The End of The World!!

Hmmm…  As it stands, we got a warning to Ontario residents, as a threat to our lives!!  They said they’d keep us posted…

Ontario is far too insignificant for it to concern anything more than and oncoming natural disaster of some sort.

And another strange thing…  My address bar started from The U.S. of A!  Yet when I rebooted, it was gone!  That could mean that Ontario no longer has a Network.  Not good if that were so.  That would mean we’re cut off from the rest of the world!

Another scenario wood bee that huge underground super-volcano is over due.  That would send all of Canada into a nuclear winter.

Rumor has it that an asteroid is on its way!  Mummy!

Moments ago, it was announced on T.V. that all the ocean life is dying!  This includes whales, and dolphins: Everything!  If this is true, land life would be next because rivers come inland from the oceans…

I heard The Pope is going to make an announcement to the world, on every channel, on September 22nd.  Weird!

‘You’re entering a zone of both shadow and substance: of things and ideas!  That sign post up ahead!  You’re entering: ‘The Twilight Zone!’

Did I scare you?  Huh?  Did I frighten you in any way?  Is your hair standing up and turning grey?
Oh!  OK then…  I’ll get you next time!  LOL!


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