‘Till We Meet Again

I Must be Moving On

‘The greatest loss in life isn’t death.  The greatest loss, is what we loose while we’re still alive!’ – Norman Cousins.  Isn’t it funny how the best laid plans of mice and men get a crinkle in them, just at the time you plan to implement them?  Day before yesterday, My ‘Stats’ went through the roof!  Sixteen of you viewed 12.44 of my posts.  That’s amazing!  Now I know that at least 16 of you out of my 254 followers, are truly interested in what I have to say!  Of corpse you big shots out there, might not find that significant at all.  I, on the other hand, consider that an entire class room, including myself!  I owe you all a warm hearted thank you, from the bottom of my feet!  And you know I mean that!  Here’s the screen shot:


The Facts of Life

Since I got my new operating system up and running, I’ve been able to download pictures now.  Plus my programs for design and Illustrations are also available to me.  I’ve been grappling with Painter 2015 help file: some 1200 pages of gobbled-y goop I must get the general jist of, if I’m to familiarize myself with the program.  Plus I’ve been doing the million and one things I need to do everyday to take care of my health, looking after my Love Goddess: ‘Satan’s Imp’, handling all the cooking and housework, run errands and pay bills, and taking care of Bone Head, what thinks it lives here, and there are only so many hours in the day.  Meanwhile, there’s over 350 posts you can meander through at your convenience.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I plan to bring you more pictures and learn Illustration, I’m going to have to vacate the premises for a while.  That is, at least until I find myself smooth sailing in these other aspects of exploration which are just as important to me as blogging is!  I will show up from time to time with a brain storm, if I ever get one, but will generally be absent for a while.  These are just the facts of life.  I can’t be an omnipresent God just yet.  Gee!  Wouldn’t ya know it? Just when things were beginning to look up for me.  I am extremely pleased by this too!  Just at a loss to juggle all that I have on my plate just now.  I do trust my true friends will wait for me… ‘Til we meet again…



Better Blogging Techniques

Visual Tags

I was CONTEMPLATING Evelyn wood’s SPEED READING course, and came up with a SCATHINGLY BRILLIANT idea to help us beginners along when reading, long drawn out blogs…  Ordinarily, we read from left to right, horizontally, LINE by line.  It’s possible however, to READ vertically, just scanning down the PAGE quickly, and look for KEY WORDS that give you the JIST of the entire ARTICLE.  It suddenly occurred to me while I was watching my favorite COMEDIAN PERFORM: ‘LEWIS BLACK.’ i saw that part of the REASON he was so FUNNY, was because he would EMPHASIZE certain words in his SENTENCES, and POINT with his FINGER when he did so!

ACCENTING particular WORDS this way is very easy to do, and SHOWS me just where all of my TAGS are, so I can quickly SKIM through the article and easily FIND all of my tags, and that it also improves my MEMORY because I also CONSIDER if I have already tagged a certain word before.  Like-wise, it gives BEGINNERS an OPPORTUNITY to ADAPT to longer reads by just PICKING out the main ENCAPSULATION of the article!

At FIRST, it was a little TRICKY as is any NEW LEARNING EXPERIENCE, yet you can quickly get the HANG of it!  Now I certainly don’t PLAN on using this in every single BLOG I write.  However, I do intend to WRITE a few of them this way, so that I cover a VARIETY of CATEGORIES, just to see how PROFICIENT this new way of BLOGGING truly is.  I KNOW  what you’re THINKING: is this going to confuse SEARCH ENGINES when all of my tags are capitalized?  I’m not just sure.  However, people have told me that I’m MISSING out on a larger blogging AUDIENCE by not using INTERNET EXPLORER…

I DISAGREE!  Internet Explorer can also bring you HACKERS to take over your COMPUTER, and VIRUSES that can shut you down for GOOD!  My blogging audience keeps steadily GROWING, and if I COMMENT and, ADD new BLOGGERS to my viewer CUSTOMER BASE on my READER and frequent FACEBOOK more often, this should be sufficient enough in itself to attract others to my blog.  I’ve also noticed that tags become less frequent as I PURSUE a specific TOPIC line.  And it gives NEWBIES a better IDEA of what words are appropriate for TAGGING and which ones are not…

Point Form

Give a MAN the TOOLS to build a HOUSE who’s never seen a house before, and he will BUILD you a very UNIQUE house! So I can’t over emphasize the VALUE of IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY as the two of the foremost tools NECESSARY for EMPLOYING BETTER BLOGGING TECHNIQUES!  For this REASON our VOCABULARY tends to grow, having us employ larger words to both shorten the length of our blogs and DRIVING our point HOME in a more PICTURESQUE FASHION.  Although, you should never use a LONG  word where a SHORT one will do, point form is a rather INGENIOUS  way of encapsulating MATERIAL, it also can be used to RECAP main THEMES and CONCEPTS when the idea of a blog is particularly COMPLEX in NATURE.


The Continuing Saga of Backward Thinking

Blogging for Pleasure


What wood you do without us crotchety, old Buzzards to push you around all day and tell you what to do?  Eh?  Huh?  Eh? Huh?  Eh?  Notice I’ve moved on from representing us as Apes, Chimpanzees and Orangutans, to the child within us all! Why?  Because everyone always loves a good Saga: a continuing epic with all the boredom you’ve come to know and love! It’s just good, cowardly developing Blogging skills.  Always add to what you have so it continues to grow and flourish like a ripening grape!  It’s all part of the continuing saga of backward thinking, so don’t be shy.  Don’t you just wanna pick this one for your very own?  The baby!  Adorable!

It used to be that I was frightened to blog: frightened of what you’d think of me!  Frightened of what I’d think of myself!  Only when you can shake off this fear, can you approach blogging like a ray of sunshine, both for you, and for your reading audience.  And contrary to popular believe, it’s just as important to read blogs as it is to write them.  We must share that with which we are afraid of, to get out of that comfort zone of complacency, and into the clear blue sky of emotional expression.  

Now, I leap out of bed, moving at the speed of dark, with so many thoughts on what to blog about, that I don’t even take time out to fart and brush my teeth.  Now it’s a craving for me!  And we will do what we crave in spite of what our bodies tell us.  I usually wake up, spit and rinse, brush my tooth, and guzzle down a cold glass of water right away.  (You should only coma when you want to two paws!)  BTW…  Just a little punctuation trivia to try and explain what you already picked up from the last sentence, causing me to write this long,boring continuation of unnecessary tripe!  

Always Go with Your First In Sticks!


So what does all this have to do with backward thinking?  Plenty!  You started out frightened, and ended up brave.  Yes? Take farts for example.  Please?  You should take your farts and learn to enjoy and savor them.  But no!  We in sinktively want to get rid of them, lock them in our cars where they remain to greet you in the morning.  We say: ‘Let’r rip!’  When what we really need to do, is save them in a jar, and sniff them occasionally for good luck!  Flatulence, as you know, is in and of themselves, a continuing saga.  As is my stupid cat what wakes me up every morning at 6 am.  One may feel android about this, and kick their cats out the window, when you know full well that this is backward thinking.  My days are jam packed with natural gas, so I must be up early to enjoy that!  

And don’t think our farts haven’t left the Earth to go on and explore new worlds where puzzled Aliens must confess: ‘Ya know?  That’s not half bad!  Think of your horn blats, as more like gas escaping from a star.  Once they’re gone, you can never retrieve them!  Oh you can try and chase them down, but you’ll never get it all!  We laugh when we fart, when we should be sad that our essence of skunk, is slowly leaving us, until, in the end, we’re no more than a vapor ourselves!  We should learn to treasure our poofs, and bring them to: ‘The Hall of Flame’ for approval.

Say The Unexpected


Using my brilliant grasp of the obvious, this is a picture of my stats!  You should always check this page first for constipation.  Right now, I haven’t done anything, so naturally, my stats have dripped down my leg, as a result of only two people watching.  One gasious ornament from Thailand and a Government Official who apparently flies to Alaska, also via natural gas!  Study this page often.  Let it motivate you to bigger and bolder sniffs!

It used to be that I thought any more than 300 words and my in sticks told me that people won’t read them because they’re too long!  Wrong backward stinking!  Those are the ones I look for now to read through because I now understand that these are the babies who think while they stink, and have truly found something to toot about!  Why?  Because everyone loves the continuing saga of backward thinking!  See what I did there?  I included the title in both the first and the last paragraphs which in turn ranks you higher on search engines.  Some will feed you a whole bunch of stools and regulations! Have you ever read OM’s blog?  Probably.  He dosen’t even include subtitles, and look at all the shits he gets!   This contudeds my percussion on natural gas.  LOL!  Oh!  One more sting.  Always reread each paragraph for mistakes and then it won’t seem like like a long, drawn out procedure when you finish writing.  See how your horn blats sound to you as well and ask yourself what revisions are necessary :O)

10 Blogging Sites I Recommend


As is the custom, when you receive an award, (Family and Community award proudly displayed on my header), I must nominate ten bloggers that I think should be up for nominees, given that these awards keep coming.  I truly enjoy this honor though, because I’m always out there on The Reader flapping my gums off anyway, so it’s really very easy for me to decide. (This is called: The Blogger Fake-out!  This is really hard!).  It is with the highest of esteem, and regard, (SNIFF!), that I present to you, what I believe are truly fantastic blogs!  I’ve watched closely, to see who’s blogging with greater frequency, and presenting quality material as well!  Enjoy these people’s sites…  They certainly have earned the recognition!

I recommend this sight (site), not only for it’s up-to-date research concerning technological development, but for it’s versatility in presentation!  This is a company of workers, so other peoples research is also presented here.  For the analytical techies among us, I highly recommend this blog!

‘The Chronicles of Renard’   This is Renard’s almost brand, spanking new second site!  I have great expectations for this site!  Over time, Renard has presented some fascinating guest speakers on his blog ‘Renard Presents’…  I see this as a fresh start for Renard; a place where he can relay a little more to us about his own opinions (not that he hasn’t before) on things.  Whatever Renard does or says, you’ll want to read it.  Most of you that I know, read his present site.  That’s why I’m encouraging you to check out his new one. Cheers my friend!

This woman (Patricia) not only blogs with great frequency, she puts all the love and heart she has, into it!  She’s a little older as I’m.  Don’t let that stop you though!  In her case, it just means she’s wise!  Flirt (Not bad looking either!).  I recommend her for her warmth, compassion and insight, not to mention the inspiration that she faithfully feeds to all of us on a very regular basis!  We’re all highly fortunate to have her with us, so please give her a boo, and don’t forget to say hello!  A little love in return wouldn’t hurt…  Huh Pat?

Charlotte is on a mission!  That is, 365 days of poetry!  She’s on day 96 now, so you still have lots of time to catch her in action!  And honey babies, this girl can cook!  So be sure and give her a look-see!

What Blogger gets 2715 likes on one blog entry?  ‘Dennis Cardiff’, that’s who!  Do you want to meet a real, actual, humble man, or settle for pretenders hoping for more likes?  Here is a man actually doing something about the homeless!  He has lots of homeless friends he helps out and you will be blessed just to say hi to him!  He actually has 3 sites!  Way to go Dennis!  The world is screaming for more people like you!  You have all my love and encouragement buddy!  And, I believe I speak for everyone!

‘Toemail!’ She shows off her toes a lot!  LOL!   We are all Kin here.  That’s Hillbilly for family…  If you’ve never been around the world, if you’ve only seen the sights a girl can see from Brooklyn Heights, then this is the blog for you!   Toemail is traveling our entire globe, and mapping it with photos, all the way!  Today, she’s showing us a real, live Jerk in Croatia…  And that figures.  My best friend ‘Bonehead’ is from Croatia.  Toemail has the scenic tour for you!  And the little extras in-between…

Christine has an interesting Bucket-Listory-Project happening!  She’s this bright, bubbly, personality, that always has something interesting going on!  Today, she has too important questions for you, and if you provide a profile pic. with your answers, she may feature you!  So you’d best get on over there as soon as you can, and read all about it!

What can I say about Arvhee’s Metaphorical site?  That it is mystical?  That it is beautiful to behold?  That it is a place you enjoy to linger, and read wonderful posts?  It is all of these things.  I’d much rather speak of the girl herself!  She is truly my: ‘Internet Blogging Honey Bunny!’  LOL!  Even when I was alone, and destitute, she still never failed to un-paralyze her ‘like finger’ and send me a like!  Oh if I were only half a century younger!  That would make me 11.  LOL!

Mockingbird gives you his little, peeps…  He’s a native Indian, so you have to go there!  LOL!  He is truly a warm friend to those of you who take interest in his little peeps…  I mean, Hello!  The guy is hilarious, among other things; He’s not afraid to comment for one thing.  I forbid you not to go there!  You must go see him!  If you don’t go see him, I’ll never talk to myself again!  He’s a: ‘Must see to believe!’ And believe you me, you WILL believe!  See?

‘Scott’s Place’  There’s lot’s of great imagery here; some very unique and fine photos!  It’s also a family site. i.e. Scott speaks of it from time to time.  I also thought his site appropriate, seeing as how I’m receiving a ‘Family and Community’ award.  Check him out!  A great photography site!

If I’ve left anyone out…

I’m sorry!  I can only do ten!  I so wish I could fit more of you in!  So many more deserve to be mentioned…  I feel so bad, I’m going to half kill myself with some strenuous lifting!  OK?  You know I love you all; all my friends here!  I don’t put one of you ahead any of the others.  No!  I won’t pick favorites and you can’t make me!  I hate you…  You’re all impotent to me!  There are some people I didn’t mention, simply because I don’t want their egos inflated any more than they already are.  You know? 

And of corpse, a very warm and special thank you to Marty for bringing my attention to this award…  ‘Give us a kiss!’ (smooch, smooch, crinkle, crunch, snap!  Oooops!  I broke your bra!  I just happen to have right here in my pocket, for the low, low price of just $12.99…)  LOL!   Thank you Marty, (Yes, you’ve just been violated!) for your wonderful friendship!  Thank you for always standing by me when I had nobody to talk to!   You were the first one who spoke to me! (I think I’m gonna cry!)  SNARK!!  I remember that comment without peeking.  It was: ‘Rescued from a fart!’  I found it…  Moving…  In fact…  I have to go now…  LOL!  I love ya Marty!  With all my wind! (Blush…)

Oh! silly me!  The guy who gave me the award.  Shaun.  Who is he?  Might I meet the man that shook my hand?  Anyway, my love, and extra sprinkles on everyone!  And have some of this here Yule Log!  It’s my gift, from me to you…  You can’t make me say WordPress!  Awe Dag Nab it!


Old School Blogging vs New

_MG_1994I used to blog a lot 20 years ago, on Live Spaces. I was there for about 4 years.  I attracted a little crowd, and I was happy with that.  Listen. I greatly appreciate some of you offering to me to go to a place where I can direct 1000 people to my Blog for free!  I don’t reguard you as spamers because I know you’re only trying to help what looks like somebody struggling along with good content and now viewers!  I understand all that.  And thank you very much for your concerns!  I mean that!

You know, it used to be, you could come onto the Internet, and there would be “no” sales pitches!  There would be no Hackers, or viruses, or malware.  That’s all changed now, and the results are not exactly superlative to me, for a few important reasons.

My way, I gain veiwers by honestly checking each one out, reading their blogs or talking to them especially.  They deserve to have comments too, for their efforts!  I know…  That could take me six months or a year!  Or longer…  I have however come to a valuable contusion about what’s wrong with this scenario.

Do you really think it wise to invite 1000 complete strangers to my blog?  Do you have any idea what confusion that would cause first off?  Secondly, it’s like a flea market thing; most are there just to look.  I would be wasting my time answering silly questions all day when I could be working on new projects.  Also, these people don’t know you!  You don’t know them!  Out of all those people, there’s bound to be a Hacker who doesn’t like you.  Competing sites will opt to send me a virus and shut me down!

My process may be slow and somewhat tedious, but I’ll make “real” friends; people I can trust, people I’m pleased to share with, and sell my product to.  A product I’ve put great effort and care into!  Sorry, some people are creepy, and I don’t want to encourage them as productive members of society, when they’ll just use that as a mask to trouble you somehow. Or just to get what they want out of you, and toss you aside like an old rag.

At least I’ll know I’ve made friends in the process, and not just quietly sit back and watch my money numbers rise.  Money isn’t everything.  Sometimes a person needs to attain things through good, honest effort on their own part, to show charactor and perhaps even develope some.  So you see?  My way, I’m actually getting something much more valuable than barrels full of cash…  Friends!  That’s my take on it.  Do whatever suits you though.  However, Facebook and Twitter are loaded with potential customers.  You just have to get to know then that’s all.  Is that so bad?

I think people just jump at this stuff without thinking it through, because they’re taught to live a fast paced life-style, and conditioned to make decisions upon what lies on the surface of things, by Bosses who couldn’t care less if you learned the truth of things or not.  In fact, they’d prefer to keep it hidden from you.  Take the path less traveled!  That’s where all the knowledge and adventure lies! I’ve never seen any good come of easy money, and don’t expect this time to be any different.  I’d be very interested to here how others feel about this!