What’ya Think of Me Now?


I did a bad thing!  I ruined my six month sabbatical not to drink, because my wife smashed up the car!  So…  Do ya wanna fight?  Ya know?  Sometimes ya gotta stand up and be a wimp!  Before, I had a way to explore Canada!  Now?  I can only go where a bicycle can take me…  In the state I’m in, I view that as a victory, and I’ll tell you why.  somebody tried to push me around once!   I fixed his little, red wagon!  You should have seen it…  The spokes were all bent!  It needed a fresh coat of paint!  The steering was all crooked and bent!  I guess he showed me whose boss!

I’d now like to present to you, compliments of all foolishness. my impression of Walter Brennan : “Ha ha ha!  I’ll never forget the time Little luke went down by the crick and went fishing’…  So I started calling’ him:  I said: LITTLE LUUUUUKE!!  LITTLE LUUUUUUKE!   He didn’t come…  So I went down and tanned his ass with two by four!!  Ha ha ha!’


I’m a Hippo Twit!

A ‘twit’ is a pregnant goldfish.  I’ll bet you didn’t know that!  There’s a lot of things you don’t know…  Such as, my step father Frank Kelly used to beat me and my brother!  My Father had anal Intercourse with my brother…  Then my brother did it to me when I was 12…  BTW… When I was 18, [BELCH!!]  I booted him in the knee for having anal sex with my first wife:  Kathy.  She was from Holland, and Holland has the most beautiful women in the world.  betcha didn’t know that either huh?  The smart ones knew…  But where does smarts leave off and genius begin?  I stopped this ‘assault on me’ with me!  It stopped with me!  I rapped no one in my family!  Me best friend and I <SOB> had an affair when we were both 14!  Since then, neither of us have ever spoke about it but remained friends only because we’re both Musicians.

Do I feel guilt?  Very much so!  Guilt that I was subject to it again by my dominant friend!  I let it happen, and even enjoyed it slightly…  He just lied on top of me though.  There was no penetration!  Why am I telling the world all of this? 1.)  Because I had to get drunk to make sense of it! and c.) Because I want you all to know that it’s something that’s passed on: much like the flu or leprosy…  I don’t ever feel good about it!

You can’t blame me though…  I blame myself enough for the lot of you!  And it must come out of the closet, so we can better understand that many children are raped!  And then they become sick, and do the same to others!

But it didn’t just affect my sexual gender preference, confuse me, and feel disgusted about myself enough to consider suicide, it ruined my self-esteem!  It robbed me of my worth as a human being and side tracked me from my ambition in life!

So Where Do We Go From Here?

Keep an eye on your children.  Watch for signs. Ask them every 3 months if anyone has ever touched them inappropriately.  If you love them, you must guard them!  They are sweet and innocent, your children!  Don’t let them loose that at the age of seven!  Do you have any idea how hard this was for me to do?  But to me?  It feels good that a little more can get out there, that we are a race of perverts, if you want to know the truth about it!  If you wanna leave, go!  I don’t want judgemental people on my site anyway! :O(

BTW!  I first had sex with a girl when I was 7!  And it was my own cousin because my parents were on an alcoholic binge, which usually lasted for months at a time!  Remember: ‘A Streetcar Named Desire?’  Well I’m Blanch…  LOL!  I didn’t say this because I want some kind of sick recognition.  I said it because I know love and have known nothing but love all my life!  And if I’m to be accused?  Why, I’ll jump out my basement window and commit suicide!!  I guess, to get to Heaven, ya gotta go through a little Hell…  Don’t think I’m proud of any of this, because I’m not!

Happy Acceptance

Amy is a girl after my own heart… Look! There it goes now! LOL! Fact is, this is a blog you’ll come back to again and again… I dunno. She has this strange magnatism. Ya know? It’s like when you’re there, you’re really there! 118 bloggers liked this… They can’t all be wrong ;O)

Connecting Beyond


Sometimes in Life
one is unable to change
certain circumstances
yet if that one is wise
will learn how to rise
to be Happy in Heart
a less then happy

MF Macro Photography/ “Happy Acceptance” 2015©AmyRose

(Picture is of another weed that insists on growing in my Mother Rose Garden.  The leaves smell like mint and no matter how many times I pull this weed out, back she grows, and in the exact same spot.  The flower is a part of this weed.  I’m keeping comments open with no promises of replying.  Some of my cats need my attention today.  I have to see how things go.)

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Don’t breathe: Oxygen Kills…


I was going to call this: ‘How to lead a good life’, but that might be misleading…  No need to look for trouble, it will find you!  The purpose of this entry, is to define the connection between staying young, and staying enthusiastic about living: because really, you can’t do one without the other.  Be prepared therefore, for a somewhat extensive introduction for a somewhat needful topic.  In fact, this whole post may skirt about so much preparation, as to consume this entire freaking entry!  fortunately for you, I don’t give a spit!  In this case, necessity is the mother of my intention.

In past articles concerning life or death, (there’s only the two choices) I’ve tried to emphasize that if you just try, anything is possible, BUT NOBODY EVER LISTENS TO ME!  So…  Greater emphasis on how to control the A-Bomb that seems to be exploding your guts all over my screen, seems to be in order…  We must shed our bad habits, and nuns, so that we may see the reasons to work on both physical, and mental prowess with greater gusto, (gusto?  What’s that?  An Italian wind?) so that the urgency of self-preservation become more real, with tangible results, making themselves a parent!  LOL!  And what better way to do that but through my own practice experience.

We all confront ourselves with the question, whether we’ll admit it or not, of whether or not God truly exists at all…  Scientists see a series of haphazard events, not so uncommon throughout the rest of the universe as to how and why life started.  If that’s true, and you only have this one chance, wouldn’t you want to take in everything you possibly can understand about the wide, wonderful world before you actually bite the dust, buy the farm, kick the bucket, find the subway…

And if God does exist?  I seem to recall Adam and Eva Braun, standing in: ‘The Garden of Hedonism’, refusing God’s gift of ‘Ever Lasting Life’, stating that we could accomplish that for ourselves, and God saying something like: ‘Go for it!’ and initiating a kind of ‘non-interference’ policy regarding human endeavor!  He didn’t laugh and say we’re full of spit!  Did He?  So…  It would seem by this, that God, a parent, Lea, has a good deal more faith in us, than we have in Him!  Either way, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you!  And those who choose not to respect their life are also choosing not to respect God to!  Yes?

And we’re close!  Many in the medical profession believe that the person who will live to be 1000 years old, is already alive today!  So…  Part one here, is all about dropping our excess baggage, before we can even begin to slow the effects of aging!  It will be no easy task to abandon the CRAP we’ve come to know and love.  Perhaps even insurmountable when it all boils down to quitting zombie like drugs and fair weather friends.  The real friends would stay…  Maybe one, if that.

The Dream is Over!

_0008_Dalai Lama_1

What did John Lennon mean by: ‘The Dream is Over’?  Quite simply, he meant that we should learn to wake up and start facing things as they really are: perhaps his way of saying not to put all your eggs in the same basket.  We learn by doing, not by praying.  Funny how people are!  Huh?

I’ve heard a person brag about their new-found health because they had quit smoking.  At the same time, they refused to give up pot.  That’s like avoiding to be hit by a car, so you can be hit by a bus!  Just one average sized joint (about the size of a football stadium), has the carcinogens of 10 cigareets…  So…  Two joints equal a whole pack of cigareets, so who’s quit anything in actual fact?  We rationalize our way through life to feel better perhaps, but we’re only fooling ourselves!

I was a zombie too.  Yet when I quit smoking pot and cigareets, and quit drinking, it was like I’d opened my eyes to a whole new world around me!  I was much more aware of my surroundings, able to actually think and feel again, and my angst simply vanished into thick air!  I was alive and I knew it!  Praise Cheeses!

_0008_Dalai Lama_2

What say you now?  Does real change rest with the economy, education, global warming, immigration?  Or does it reside within each one, as a personal responsiblity to ourselves, and to everyone we encounter?  I’m not saying it will be easy!  It’s one of the hardest and scariest things to do in this life!  But it brings with it, love, peace, discipline, joy, understanding, and a much better altitude toward everything!

Yet there are those who will read this, and think I’m talking through my cap: dreaming the impossible!  They’ll see only flaws, and miss all the good parts because they accept nothing on faith or trust: believe nothing but the surface of things, only acknowledging weakness, not only barring themselves from giving love, but receiving it as well.  They will die alone, and be quickly forgotten because they never learned the one thing that could save them: ‘Compassion!’ Look it up…  And if you like surprises, Google it!

_0008_Dalai Lama_3

Self Discipline…

Self discipline requires patience: you should never give up, not even once!  For this may be a fall from which you will never recover!  And patience requires not only will power, but a constant presence of mind, that you have a goal to achieve: and one after that, and one after that, and so on, until you become the person you wish to be.  Patience also requires faith and trust in yourself to begin saying: ‘No!’ permanently to falsehood, and: ‘Yes!’ permanently to achievement…  And the greater the reward, the longer it takes to achieve it.

_0008_Dalai Lama_4

There’s that dirty ‘self discipline’ phrase again!  And that stupid: ‘I have the word SUCKER tattooed on my forehead!’ compassion, has also raised its ugly head!  Tolerance means:  I LOVE YOU!!   And I’m going to put my hand into this burning fire until you say YOU LOVE ME…  …  …  …  ALRIGHT i HATE YOUR GUTS!!’ – Frank Goshen imitating Kirk Douglas.  That’s how difficult holding onto tolerance can be!  But if you lose it, your antagonizer has won!  If you must, think of them as a pesky irritant you will one day whack with a fly swatter.  Meanwhile, be tolerant!  Tolerance, as you may have guessed by now, is why you must develop patience first.  Forgive, and you will be forgiven!  Put your heart into it…

What’s all this have to do with the title?  Well, when you exercise, you take in more oxygen.  And the more oxygen you take in, the more free radicals it makes in your body, until it overwhelms your body’s defenses and does damage to your DNA.  When enough damage is done, you die.  The technical term for it is called:  ‘oxidative stress.’

So you see?  I didn’t lie!  Stop breathing now!  LOL!  This leaves us hopefully prepared for part 2, which promises to be much more interesting for you I trust.  Meanwhile, contemplate what I’ve said here and of what significance it has for you.  Have a whopping great day, and remember: Don’t breathe: Oxygen Kills…  Any queries?