O.D.S.P. Problems


O.D.S.P (Ontario’s Dumb-cluck Support Program), is sucking all the life out of me and there’s nothing I can do about it.  This effects all of Ontario clients in the program; now they’re cutting $150,000 off the budget, which will probably come out of our checks!  Some young guy on TV was commenting how we get 20,000 a year, (no nearly everyone, I assure you.)  And I would remind the speaker, that the average wage in Ontario today is $98,000 a year!  This is not 1956, it’s 2013; I get $1,216 each month.  Ok, so my rent is $980 a month!  My cable is $180 a month.  Just that alone, and what’s left for groceries?  I’m going to the food bank now, and they’re gonna cut my cheque, take away my glasses and dental plan.


So I guess I should just go blind and loose all my teeth for all they care.  I am so peeved off!  You know?  I should write a letter to my Provincial representative, telling his secretary off!  LOL!  I’m just gonna have to try and find some other means of dealing with this; how do you draw blood from a stone?  I’ll just have to grin and bare it.  My other half used to be a Social Worker, and even she says it’s outrageous.  Ya wanna know what I think?  I think they’re fazing us out completely…  They’re just doing it one small piece at a time, so the public won’t notice!  Say?  No one here would have $5000 so I can run downtown for a coke would ya?  I’m a big tipper… One more assault on poor people!




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