Three little angels/Tre små änglar

This is from Anna’s site: The peice is called: ‘Three Little Angels’ This makes a statement! And the statement is: what a great idea to paint on rocks! The bottom picture is the backside of the top picture I believe… She’s a talented Illustrator! You have to check out her site, it’s amazing!

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Paint on stones is really fun. In these stones I found three little angels.
Måla på sten roar mig mycket. I dessa stenar fann jag tre små änglar.


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4 thoughts on “Three little angels/Tre små änglar

    • I couldn’t resist! You’ve been so fine to me… I’ll let you know when I’m not chicken anymore. LOL! See, I use to drink, so my hands shake. However, I have illustrator, and it has an option to take the shake out, so OK… I’m not chicken anymore! :O)

      • I was a chicken to once upon a time, but I decided to try not be that. And I have never regret it. It’s so much more fun to paint and draw without fear 🙂

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