Happy Acceptance

Amy is a girl after my own heart… Look! There it goes now! LOL! Fact is, this is a blog you’ll come back to again and again… I dunno. She has this strange magnatism. Ya know? It’s like when you’re there, you’re really there! 118 bloggers liked this… They can’t all be wrong ;O)

Connecting Beyond


Sometimes in Life
one is unable to change
certain circumstances
yet if that one is wise
will learn how to rise
to be Happy in Heart
a less then happy

MF Macro Photography/ “Happy Acceptance” 2015©AmyRose

(Picture is of another weed that insists on growing in my Mother Rose Garden.  The leaves smell like mint and no matter how many times I pull this weed out, back she grows, and in the exact same spot.  The flower is a part of this weed.  I’m keeping comments open with no promises of replying.  Some of my cats need my attention today.  I have to see how things go.)

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5 thoughts on “Happy Acceptance

  1. The honor is all mine, Darrell. Who on this planet could NOT relate to these words? I think being in unhappy circumstances and we responding in a positive way, enhances our growth to teach us YES it really is possibe to walk through “land mines” undisturbed. Some days I can do it. Some days, those days when the weariness is prevelant, I don’t do as well. Ah, Life is Process. Hop on and let’s Fly!! Thanks so much for this reblog, friend. I have some plans for this morn, but just hang on, ’cause I will be answerin’ your hysterically funny comment over yonder at Petals. Much Love this day!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

    • I know just how you feel! Today, Leslie is going to Kitchener to visit her son and grandson Austin. She doesn’t know where she’s going so I brought up Google Earth and found what looked like the easiest route… She said ‘that’s not the right way!’ LOL! So now I have to call there and write down the directions… Landsakes! You’d think it was me going… I won’t get mad! I won’t! Kisses: xOx

      • Nah! Mad doesn’t solve anything. It just saps up YOUR Joy and Happiness. BE Happy! SMILE! Psst! Usually those closest to us really know, OH do they ever, how to push our buttons. *sigh* Test time! Are you gonna pass? A+ = A SMILE. ❤

      • I probably won’t get mad… But by noon when she leaves, I’ll for sure be a nervous wreck! LOL! At least then I’ll have the rest of the day to calm down. Maybe I’ll hang out here. OMG! I’M FREE!! FREE at last for one whole week! Happy happy joy joy!

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