Where Does God Live?

Below is a response I gave to Pat…  I presently await her answer.  Some of you know her, and some don’t!  She is very close to God and before I begin, I want you to know that I do respect her beliefs, and have felt the presence of a superior being working within my life as well.  So the object of this post is NOT to deny God’s existence, but to get answers.  I thought perhaps if I widen my scope of enquiry, it my improve my understanding of God!  Comprehending me?  Anyway, this below, was my questioning to her.  You must go to her site to see how this all began.  Click on: ‘One Wish’ and read the comments section for the whole scoop:  https://patcegan.wordpress.com/2015/08/21/one-wish/


Dear Darling One; How did you get so wise huh? You make people pick up their Bibles! According to Heb. 11:1 ‘Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for,+ the evident demonstration* of realities that are not seen.’ I was a Jehovah’s Witness. They used to be called ‘Bible Students’ because they know the Bible so well! Too bad they don’t put it into practice… Anyway, they have a great site for grabbing quotes from the Bible and much more:  http://www.jw.org/en/
You surprised me that you used quantum mechanics as a rhealm where impossibilities become possible!


Lets move to the other end of the scale shall we? When a star dies, it releases all the elements that made us. We are literally composed of star-dust. Yes? So if the stars made us, how could God have done so? We can look back to the very beginning of the universe within every possible spectrum of light, and we haven’t found hide nor hair of the man? LOL! Add to this, if he is perfect, how on earth did he create such an imperfect being as us? All through life, we find that everything we’re told is a lie. Yet I’m supposed to believe what sounds like the biggest whopper of all! And since time did not exist before the beginning of the universe, how could God have existed to make the thing?


Since organised religion could never answer me, and I have caught them in mistakes like: ‘God will not create life anywhere else until He perfects us!’ Yet now we know there are, as a conservative estimate, 33 billion Earth like planets in our galaxy alone (not including exo-moons), any one of which, an advanced being with what we’d call supernatural powers could have emerged from… And since a star moved across the sky, and then hovered over a manager, it’s hard not to think: ‘Space-craft’ And since Religion has zip for answers, I’m inclined to have questions. I do NOT deny that God exists. I simply feel that He talks to us in ways that people could understand 2000 years ago. Yet by expanding an element of mystery to His nature, He looks larger and more powerful than us.


He says we can’t see Him because He’s a spirit, yet if He made us in his image, as having a spiritual nature as well, then why not? And since we are now on the verge of being able to greatly extend our own lives, and learning more every day about how to improve our own way of life, why do we need Him? I know… Just saying this stuff makes me feel like The Anti-Christ, but these are very pertinent questions to me! In fact, I may copy this as a blog, and just see who has the answers… What say you?





11 thoughts on “Where Does God Live?

  1. Sometimes when the questions get too big or two scary, I just go outside, pee in the dirt and play in my sandbox. Wonder if that is called “faith.” 🙂 hugs, pat

    • LOL! Why do I always feel stupid when I’m around you? I’m being unreasonable to expect you should answer everything in one day… I do admit, this responce was completely unexpected, romper room hilarious, and it just makes me love you all the more! I love unpredicability to begin with: sure sign of intelligence! It’s like I can feel God’s toe only, and say: ‘Me thinks God is very much like a marshmellow :O)

  2. Darrell(God, I wish I knew YOUR middle name so I could use it RIGHT HERE!): Here’s a few thoughts from me on the subject you laid out in this blog and reblog and response: First and foremost you are not the Anti Christ, but can understand you feeling like same..second you are neither a stupid nor an unreasonable man…you are an intelligent intellect with more questions than answers..too bad Pat didn’t attempt to help you in this dept…however, let me see what I can do…
    1. Perhaps a more level and objective perspective on the subject of God, his universe, time and perfect vs. imperfect(him and us) would enter in here if we understood one simple truth…it is not what God has said or not said, done or not done that leaves us wondering at his reality or his being…it is the roughly 2000 to say, 5000 yrs. man, I repeat, man has had to mess with what He is , says does, etc…in other words, dear friend, it isn’t about faith, it’s about how religion, any religion is what men interpret God to be saying…not what God himself may or may not be or in fact be saying to us, his Creation.
    2. Which means my dear friend, that no one, absolutely no one, including me, can tell you what or what not to believe…cut your own swath…find your own way with him….I have no idea why I cannot cut and paste to your site, but this quote is one I have in my folders: “IT’S A RELATIONSHIP, NOT A RELIGION” and it speaks volumes to what and who I am with who God is …I don’t understand the quote you have about perfecting us before he fills other planets…but as far as I know from what I’ve read and what he has said to me over these years, there’s one planet with one people because he created ONE…he broke the mold if you want, but his main frame was that we were his precious creation, and the only one he wanted…why would he make more if he was content with what he had already done? ” On the seventh Day, Yaweh rested” (Genesis) sounds pretty content to me. So don’t confuse what God intended with what man has completely interfered with by creating religion to control the masses ( that is historically how the Roman Catholic Church began and every religion except Judaism and Muslim has come out of that political, not spiritual in any way..coup.)

    3. I think the other important note here is that we are from birth bashed at by religion to feel anything BUT worthy of God or anything he stands for…major piss off in my opinion, because no one will tell you that from the beginning of time and before God had one objective one point..to create a world of people and love them…did he want anything in return? I don’t think so. Only to love them and because he created them in his image (with all the emotions he has) it would be natural to assume they would in fact love him in return…oneness without separation..separation from the Father ship occurred because evil entered in and caused chaos…time was the result…from then to now, the forces of good and evil have striven to see who will win over humanity…who will gain, who will lose. We do not have to suffer guilt as so many religions insist upon, or earn our way…”We love him because he loved us first”(One of the Gospels) The sacrifice of his son was not meant to weigh us down with anguish at our sin, but to in fact, take back the world he created in the first place, by giving us a second chance to be one with him again…it isn’t the death of Christ and our sin that’s the point…but our faith in his ressurrection, the spiritual and emotional freedom of that truth, if we choose to accept it, trust in it.

    Forgive me for such an extended response, my friend…but my heart goes out to you with so many questions, wonderings….this that I have written is the very spiritual that you love about me..why I write the way I do…this is the secret of what empowers me every day…my love affair with God that’s been going on as long as I can remember…God is as big as the universe, but not as remote…breathe on your hand…that is how close he is, because whether you know it or not, he watches over you, not from a great distance, but as ‘one who sticketh closer than a brother’ (Old Testament, possibly)…David in the Psalms said, ” If I ascend to the heavens, thou art there..if I make my bed in hell, thou art there.”…and considering what Saul was doing to him at the time, I’m glad he had the faith to believe that and say so. God is right where you are, because to him there is only one Darrell that’s you…while there are billions in the world…a God who gave us individual will, gives us individual attention as well.

    I do not seek to do anything but answer some of your questions from the perspective of one woman who trusts deeply in her Creator..as Father, Beloved and Friend…nor to persuade you to any other path but what is good for you as an individual man seeking answers. Re read what I said at the beginning…find your own way, choose your own path with him…if you want to know what he looks like, ask him…you cannot lose by asking a question…prep yourself though…he may answer. love, Katie. P.S. Hope I haven’t scared you to death…I haven’t even written a blog that was this many words…you”re worth it, though. love, K.

    • For the first two years I was here, I constantly asked: ‘Why won’t anyone talk to me?’ Now this feels more like a chat room than a blog. I just so happen to enjoy being cared for, and listen intently to what people have to say… I’m a people person: friendly, but touchy. LOL!

      And I quote you… David in the Psalms said, ” If I ascend to the heavens, thou art there..if I make my bed in hell, thou art there.” My middle name is David. There is no Heck to go to Katie. We’re already here. God vanquished Lucifer to the Earth, along with 60 billion angels that took his side. When God asked him: ‘What have you been doing?’ He replied: ‘Roaming about the surface of the Earth.’ A loving God wouldn’t torture someone for eternity, for 60 or 70 years of misbehaviour. We misinterpreted what Christ said is all… People of the city of Gahenah used to throw their dead over the city wall and burned the bodies on a constant bases. Merchants that traveled the dessert used to say they could smell the stench of burning flesh a hundred miles away! Christ remarked: ‘Heed and obey God’s commandments lest you suffer the fires of Gahenah!’ And people, being the block-heads we are, took that to mean that God would hand us over to a place the devil had especially set up for us to continually burn forever, just like the bodies that constantly burned outside the city walls… Dante’s Inferno didn’t help! So you may now dispence of this fear. It is a falsehood!

      I went to bed but couldn’t sleep because I wanted to ask God to explain to me whom He really was. So I asked, and as soon as I did, it started to rain. So I took that to mean that He takes care of ‘everything’ and so was saying quite simply that He is love. And I believe it because He says: ‘When two people who believe ask something of me together, I will grant it!’ So you helpped me to answer this very pressing question for me! Thank you Starling! But when I love people, they throw up!

      So I got to thinking further, that if God is omnipresent, He must be pretty big. Yet He knows the number of every hair on our heads, so i gather, He must be into nanotechnology. LOL! See, a lot of what God says is symbolic, which makes me believe God doesn’t really expect us to fully understand Him.

      God has a son, but make no mention of Mrs. Yahwey. Instead He sites a virgin because He can do anything. Right? But why in such a confusing way if He wants us to believe in Him? Why all the melodrama of parting the Red Sea, when He could have just snapped His fingers and given the entire army scabbies, so they’d all go home embarresed… But no! ‘Thou shalt not kill’ goes out the window, and He slaughters them all! Shouldn’t He be setting the example for us?

      Am I even made of the stuff He’s looking for? I only accepted God on the logical premise that my only alternative is death! I think, in His own way, He’s telling me: That’s not good enough!’ Remember the guy who asked Christ: ‘What must I do to follow you more perfectly?’ and Christ answered: ‘Give all your possesions to the poor and follow me!’ And the man sadly replied: ‘That’s the one thing I can’t do…’ Sadly, I think I’m a lot like that guy! I think if I were put out on the street, I’d have the faith of a scared rat! How can I love my enemies Katie, when I can’t even love myself or anyone around me? So many rotten things have been done to me, that I can’t feel anything but numb! Me and my big, dumb, all forgiving heart! I may just as well write ‘SUCKER!’ on my forehead. What do you think? Too shallow and sappy? ‘MAKE-UP!’ (POOF!!)

      • Return chat/blog…I LIKE it! Could get trendy…ahem! Seriously, Darrell David, I’m stunned at this response…couple of things..I am of the same persuasion that in fact, hell is non existent…just quoting KJV scriptures I was raised on…David was referring to the Jewish understanding of “Sheol” or the waiting place the righteous Jews believed they went to until their Messiah would come to redeem them..the place Christ went to before coming back from the dead to release all that had been waiting for his return…another incredible misinterpretation of Revelation and “the lake of fire’ referred to therein…that is the final judgement for the wicked and the “lukewarm”…
        …maybe God has seemed confusing in the way he interacted with people that we read in the scriptures…but I think you may be missing the point…to interact there has to be more than one party involved. It wasn’t just about what he was doing…sure he could have snapped his fingers, etc…it was about his interaction with Moses, or with Mary and Joseph…in both cases the whole Jewish nation was also involved, whether the Exodus, or the Annunciation/Nativity…what’s my point? God could have done anything he wanted in both circumstances, but there were people (His people) involved that he loved enough to show them his power by using them as his ‘conductors’ for lack of a better word…it wasn’t/isn’t just about what God is or could do..we are his people and he chooses to show us, use us, interact with us. because that is how you have a relationship with someone you love… you work with them, help them, teach them because you love them….
        ,,,,,accepting God on any humanly logical premise, I do not understand this…you make it sound like you were frightened into believing him, because why? Eternal damnation being the supposed alternative? “There is no fear in love; perfect love casts away all fear”(this one I know 1 Corinthians 13)…perfect love =acceptance & forgiveness+ compassion.. that’s it ….people make a lot of empty noise with what perfect means to us to God,etc.,….it really means love others the best you can…not complicated really…
        …Darrell David, stop feeling so sorry for yourself! Shallow and sappy? Hmmph! There is much you can do that you think you can’t because you can’t let go of what’s been done to you…forgive you can do…have done…but until you can let go of that…let God’s actual love for you penetrate that hurt and heal it…you will go on having self worth issues….and that I can pray for because I deal with my low self esteem every day, working with God…long winded again, but you’ve got me on the subject that ‘s closest to my heart…my spiritual-ness…my love for my Father God…love, Katie.

      • Now that I’m sure you can read and write (YAWN!) I’m just real tired… I’ve been up all night in a lot of pain! So I’ve taken a heavy dose to put me out! I just love talking about God though! I want to go over all this more concisely if you would mind going a few more rounds later? Take care Starling, and thank you for a very stimulating discussion! See you again soon Katie… Kisses: xOx

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