True Writing: ‘Dangerous’



13 thoughts on “True Writing: ‘Dangerous’

  1. Hey, you!!! I got busy and now back in bloggersville. I saw your little note you left at Petals. Are you OK? And yes I really do LOVE talking to you but sometimes my LIFE gets so durn busy. I was up on a ladder clipping very tall bushes and then I couldn’t move for 2 days cause my feet hurt so much. Then blogging over at Petals … and had to turn my comments off after a while cause again LIFE got busy. *sighs* I wish I was on a sandy beach with palm trees and turquoise waters. Wanna come? I even bumped my head so hard today I almost blacked out. I have a BIG goose egg on my head! Oh and then one of my cats during the night was digging a nest on my pillow next to my head and then he oops caught the skin over my left eye with one of his nails. I just about hit the ceiling! So now I have a goose egg on my right top of my forehead and my left eye is all swollen, yesterday almost all the way shut. This morning another cat bit my right ear! Now, wait just a gosh darn minute. The last time we spoke we were talking of weird things happening … I call this over and beyond weird. I really need that sandy beach! *sighs again* And you think my life is a bed of roses just because my name is Lady Pink Rose? HUH! Not by a long shot. You think I furgot about you? Not by a long shot. Feel better now? If not incoming (((HUGS)))!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yes! LOL! Now I can tell you about my life. I’m still soar from four days ago because I rode my dirt bike 70 kms. there and back, just so I could get out of town, and get some good sunset pictures. And hopefully, some better star shots. Turns out, there were trees in the way of my sunset! And as for the stars? I had the stupid ISO set at only 800 ISO when I wa supposed to set it for 3200 ISO… The pictures are beautiful, but I’m so disappointed… LOL!

      Sounds like you’ve been attacked! Did you call the Animal Police? You still have another eye, that’s the main thing! LOL! And a goose egg on your head? You’ve got to stop growing! Might I suggest you soak in lemon juice all day? Sounds like you need that sandy beach… I’ll bring the UV cream and beach towels. Do ya like tuna fish, everyday, for the rest of your life? How would I get an Internet connection? Are you nuts? Anyway, you can make a fire from the tips on the end of your shoelaces, and we’ll dance to soft Led Zepplin at full blast MAN!!

      Well yes I missed you. (Popping Champaigne cork… POP!) Life is wierd alright. I’m afraid the universe is going to come apart, and I’ll disappear :O( Kisses: xOx

      • Darrell, for one you are unforgettable! Two, even if the universe did disappear I would find you with my secret decoder that I wear on my pinkie finger of my right hand. The beach sounds wonderful … when are we goin’? Even with my sore head I will fly just to get to that beach. Now that my feet no longer hurt my head does. Now doesn’t that beat all? As for my other eye PALEEZE leave it be. Thank you!
        Led Zepplin ya say? I LOVE Leddy! YAHOO!
        And sorry for the ISO mixup. I hate that when that happens. Really. If I had my camera set to 3200 ISO my pics would look terrible. You must have a newer model then I do. I don’t even think my ISO goes up that high. I’m going to check right now. BRB ….Son of a gun! My camera does go up to 3200. I never knew that. See? You taught me something NEW today. Like will I ever use 3200 ISO? I doubt it but it is so nice to know I do have it just in case.
        As for the animal police … nah! Every season change my cats (my males) go nutso. They fight, they eat like pigs, they swat and hiss, they climb the walls or rather have me climbing them from frustration. But this is the first time I’ve been accosted by one of them. Now two. Gee. I wonder what that means. Plus a big bump on the head. I iced it and it went down but oh baby that is one sore bump. Nice black and blue is coming. What a shiner only not my eye. Later … xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Looool. absolutely on point which is why we are often reminded to be careful with what we read, we cannot afford to be subjective, though we may fall, we must remain objective, after-all we have our own brains too. I nominated you for the one lovely blog award, do check out my last post, and take as much time as you want should you choose to accept, if you don’t do awards, know that i love you still. muaaah.

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