Politically Correct



3 thoughts on “Politically Correct

    • LOL! So there’s life in you after all! Listen. I’m on Disability so I know how it feels to go without for a week or two anyway… Not funny!! Anyway, you’re supposed to read one of my goofy posts, and comment goofy on that! Seems you have a gift file for me. BTW, I like your avitar!

      I hope we’ll learn to be great friends for a small price. LOL!

      This is God speaking… Hand over all your possessions to Spartacus 2030 and follow me…

      Thanks for dropping by! I almost cried for you man, after watching that video… I saw you scratching your head a lot. Like: ‘why is this happening to me?’ I was wishing there was something I could do… If I were a Millionare, I’d have sent my Limo down for you, and we’d have enjoyed hot dogs on the barbie! LOL! See you soon Man! And don’t make strange… The bastards out there love to see us suffer!

      Read my looooong blog I just wrote: ‘Don’t breathe: Oxygen Kills’ It might save you money! Take care and God Bless! I’ll put in a word for you with the big guy upstairs :O)

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