The Difference Between Boys and Girls

  • Give a girl a tube of lipstick, and she’ll paint her lips and play: ‘Dress up’…
  • Give it to a boy, and he’ll use it in his coloring book!
  • Give a girl a stick, and she’ll marvel at the wonders of nature…
  • Give it to a boy, and he sees a gun!
  • Boys have a messy room!
  • Girls have a messy room, but it’s a good smelling mess…
  • Girls learn to talk before boys…
  • Boys first learn to make machine gun sounds!
  • Take a girl to Church, she’ll be humbled to learn about God…
  • Take a boy to Church, and he’ll manage to jump in every puddle on the way there, and back, even if you’re driving!
  • Boys may grow their nails because they forgot to cut them…
  • Girls grow their nails to dig them into boys arms!
  • If a girl should belch, she wouldn’t dare come out in public…
  • If a boy should belch, he immediately follows up with a dozen fake ones!
  • A girl knows when to speak, and when to be quiet…
  • A boy will fart in a sleeping Ministers face, just for a laugh!
  • If you throw a girl a ball, it will bounce off her nose…
  • If you throw a boy a ball, he’ll try to catch it, and it will bounce off his nose!
  • Girls like to play: ‘House…’
  • Boys like to burn houses down!
  • A girl will sit quietly in school, and listen intently…
  • A boy will run around the room all day pretending he’s a helicopter!
  • A girl will help a blind man cross the road…
  • A boy will wait until the light turns red, and take a picture of him being hit by a car!

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