoo Priest.  And when he turned to leave, the Priest called out his name.  So when the man turned around unexpectingly, the Priest blew some black powder into his face, and told him he would die soon!  Then he laughed an evil laugh: ‘HAHAHAHAHAHA!!’

So the Doctor paid a visit to the Priest, and asked him what was in the black powder…  The Priest said: ‘Do you really think  I would give him something that would trace his murder back to me?  The powder is harmless!  I kill the man with the powers of his own mind.  And for this, I can be accused of no crime!

With this, The Doctor knew that the only way to save the man was to make him believe he could lift the spell!  So he came back and told the man that he had visited the Priest, and that the black powder contained lizard eggs he had inhaled.  He told the man a lizard is eating you up from the inside out, and I must remove it quickly if you are to survive!

Then he gave the man a needle to make him sleep, but with something else in it to cause him to throw up when the anesthetic wore off.  Then he conveniently placed a bucket by his bed.  Just as he had hoped, the man awoke during the night, and threw up in the bucket, but it was too dark to see…

The Doctor then entered the room, took a lizard out of his pocket, and placed it in the bucket as he held it some distance from the man.  Then he asked the Nurse to light the lamp and bring it over to the bucket: ‘OMG!’ she said: ‘What on Earth is that?’  The Doctor then pulled the Lizard out, and showed it to the man exclaiming: ‘This was your killer!  And now it is out of you!  The curse has been lifted!  And sure enough, the man then recovered…

The Healing Power of Faith!


Does God exist?  Wrong question!  Why do you always ask the wrong questions?  The question you should be asking is: ‘Do you believe He exists?’  Whether He does exist or not doesn’t matter.  What matters, is that if you believe that He does, statistically speaking, you will live a longer, happier life!  Why?  It’s because through your faith, you have relieved yourself of the stress that impending death inflicts upon you.  That’s why!

You see my delicate flowers?  If you believe you will go on living, as promised you by God, your mind will persuade you to do so!  If you believe that your reward is saved for you in Heaven via helping others, the stress of having to make money is lifted from you, along with all the risk of having money, and not knowing who your friends really are…  For that matter, who your enemies might be…

Does it sound practical to you that so many people would believe in God for no reason what-so-ever?  It is just our way of utilizing the powers of our minds to protect ourselves from harm imposed upon us by the very world in which we all must reside, one way, or another.  So I now pronounce you healed by virtue of the power of your own mind…  HEAL!

Monstrous Fitness Tips for 2015


11- 6569

Actually, I’m not harping on you, in my case, I’m guitaring…  Truly, there’s no such word.  But if one can harp, it should be passed into law that one can guitar in response!  Fitness is a serious endeavor.  You only do what you talk about: it’s the people that call other people thieves and liars, that are thieves and liars themselves!  I am a health nut.  So that’s what I talk about.  Well, I do know other subjects: squirrels are fascinating!  You know?

Why I always harp on you about it is: ‘Tay-Koe-Nos-Koe’,  ( I know you mosquito! )  I love Spanish because it’s such an expressive language: very picturesque and romantic, with all it’s picturesque connotations and penetrations…  I’m wandering off topic.  Look!  Here’s human nature:  A person tells you they’ll do a thing and they probably won’t because they get to busy with other things and just forget.  But when a person says they won’t do a thing, it’s because they’re indignant about it.  That, they’ll remember!  So then they plague themselves with guilt (it’s a Catholic thing they spread like cancer), and end up doing the thing for you they said they wouldn’t do…  Backwards…

My point is this.  In spite of all our best intentions, we put things off.  We procrastinate.  It’s so ramped, it’s a national pass-time.  Never do today, what you can put off until tomorrow…  So I keep encouraging you to exercise because I know your life is at stake and we do love living very much indeed!  People do drugs which has been known to make them lazy.  They rationalize which makes them cut corners.  They misconceive which makes them think house-work is exercise.  There was a time I thought belching and farting was strenuous!  So I’m on you like a fly on a wall, only for your encouragement and well being.  That being said, let’s move on to the good stuff.  Shall we?  I really don’t know, because you never talk to me, so I have to guess what person is thinking what, and try to cover everybody.  I think that went well.  Don’t you?

Muscle and bone loss


Once we pass 30, which flies up on you like a damaged Cessna, we begin to loose muscle and bone density.  And the old adage: ‘What you don’t use, you loose!’,  still stands after eons of mega-loss! Now if you’re past 50, you’ve lost so much muscle mass, that you’ll never carry a six pack unless it’s marked: ‘Coors Lite…’  If you’re younger than that, and you lift weights regularly, you’ll have women lapping water from your cat’s dish, just to be near you!

There’s this gorgeous girl of female persuasion, that visits Leslie nearly every single day.  She flirts with me, and she’s only 22!  I’m 62, and people say that I don’t look a day over 61 and a half. LOL!  She drools over the healthy soups I make, and has her own pup tent in my kitchen!  She worships the ground I walk on, and throws buckets of holy water at me because she knows I’m good for her.  So it rubs off.  I may not be a national hero just yet, but I am hers!

Tips for the weak and decrepit


Now this guy is either in, or approaching his 60’s.  You’d be hard pressed to Tango with him because of his strength and stamina, and his connections to a Mafia King-pin.  His youthful exuberance and penetration, is the one thing nobody can take away from him unless they own a bazooka!  Don’t you want to remain horny?

You can also see that he’s still alert enough to do calculus and his fingers, and only wears glasses so he can see his nose! Someone left a frozen swimming pool in the background, with some guy there hoping to open but one more Mc. Donald’s Franchise…  Your youth is a treasure far beyond any financial gain.  Don’t throw it all away for a cheeseburger!  Throw it all away for Carmel Pecan ice-cream Yogurt!  That stuff is so good, I once ate a whole 2 quart tube of it, and turned into a human snot ball for over 3 hours!  It was dreadfully delightful at the time, but hardly worth it to me…  

So diet is all important to maintain that physique you work so hard for.  Replace all that meat with fruits and vegetables which actually taste better and have way less calories, are filling enough that you don’t feel like you have to continually eat all day, and has fiber to help keep you more regular, rather than large…  Why you could eat 2 onion, cucumber, and tomato sandwiches with half fat mayo on twelve grain (delicious) and only gain maybe 10 onces, removed by a glass of ice-water…   Hows that for weight control?

Happiness involves commitment


Here’s a terrific blog via this guy in the picture with a really amazing article, pushing reasons for weight lifting:

A bad back work-around for the tummy

Anyone with a bad back will tell you that sit ups are impossible for them.  I should know, I haven’t sat up in decades!  I have a real cool work-around for this that involves a bath-tub full of water, before you do your deep breathing exercises.  Bath salts are good to draw toxins from your skin, but to force crap out of your body, you can lie back and roll your tummy around 15 times a shot while you hold your breath and push down.  At first, you can hardly feel your stomach muscles moving at all.  After a little practice, you can really strengthen up your stomach muscles and easily flush out your colon daily.  I do 90 every 2 days, in 6 sessions, which takes all of 3 minutes.  

Then do 3 minutes of deep breathing exercises:  Fill your lungs with as much air as you can, hold it for 3 seconds, saying to yourself: ‘In with the good air’, then blow it all out with a flat tummy for 5 seconds saying: ‘Out with the bad!’  I don’t know why, but it works.  You’ll actually feel your lung capacity improve!  This makes for longer runs, and more stamina for your heart.  BTW, while you’re running, you’re not aging!  No one says you’re going to look like this:


But you will get more oxygen to your brain and possibly raise your I.Q.  Also, lay on the floor for about five minutes afterwards, with your legs tucked up under your butt to prevent leakage, and let gravity and your own weight push against your spine.  You may even get a bone or two crack back into place.  A case in point: gravity removes the bags under your eyes if you sleep on your back ( The Royal Position )…  Butt I have a better idea…

Food for your face


That’s right!  A couple of cucumber slices over your eyes for just 5 minutes every second day, adds collagen to your skin ( the stuff you get in expensive skin creams ) worth less than a cent!  I do it after my bath while I’m laying on the floor: ( I let people walk all over me! )…  Afterwards, I rub them all over my face, throat and hands.  This girl has been mistakenly sold some fake cucumbers, but as long as she’s happy, why tell her?

Well that’s it for my monstrous forking fitness tips…  I’m sure you’re all going to rush right out and run to Buffalo:  more like run ‘like’ a Buffalo.  Always remember though.  It’s your body, and you’ll only get out of it what you put into it.  Have a nice day, and go fork yourselves!

TV and Me

You should kick the crap out of your TV set


It never fails to amaze me how here in Ontario, I can subscribe to over 600 channels, all of which have nothing but crap on them!  And right next door in Quebec, they have only two channels, both showing great movies, but THEY’RE BOTH IN FRENCH!!  The commercials are longer than the shows themselves, and I’m really not interested in watching: ‘How it’s Made’ to see how they process beef jerky which is just another synonym for burnt meat!  Why don’t you just inject yourself WITH CANCER!  TV sets belong in the junk yard!  If you think that more channels means better selection, YOU’RE ALL TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR LIVING SKULLS!

Is there anything on TV that wasn’t made for a sixteen year old?  Oh sure!  What a 62 year old needs, is to run right out and buy an expensive bottle of ZIT CREAM!!  Just how many movies does Arney have to make before he became HITLER over CALIFORNIA, before we all realize the REAL WAR, is right here at home trying to wrestle open a tin of peas!  And why do they have so many shows telling Criminals the proper way to slit your throat?  Don’t we have enough death and violence in the kitchen?  Now, they have a show on the Travel Channel called: ‘Wives with Knives!’  What does stabbing you Ex to death have to do with going to Tim Buck 2?  If you’re all so fired up on going somewhere, how-come you’d rather watch the weather channel than get up off your sorry asses and LOOK OUT THE WINDOW???

Is it really necessary to shout at football games, spewing hamburger meat all over the living room, when the truth of the matter is, THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU ANYWAY!!  And why pray tell, do you put the commercial on pause when you go for a tinkle? Afraid you’re going to miss how their car out performs yours?  I’d rather KILL MYSELF at a BUS STOP!!  And why do I pay for dozens of repeats?  Who on God’s green earth (OK…  Charcoal brown…), expects to watch 9 hours of Coronation Street, without slipping into a coma?  That’s the most BORING show I’ve ever seen, and in MY CASE, it only makes for projectile vomiting!  And a Lion, ripping apart a Gazelle, looks just like you, AT THE DINNER TABLE!!  If you want MY ADVICE, you should kick the LIVING CRAP out of your TV set!!  It’s even better than WANKING OFF!!

Drinking From The Fountain of Youth


A first of its kind atomic-level look at the enzyme telomerase has been revealed by researchers. The work may unlock the secrets of aging. Telomeres and the enzyme telomerase have been in the medical news a lot recently due to their connection with aging and cancer. Telomeres are found at the ends of our chromosomes and are stretches of DNA which protect our genetic data, make it possible for cells to divide, and hold some secrets as to how we age — and also how we get cancer.

Showing Our PC’s Loving Kindness

Chip Monks


Yesterday, I’d already been up for over 24 hours when came a knock upon my chamber door.  It was George, apparently now senile computer Guru.  Someone to technically look up to though.  He brought me what I was long awaiting for: Window’s 7  Enterprise, which is the best Window’s 7, and even outshines Window’s 7 Ultima!  I asked him what I owed him for it, and said $95 to install it on both mine and Leslie’s machines.  That’s a steal by anyone’s standards right there! Then later on, after I gave him an even brown one, I asked him what he had payed for it, and he said it cost him $100.  So he was charging me less than nothing!  So I gave him $135.  That’s everything I had or I would have paid him more!  We both felt like a couple of cheap Chip Monks because George used to make over $100 an hour!

FLASH!  Leslie just popped in and said she’d like to watch Maleficent on Pay Per View because it’s way less expensive than going to a show and we get to have popcorn for less than a grand for the small size.  She loves fantasy type films and so do I so, it should be a real hoot!  Where was I?  Where am I?  And why am I tap,tap tapping away?

My Big Phat Senile Install 

The silly thing had installed OK.  It just didn’t find my Ethernet card.  Not an option for getting on the Internet.  This wood never do!  He installed the driver but it didn’t take.  Well, you’d think it wood bee a simple process of reinstalling Windows. Nope!  Microsoft is not this kind!  Instead we had to go through a bunch of rig-a-Monroe!  It literally took us all day to fart and fool around before success was finally within our grasp.

Now George used to teach at Senica College in Toronto Canada.  Since, he has battled with colon cancer and has lost his wits though only 5 years older than Me me me Mine!  Anyway possible we tried to get it to work.  We deleted the four teeny tiny icons with the yellow exclamation marks on them and reboot, which returned four teeny tiny icons with yellow exclamation marks on them…

So I phoned the cable company and asked what the big idea was, and they told me I had to first take the side of my CPU off and look for the serial number on my Mommy Board. (Brainless and backwards as they are, they couldn’t just put it on the outside of the tower).  Oh no!  So I unscrewed the thing and left it up to Georgy Boy to read off the numbers for me, using his teeny tiny flashlight with no batteries.  So I got him two double A’s from my trusty camera bag and said he could keep him.  That and a coke was the least I could do until I can get him some more Monopoly money.


That can’t be it I quipped: ‘ That can’t be it!  It’s too long! Here!  Gimme that thing!’  So I shon (shon?)…  So I shon the flashlight in, and there the teeny tiny thing was, right in front of my nose!  Who could you miss it?  Next, we had to go to a Web-site and download a utility what goes to a web-site and gets the driver.  And to get that information, I had to phone the computer company and listen to elevator music for the longest time!  So we downloaded the thing and installed it, rebooted. and still no Internet!  At this point, George was climbing the wall and I was trying to eat my cat!  I’m a dog person anyway, but took the cat because Leslie’s son was going to naturally gas the thing…  So I saved it’s life…  Unimpotent right now.  So he erased the teeny tiny icons with the yellow exclamation marks, rebooted again, and finally, success!  So if you ever have to go through this, erase the teeny tiny icons and reboot…   Now I’ve down graded to Window’s 7.  I’m so happy!

Showing my PC loving kindness

Showing our PC’s loving kindness takes a lot of fiddling around with programs and drivers and Internet sites and copying and pasting teeny tiny icons to the desktop.  No!  Not the sticky icons!  On your computer!  I spent, it must’ve been an additional four hours in the evening doing all that.  However, I got Photshop CS 3 on and Corel Painter 9 and Microsoft Office on,  Got FREE Internet utilities for Virus checks and Systemcare 7: an excellent utility for keeping your PC running more smoothly, getting rid of Malware, protecting your browser, cleaning your registry, downloading drivers etc.. all in one package.  And it’s FREE!  Window’s Update downloaded 186 updates!  Window’s stinking 8 did none of this for me.  All I need now are drivers for my Intuos 3 and my through the ceiling expensive Canon 5D camera.  It just shows ta go ya!  At last!  After two years of CRAP and another two years to finish paying for my CRAP, I finally have the operating system I need.  I run Virus, Malware, Hacker and File cleaning stuff twice a week, to hopefully stay on the safe side.  Italia though, with all this trouble, computer may be outlawed to the public!  What wood eye be enslaved to without one?  And that’s how we’re showing our PC’s loving kindness.  After all, it’s our life line to the rest of the world, Art, Micheal, and Photography…