I Need to Slap Someone!



               Are we really going to have to go through a long time of listening to Harper’s lies about how he’s going to make lives better for seasonal workers?  He hasn’t done so in the past, why would he now, suddenly do so in the future?

I may be sounding slightly on the subversive side of the fence, though I do see myself as something of an intelligent man: I.Q. higher than 50.  OK?  So just who are those people in the background?  Is he in Shanghai vacationing again?  That guy on your far left looks like he wants to take a shot at him! 

And Frankly, I Shirley haven’t heard such a load of Buffalo dung, since Harper campaigned during his first campaign!  Don’t believe a word of his scare tactics either, or his hypnotic ways of speaking!  The man is a subversive, mind controlling tyrant who has had his foot on the necks of the poor now for long enough I should say…  How about letting us be free again…

How About Trudeau?


All be it, this was the largest good quality picture I could get of Justin not picking his nose, or a flash from three inches away from his face etc..  I guess I’ve always been a Liberal at heart because they are more ‘liberal’ about helping the disabled: ME!!, eat next week! And are more about helping Canadians ( I find), than hording every penny’s worth of life blood that can possibly be sucked from our rapidly decaying bodies!

Personally, I don’t vote, because just watching an election campaign makes me break out in disgusting boils!  And I don’t think he’s too young.  And even if he was, he would help our youth, which is an investment in the future of this country (Nazi Germany!).  After all is said and done, they probably have the whole thing rigged already anyway.  Besides, even as Harper speaks, we are letting Refugees in across our borders.  And odds are, they’ll be set up with a better life than I’ve got, if you vote for Harper :O(  Anyway, I like Trudaeu’s ideas :O)


5 thoughts on “I Need to Slap Someone!

  1. Canada is for all of us not just Torys its time harper took his hand out of everybodys pockets and moved on. he is like a maniquein in his words and actions. i wouldnt be surprised if he is from outter space. where he needs to go return to ET phone home harper?? and why is there only a few to choose from isnt there loads of good canadians who can run the country better than this party ???? its time to give disabled ppl a decent living income so we can have a hobble to live in AND food at the same time. we didnt choose to be” forever ill against our will”. we had our goals dreams hopes and acheivements thus far flushed away on us by illness we arent dead we are disabled give us some resspect and a living allowance that actually lets us live instead of blinking breathing and swallowing our malnurished saliva all day. cuz with no money theres nothing you can do but sit in your hobble and wait for another cheque day so you can eat for a week then starve for 3. and why are 2 of these partys always talking coalition?? then you have less options of voting for someone who will plea your cause, fight for you, and make laws in your favor. coalition is bad for canada and as far as i can tell none are worthy out of this group i say elect a ordinary person who knows the everyday struggle and there would be a better canada for all of us instead of these wealthy lawyers and university trained politicains for office. i nominate darrell for Prime Minister. how about an AMEN?

    • Where’s the guy who looks just like Jimmy Stewart and wants to build a summer camp for boys? You’re right that our only choices are terrible and worse. Thank you for your insightful and heartfelt comment! Yes! The disabled should be a priority topic. But I’ve yet to hear either party mention us. They must feel that to help us is to help spread disease, breed their children with less intelligent ones, and contribrute to a rise in crime rates. I would think that getting rid of poverty would get rid of those things, not denying us more and more access, and isolating us even further! Thanks again for a thoughtful comment… Thanks for nominating me! LOL! I wanted to be an Astronomer… I like night work :O)

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