These are a Few of my Favorite Things…

Here’s a scathingly brilliant idea how we can all get to know something one-another fairly quickly…  I will list some favorite things.  Then you just select the questions, or errase my answers.  Whatever…  Copy them to the clip-board (ctrl + c)  and then paste them in your comment, (ctrl + v) and fill in your own answers.

  • My favorite color: olive-green.
  • My favorite food: T-Bone Steak.  Only once a year as a treat though, cuz I’m a partial vegetarian (I eat fish, chicken, turkey and eggs).
  • My favorite drink: Budweiser
  • My favorite dessert:  Cherry pie alamode.
  • My favorite movie:  ‘Bambi’  My Mummy took me to see it when I was 5…  She had to sit through it three times, and every time Bambi’s Mummy got shot, I cried :O(
  • My favorite actress:  Clitoris Leachman.
  • My favorite actor:  Clit Eastwood.
  • My favorite car: Honda Accord.  If you lock it up tight, you can keep a fart in there indefinitely!
  • My favorite pass-time:  Torturing insects…  Take one leg off a spider, and he’ll walk around in circles…
  • My favorite movie type:  Dusters. (Tombstone)
  • My favorite animal: Horse.  They’re strong, and fast, and free-spirited, and I like the way they laugh (Whinny).
  • My favorite pet:  Golden Retriever
  • My favorite song: ‘Alone Again…  Naturally’ – Gilbert O’Sullivan
  • My favorite president:  Ronald Wilson Reagan…  Count the letters in each name and it comes out to 666.  ‘As I said to my wife Nancy…  Where’d she go?  She was standing right here a minute ago!’
  • My favorite boy name: Russell…  Wrestle?
  • My favorite girl name:  Sharon…  Charon?
  • My favorite planet: Pluto.  It is so a planet!  It has three moons doesn’t it?
  • My favorite smell: Lilacs.
  • My favorite day of the week: Hump-day.
  • My favorite sport: Tennis.  You really have to have balls to play that sport!

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