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It’s almost impossible to write with passion unless we have something in life we are truly passionate about; being dedicated to something you love doing.  It could be mountain climbing or embroidery.  If you’re passionate about it, you can covey those emotional moments of triumph and defeat, as a translation of the written word.  We can always draw from experience as well…

When I want to write about something I’m passionate about, I need to place myself within a situation, so I prefer to blog these kind of stories late  into the night, where silence and solace are my allies!  I’m one of those very fussy writers who must have complete silence, someone to bring me a snack, or I’d starve to death…  I hear we tend to think more clearly on an empty stomach; must be some extra alertness survival method that kicks in.  Anyway, I find it works for me!

Ever have an argument, and after, write down all you can remember that was said?  That’s just journalism in action!  Journalists do sugar coat the facts to make events sound more exciting, more dramatic!  So if you find you need to beef up the excitement,  shore up the details, and inject more mystery, more questions!  Some things must be left to the imagination of the reader.  So it’s good to impose a sense of question-ability at times.  We don’t want anyone guessing the ending now do we?

Character descriptions must flow with some sense of continuity, to get the reader involved!  They are most important to provide a hero and a villan, a climax and an anticlimax.  If it isn’t working you up, you won’t work up your audience!  They are your objective; the ones you must hold captive to the story line!  What plot twists and moral questions do you wish to impose? 

When writing about a boxing match for example, you’re not writing about technique to work someone up.  It must be about pain; the fight to get back up when you have no strength left to do so!  It’s the crocked business, confrontations, a real behind the scenes look, the boxing audience doesn’t see!  That’s what we wanna read!  What life shattering event have you come through?  How did it change you?  What was the final result?  These are the questions you need to be asking!  Become whom you are writing about.  Embody their charactor as a living being on the written page…



10 thoughts on “Blogging: Passion

  1. I wandered my way here and I so love your blog! I especially liked this post as I agree with you about the passion of writing developing when you put yourself in the shoes of the person or the situation you are writing about. I do the same. I recently posted something titled Elegant Sight on my blog and I felt like the tree I was talking about. I felt its pain and its fears rush through my veins. And it turned out to be one of my best pieces 🙂 Thanks for sharing this post. Do make your way to my blog if and when you’d like to discover some new ones. Cheers

  2. I haven’t tried to write on an empty stomach yet and I don’t have the luxury of silence *not with children underfoot and a husband too. I love the intense quiet of the night when they are all asleep and I get to do my thing, unfortunately, that’s not often enough. Great post 🙂

  3. I agree with u!

    When there is pain
    When there are tears
    And failures
    And losses!

    People write!

    After coming here in WP, I also realised people write for hobby, profession and many more!

    Its okk abt articles stories n others

    But an art or poetry should not b built
    I believ this is something spontaneous like some wave that touched u and blowed
    Its hard to catch them.

    Though this is my personal view!

    Hey there!

    Glad to come across ur blog

    Stay happy

    Gday ahead

    : ))

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