I’m the easy going type

I majored in English which is one of the reasons I chose to blog in the first place.  I have some prior blogging experience in: “My Spaces.”  You may have heard of them.  You used an earlier version of this very writer there as well.  So I’m also familiar with Microsoft Live Writer.  I’m into Graphic Design and Photography.  I’d like to mix the two so I can make things look even more surreal!  I’m always enthusiastic to help out wherever I can, and am generally friendly with everyone.

My hobbies include: Graphic Design, Photography, Singing and Playing guitar (Mostly pop and rock and some of my own.  I play lead and rhythm guitar in a band called “The Decrepits” )  I have my own CD which I’ll eventually dig up and put on my site for you using the “Music Widget.”  I also like Astronomy, Nanotechnology, Art work.  I have a Drawing tablet and like to dabble in Painter XI.  I have the grip pen, art pen, and the spray paint pen, so I have a lot of latitude to work in that program.  I will give tutorials about it from time to time, but mostly with screen shots so you can follow along if you so desire.  Gee, I keep wandering off topic here!  I also like to Hike and Fish…

I have another blog at: http://myopinion5.wordpress.com  My main blog however, is https://lidtop.wordpress.com   I figure I’ll use this blog you’re at, for photos and Graphic Design, and the other blog: “My Opinionsville” for more current events; more text based with just a feature Photo.  BTW, Microsoft Live Writer is very well equipped and user friendly for formatting your blogs further.  I highly recommend it!

Anyway, I had the opportunity to become an Astronomer and passed it up to raise a family.  I have three children: Brian, Elliot and Jennifer (Fin-ef-iner) I call her.  That life ended abruptly for me some 20 years ago now.  My daughter’s the oldest.  She’d be around 27 now.  My wife by marriage belongs to: “The Jehovah’s Witnesses”, they think I’m demonized since I left, and therefore have not be aloud to see my children since I left.  I have a mate now and I’m helping her raise her son: “Cody.”  My life has been quite eventful, but that’s for the “My Opinionsville Blog.  Here, things are mostly tutorial and graphic/photography oriented.  You may use everything I have because it’s all either mine or public domain.  I only ask that you mention my blog.  The link here must be in front of you.  Just copy and paste.  It is my sincere honor and privilege to be here for you however I can…

Cheers: Spartacus2030


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  1. thanx a ton spartacus…for your kind and encouraging words and needless to say i am thrilled you have nominated me…i am not sure if i am supposed to nominate people or just sit pretty:)please advice…have a great weekend…cheers

    • I would just sit pretty for now. and see if any further instruction forms come out. It’s just a fellow bloggers opinion, so I don’t think it will count for hits for you just yet. But it does help. and I think that means you’re considered for next time… We’re just having some fun… I think… Unless she was instructed from a higher course. I know about as much as you do right now. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Nice to meet you Spartacus2030. Thank you for following my blog. I had a chance to visit yours and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts and giving you follow. 🙂

    • I noticed only part of your comment while I was viewing my stats page. It just so happened to catch my eye! Oh yeah Marty, we belong! Every-time we post a like, comment or visit, we are also spreading our love for one another; ya know Marty, that’s my favorite part about all of this blogging business… That we may share, and grow to understand one-another! Giving! Nothing makes me feel better. And so it should. Boy! I can’t wait for nothing! LOL!

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  5. Ah Spartacus,as Wildersoul said, happy spirit 🙂
    Your about is very touching and inspiring. Anyone willing and eager to teach,share and learn is okay in my book. I love your candor, it shines through.

    • Oh thank you so much Dotta! It’s always a pleasure to meet someone new… Well, not ‘brand new.’ LOL! I will hope we become friends Dotta! A lot of people love my condor. I’m sorry, he’s not for sale. (SHABOOM!)

      I expect I will leave your excellent tribute to Vic to stand alone; it seems to have no trouble doing that. Your comments are better than my posts! LOL! I see Vic has some truly, wonderful friends as well :O)

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  8. A short clip of my autobiography:”I was not rebellious growing up, and I equate this to my wealthy upbringing, and well-structured, loving parents. I was always handsome, and intelligent. I was dedicated to school, and sports, and rarely ever distracted by girls. I was disinterested in parties, and the counterproductive activities my peers got off on. I was a born success story. I was everything any parent could ask for, and they were well aware of this.But… I lost everything…” To read more, check out my website! regards, Justin.

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  10. Thank you Spartacus2030 for “Liking” the post “Love Of The Canvas”. Artists Of Our World on my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com.

    On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

  11. As a result, many innocent people have had their blogs locked and suspended with possible deletion.
    Placement for you link is preferred down the page in the conclusion so it doesn’t look as though you only wrote the article to sell a product.

  12. Here are 5 ways blogging sites that offer a broader range of ‘relevant’ topics can be of benefit to both the readers and blogger as well. I can attest to that because second blog about funeral poems is an improvement from my first attempt at blog writing.

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      • Yes, this is true, was travelling for a bit and a girl doesn’t read much in key west, then it was buying a house in Florida so I don’t die young waiting in the snow of Buffalo…I will be there I promise,
        No excuse is a good excuse but if you saw how much I’ve tried to post lately😪you’d cry like me😥 used to get three a day…sigh, my bad and I apologize …I will visit.

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  17. Hi, thanks for following me. I’m just adding a polite note here because in reading your About page (which has some interesting hobbies) I see your “My Opinionsville” blog hasn’t been updated in a while – so perhaps this About page could do with a refresh 😉 I’ll now head over to my own because I don’t remember when I last checked my own!


    • Funny you should mention that Brian. After so long, I came here and nearly peed myself (why isn’t it spelled: ‘peeed?’) Silly language barriers! Anyway, here was my full name plastered all over the place… Cat’s out of the bag now!

      Funny you should mention that Brian. LOL! I was just about to go over there as an excuse to speak to no one about the American election results. Right now, my computer Guru is on his way over to downgrade me. I’m so happy!

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  19. Greetings! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics? Thank you!

    • That’s the spirit! Helping others is the best way of helping yourself! Might I inquire? What exactly was it I said that helped you. If it worked for you, maybe it will work for someone else. I want you to know I’m proud of you for picking the right side ;O)

  20. Just want to say your article is as surprising. The clearness in your post is simply cool and i could assume you’re an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep updated with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please keep up the gratifying work.

  21. Hello, just started following. I like what I see !
    Maybe someone else has mentioned this, but in regular 100% screen view, the left sidebar is almost completely cut off. I had to zoom down to 75% to get it all, and this is on a 17.3″ screen, normal resolution

      • Don’t have a sidebar. It’s not a terrible problem for me but others may be getting the same thing,thought you’d like to know if you didn’t.

      • I’ve always instructed others. if you’re having trouble seeing my whole page, hit the ctrl key and the minus button to zoom out, and then the ctrl and the plus key to zoom back in, however many times necessary…

  22. Hi there! I just read your About page and am following your blog now. I’m looking forward to learning about digital Graphic Design as this interests me a great deal. so I’ll be looking forward to your posts. thanks again for the follow. 😀

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  24. Was quite impressed with your about pg, Darrell…I’ve never thought of being so open and straight forward on my pg…it just never occurred to me, considering that’s what I’m actually like…may do rewrite and say more of myself because it’s good to be real and informative with others on or off the net…something I learned from you in the first place…this is really good..didn’t know you had another site…will try to check out soon..it ‘s good know more about you than I did before..thank you for writing the way you do..love, Katie.

    • I’ve never really warmed up so much or so quickly to someone as I have with you… Nor have I ever encountered someone with a sweeter or friendlier dispossion as yours! When you left, my heart actually broke: I felt such an enormous loss! Fortuneately, I had it replaced with a cast iron heart, (it’s an ACME product.) even stronger than confetti!

      Maybe I could stop watching my cursor blink, if I knew where to begin with the 10 million unique, loving expressions that seem to eminate from just about everything you write! There’s no greater asset, or healing power in a cold, cruel, Internet world than what you are able to provide for others! I want you to know that: how you shine as such a brilliant beacon through all this darkness and dispair. Just thought you should know…

      Katherine Mary, I have loved you from the moment I met you, and you have that very effect on just about everyone you meet! It’s not the kind of love like how I sexually abuse my cat… No! This goes way beyond the physical realm, to deep into the spiritual one! It’s my opinion God placed you here just for the rest of us! So, if I were you, I’d get busy on that page :O)

      • I read this and cried so hard, I made myself ill. I don’t know what made you write this, exactly, but it’s the first time in more than 20yrs that someone has cared enough to tell me what they see in me…and how it affects them..that it affects them…I am not out to have the world fall at my feet…only to soothe it if I can…which sometimes, when I’m hurting, it’s hard to step over myself to help others..this summer I’ve really had a hard time so it’s been harder to get blogs out, to see other’s perspectives, etc. I am thankful and humbled that you love me the way you do Darrell…I feel the same way..I am lousy at expressing myself in this way, but you are right..we have something here that’s deep and abiding..something unique…thankyou, my friend, for having the guts to say all of this to me..to tell me the truth of what you see in me…God did place me here..seems He used you to remind me of that…this has touched my heart deeply…love, Katie.

    • Hi Adrian… We’re still in the age of Pisces. I’m Cancer. Crabs and fish get along well! 🙂

      So does everyone pretend they’re Rocky, and cry out to you? Am just planning to check out your blog because you like me… Or is this blackmail? LOL! I thank you sincerly for the compliment, and welcome aboard the good ship: ‘Guppy!’ 🙂

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