Green Eyes


Guess what?  I have green eyes!  And they do turn blue or grey sometimes…  Also, my psychological profile classifies me as a ‘rare green’…  Anyone who’s ever taken a psychology course knows what I mean.  There are four different character references according to color: Green, Blue, Orange, and Gold.  A rare anyone means ‘destined for greatness.’  It never happened so, must be BS…  Maybe if I actually tried?  Look it up.  It’s interesting!


9 thoughts on “Green Eyes

  1. You’d be rare whatever your eye colour, Darrell, you’re one of a species jokes, I’m serious..I also have a rare eyecolour…turquoise…blue/green mix, but it didn’t stop there…brown patch on right side of right iris, so it was a half n halfie…got teased for yrs…most of the brown gone now tho’…love the blog…love, Katie. P.S. R U feellin any better?

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