Some of us blog for most of the day, which is why some of my posts are about ideas for composing posts,organizing etc…  One neat plan I have, and that is the technical plan I’m using right now;  look for a theme someone else has posted with great success, and do your own take on the subject matter,or as I’m, a topic someone else has mentioned and yourself!  Look for posts that move you, and post about the poster.  Look at all comments you receive, from a positive point of view, and don’t be afraid to ask  friends for feedback.  that should bring you more visits as well, if you’re not self centered, and ‘here’ you will be happy!  Easy enough?

As for the real world, many more coping skills and self control, are necessary for your own happiness as well as others.  It’s mind over matter: ‘If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!’  Try only allowing thoughts that ‘do’ make you happy, and see if you’re not a little happier at the end of the day.  Think clearly about what you plan to say, that may suggest a compromise that will make everyone happy! So, always important concerns in a diplomatic fashion, and give other a chance to voice their concerns…

I’m happy here because because I’ve been able to share a piece of myself with over 600 other people!  That’s all the success I needed,meeting so many innovative and loving individuals, plus sharing my goods and services with them is immensely satisfying for me, and I will never forget you all, some of which may have left since I’ve been gone.  God bless you all, want it or not!  LOL!  I will leave both of my sites up until afterJan.1st/2019, so some of you may gather up any excellent wall-papers from one of the best camera in the world, studying places in Ontario Canada!  And many pieces for new Web sites for those of you crafting them!Have yourselves a very merry Christmas!



Let’s Talk Trash

I had to trash a few prior posts that I considered didn’t do too well, just so I can talk trash to you now!  I admit I’m a bit of an oddball when it comes to my being like most people.  And that I’m also not crazy with fondness for you either.  Yet, over these last 3 years, I believe my writing skills have improved immensely!  We have established an open line of communication!  I’ve made many friends!  This is all reflected in the over 600 followers I’ve managed to accumulate: many of which, just over this last 6 months.  That was hard work for me!  It took trust, dedication, and potato chips!

I know that about half of my ‘hard earned’ followers are from Facebook: not the most reliable group on earth.  In fact, I’ve never once received a comment that said: ‘Hi!  I’m from Facebook!’  So I’m not positive the counter is retrieving reliable data from Facebook, or merely stating how many members i have over there, and adding it to the 300 Spartans I have here.

What I am sure of, is that since I told you I was moving and gave you my new blog address, and 10 articles later, I still only have 34 ‘real’ followers over there!  Do you think it fair, to take a genuine depressoid such as myself (a lineage I am proud of, and spans back hundreds of years in my family), and just toss me aside after all the ‘work’ I’ve done to establish a reliable rapor with you?  I thought we were friends!  We have made great strides since I first called you ‘creepy’…

Look!  I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt (because I have no choice at this point), and simply assume you’ve simply forgotten about me, due to my drab and boring personality.  So once again, here is the address of my new blog, and I’d really like to hear from you, or I will slash my wrists with a dangerous toothpick, and it will all be your fault!  (Guilt trip #351).  Hoping to hear from you soon…  Your friend always:  Dr. Kevorkian



I Need to Slap Someone!



               Are we really going to have to go through a long time of listening to Harper’s lies about how he’s going to make lives better for seasonal workers?  He hasn’t done so in the past, why would he now, suddenly do so in the future?

I may be sounding slightly on the subversive side of the fence, though I do see myself as something of an intelligent man: I.Q. higher than 50.  OK?  So just who are those people in the background?  Is he in Shanghai vacationing again?  That guy on your far left looks like he wants to take a shot at him! 

And Frankly, I Shirley haven’t heard such a load of Buffalo dung, since Harper campaigned during his first campaign!  Don’t believe a word of his scare tactics either, or his hypnotic ways of speaking!  The man is a subversive, mind controlling tyrant who has had his foot on the necks of the poor now for long enough I should say…  How about letting us be free again…

How About Trudeau?


All be it, this was the largest good quality picture I could get of Justin not picking his nose, or a flash from three inches away from his face etc..  I guess I’ve always been a Liberal at heart because they are more ‘liberal’ about helping the disabled: ME!!, eat next week! And are more about helping Canadians ( I find), than hording every penny’s worth of life blood that can possibly be sucked from our rapidly decaying bodies!

Personally, I don’t vote, because just watching an election campaign makes me break out in disgusting boils!  And I don’t think he’s too young.  And even if he was, he would help our youth, which is an investment in the future of this country (Nazi Germany!).  After all is said and done, they probably have the whole thing rigged already anyway.  Besides, even as Harper speaks, we are letting Refugees in across our borders.  And odds are, they’ll be set up with a better life than I’ve got, if you vote for Harper :O(  Anyway, I like Trudaeu’s ideas :O)

The End of The World!!

Hmmm…  As it stands, we got a warning to Ontario residents, as a threat to our lives!!  They said they’d keep us posted…

Ontario is far too insignificant for it to concern anything more than and oncoming natural disaster of some sort.

And another strange thing…  My address bar started from The U.S. of A!  Yet when I rebooted, it was gone!  That could mean that Ontario no longer has a Network.  Not good if that were so.  That would mean we’re cut off from the rest of the world!

Another scenario wood bee that huge underground super-volcano is over due.  That would send all of Canada into a nuclear winter.

Rumor has it that an asteroid is on its way!  Mummy!

Moments ago, it was announced on T.V. that all the ocean life is dying!  This includes whales, and dolphins: Everything!  If this is true, land life would be next because rivers come inland from the oceans…

I heard The Pope is going to make an announcement to the world, on every channel, on September 22nd.  Weird!

‘You’re entering a zone of both shadow and substance: of things and ideas!  That sign post up ahead!  You’re entering: ‘The Twilight Zone!’

Did I scare you?  Huh?  Did I frighten you in any way?  Is your hair standing up and turning grey?
Oh!  OK then…  I’ll get you next time!  LOL!

My Big Fat Award


Hi;  I’m not here, not to thank WordPress, for an award I didn’t receive, for not being here for three years now!  Yay…  I’d also not like to thank the 40 million people on WordPress that don’t know I’m not here, nor could they give a rat’s ass, which neither do I.  Thanks for nothing!  As you can’t see, I’ve been in a real big hurry not to present this from three days ago…

My six loyal fans will tell you that it’s been a real trick for me to have them show up all at the same time, to laugh at my tripe.  Apparently, some people who’ve received no likes at all, have been jealous of my good fortune, spending less and less time here over the last three or four months:  I don’t care which.  I can’t tell you what this means to me.  There are children present!

So go away, don’t bug me, and I won’t even notice that nobody was ever here in the first place.  Feather more, I’d like not to acknowledge that Google doesn’t know I’m here either.  And Frankly, I Shirley am not insulted by what little intelligence I have left.  So, in closing, it has certainly been the thrill of a lifetime talking to myself!