Where Does God Live?

Below is a response I gave to Pat…  I presently await her answer.  Some of you know her, and some don’t!  She is very close to God and before I begin, I want you to know that I do respect her beliefs, and have felt the presence of a superior being working within my life as well.  So the object of this post is NOT to deny God’s existence, but to get answers.  I thought perhaps if I widen my scope of enquiry, it my improve my understanding of God!  Comprehending me?  Anyway, this below, was my questioning to her.  You must go to her site to see how this all began.  Click on: ‘One Wish’ and read the comments section for the whole scoop:  https://patcegan.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/one-wish/


Dear Darling One; How did you get so wise huh? You make people pick up their Bibles! According to Heb. 11:1 ‘Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for,+ the evident demonstration* of realities that are not seen.’ I was a Jehovah’s Witness. They used to be called ‘Bible Students’ because they know the Bible so well! Too bad they don’t put it into practice… Anyway, they have a great site for grabbing quotes from the Bible and much more:  http://www.jw.org/en/
You surprised me that you used quantum mechanics as a rhealm where impossibilities become possible!


Lets move to the other end of the scale shall we? When a star dies, it releases all the elements that made us. We are literally composed of star-dust. Yes? So if the stars made us, how could God have done so? We can look back to the very beginning of the universe within every possible spectrum of light, and we haven’t found hide nor hair of the man? LOL! Add to this, if he is perfect, how on earth did he create such an imperfect being as us? All through life, we find that everything we’re told is a lie. Yet I’m supposed to believe what sounds like the biggest whopper of all! And since time did not exist before the beginning of the universe, how could God have existed to make the thing?


Since organised religion could never answer me, and I have caught them in mistakes like: ‘God will not create life anywhere else until He perfects us!’ Yet now we know there are, as a conservative estimate, 33 billion Earth like planets in our galaxy alone (not including exo-moons), any one of which, an advanced being with what we’d call supernatural powers could have emerged from… And since a star moved across the sky, and then hovered over a manager, it’s hard not to think: ‘Space-craft’ And since Religion has zip for answers, I’m inclined to have questions. I do NOT deny that God exists. I simply feel that He talks to us in ways that people could understand 2000 years ago. Yet by expanding an element of mystery to His nature, He looks larger and more powerful than us.


He says we can’t see Him because He’s a spirit, yet if He made us in his image, as having a spiritual nature as well, then why not? And since we are now on the verge of being able to greatly extend our own lives, and learning more every day about how to improve our own way of life, why do we need Him? I know… Just saying this stuff makes me feel like The Anti-Christ, but these are very pertinent questions to me! In fact, I may copy this as a blog, and just see who has the answers… What say you?





Dreaming of You

Sometimes I think we loose our talented youth because this world doesn’t deserve them anymore…  I was a great fan of Selena, and when she died, it broke my heart!  She was assassinated at the age of 23!  It will be centuries before another like her comes along!   Now I must finally put that behind me.

Understanding Understanding…

Even I don’t Understand Me!

Recently, I read something that goes kind of like this (That means it’s probably a misquote) : ‘Those who love you bring happiness.  Those who are your friends install dignity.  Bad people give you experience,  The worst people teach you lessons.  Here’s my take on it:  ‘Those who love you kill you.  Those who are your friends suck you dry.  Bad people discredit you.  The worst people knock your teeth out.  Most people can’t handle the truth.  Especially me!  Yet some recent events have opened my eyes to some of my problems (via the truth), which I have now taken on.

I’ve been in a deep seated rage for a long time now, trying to adjust to a way of life I totally disapprove of now, and because of my fastidious approach to everything, I believed people and yes, inanimate objects, were contributing to and conspiring to execute my downfall!  Even little things like tripping over the cat, would send me through the roof!  Thanks to all the methods I’ve employed to improve my physical health, all the other aspects of me, emotional, cognitive and spiritual side, have fallen back in line.  I’m sure some…  OK, most of you were aware of that!  Since, I’ve asked Oden to send the wind to turn the tide, and I guess through a keener view point, I’ve seen through my cloud, and exercised the necessary discipline to dissipate it!

As we all know from cold, hard experience, anger begets anger.  In other words, the more you allow yourself to get angry, the easier it will be to trigger it in you.  As you further know, this torturous and ugly beast within us all, must be put back into his cage, and the key thrown away.  But how?  An astronomical amount of people, totally convinced that they are right, and the other 8 billion people on this rock are wrong, like to revel in this assessment for sometimes they’re entire greatly shortened lives!  This is a travesty of justice that must be quelled at the source!

Not only must you talk to yourself on a constant basis whenever you feel about to erupt, you have to be convincing enough that this is indeed your problem, and carry the faith needed to make this go away!  You’re going to have to look at it all in concern for the bigger picture rather than the narrow surface annoyance you ‘think’ you see!  You have to be persuasive that the little things are just that, and that the bigger things are far more complex than they appear on the surface.  Once you bring yourself to this understanding, the door will open back up, and the sunshine will shine through for you again.  I even found out, some irritating objects are movable…  Dah!  And no more irritations open many doors for you!

What Self Discovery Can Do…

It was very irritating to me that as soon as I’d do something, I’d immediately forget what it was.  With new eyes to see, I knew that since I had long stopped doing all the harmful things to myself and for the first time in my life considered my own well being, I got a flash that what I was really experiencing was selective memory loss.  I was really just doing this to myself!  My enormously inflated monster ego was telling me to ignore signs of my weaknesses; like where I put my glasses.  Did I take my depression pill?  Why can’t I hear the cat meowing to get in?  It was because I had the TV turned up, to block out everything else, which in turn was making my anxious!  Why was I forgetting Leslie’s coffee I just made in the microwave, or even to make her supper, which I said I would?

In Leslie’s case, the very first day after I thought I had defeated all this hatred toward everything and everybody, she did one tiny thing that ripped it all down in one fell swoop!  She made me fiddle with something that was completely unrepairable, and I just lost it!  I went crazy again, and all the happiness and relief drained out of me in mere seconds!  I felt devastated and hopeless to fight it once more!  I had that dream then that night I told you about, still having fumes exude from the top of my head for the entire day, I woke up the next day feeling fine surprisingly!  So for the first time in a few eons, I just fell in her arms and cried it all out of me!  I thought: [I should do this more often!]

Then it suddenly dawned on me, that where before I had seen Leslie as a tiny, little, squeamish suckle baby, and weakling of a woman, I finally came to the understanding that this was her outlet for relieving stress so that she doesn’t turn into the Monster that I was to her!  And guess what?  Understanding was the cure for me!  No longer did I resent it when she cried… about ever 15 minutes…  LOL!  A huge annoyance to me had dissipated into thin air, just like that!  Feather more, I realized that smoking pot was clouding my view of reality, and drinking was fueling my rage!

Leslie and I are getting along famously now!  In spite of my pleadings against all the bad things that affect her over-all well-being, she stubbornly persists in pursuing her demise.  However, realizing there was a lot of BIG things I needed to correct in myself, I could no longer condemn her for being the way she is.  For now at least, that’s her choice!  And you can’t change the stripes on a tiger.  Go ahead and try!  Cut off all their fur, and the stripes will still be there…  So, in just a few short weeks of talking to myself, everything that comprises me, has improved 100 fold!  At last I can think again!  And I can feel!  ‘I think!  Therefore I’m right!’  Not quite:  ‘I feel!  Therefore I am!’  I am sent me!  Learn to forgive, and you will be set free!  And remember: ‘Only YOU can prevent forest fires’!  I may still not be the smartest Joker in the deck, but I am all the more determined, to become a better Blogger.  I can now unleash my potential  :O)



The Stuff of Madness…


‘The bitterest truth is better than the sweetest lies!’  – Men in Black 3.  Remember I once told you that when the Christ was asked: ‘How many times should I forgive someone?  Seven times?’  And the Christ answered: ‘Seven times seventy times.’  Meaning you should always forgive your fellow human beings; to love your enemies, and to pray for those who persecute you!  Now wait just a pea pickin’ minute (very short).  

If someone punches me in the face for what I consider no good reason, which is all reasons because that usually hurts, isn’t only justified that I punch them back?  No it is not, and here’s why.  The more often you get angry, the more often you will tend to get angry!  I’ll repeat that: <insert repeat>.  The fact of the matter is that you’ll just keep getting more and more angry, more and more often, until madness ensues, and you turn into some kind of hideous Bridge Troll, and that’s the bitter truth of it all.  So how can we stop this calamitous cascade of falling dominoes?  I thought you’d never ask!

Businessman Touching Domino Pieces Arranged in a Line

Training your Mind to Obey…

As you well know, the mind is a powerful thing as you well know.  We can rationalize our way out of anything using our own reasoning and logic.  Begin with the little things.  Like if someone leaves the toilet seat up all the time and you like it down, because like me, you’re a germaphobe, STINKIN’ DICTIONARY!!! and you just don’t fancy bacteria trip sing  OH YOU ROTTEN!!! around your house LIKE THEY OWN THE PLACE!!!  Well, come to think of it, THEY DO!!!  LOL!

Don’t tell other people that you’re working on your moods or they’ll always test you to see if it’s working, or just to keep irritating you because you’ve been irritating them for so long.  So keep in mind, they’ll be trying to break you.  So instead of getting mad, just keep reasoning to yourself that you’re becoming a better person by staying calm, EVEN THOUGH THE ROTTEN BASS TURDS ARE DIS-RESPECTING YOU ON PURPOSE!!!


IT’S YOU THAT MAKES ME LIKE THIS!!!  LOUSY BLOGGERS!!!  THAT’S RIGHT!  YOU HAVE LICE!!!  Yup!  If someone calls you a dirty guy, just smile and say: Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion EXCEPT YOU, YOU YOU STUPID JACK-IN-THE-BOX YOU!  I’d give you a piece of my mind, BUT YOU’RE GREEDY, LITTLE CREEPS AND YOU TAKE TOO BIG A PIECE!!!  YOU!!!  YOU’RE THE CAUSE OF ALL MY GRIEF!!!  YOU’D KILL GOD HIMSELF IF YOU COULD GET YOUR HANDS ON HIM!!!  Just try to be your old self by being mindful that people are only human, AND JUST KEEP PISSING ME OFF!!!  GO AWAY AND JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! And before you know it, ALL WILL BE WELL CUZ I’LL STICK YOU WITH A SAFETY PIN!!!  Em…  Sheeesh…  Anyway, which gets more done?  The picture above?  Or the picture below?  And beware, The Stuff of Madness!

Smiley Flower Happy!