‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry…’

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12 thoughts on “‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry…’

  1. So between the title and the annihilating downer of the quote…I take whoever wrote that has no idea how to love themselves never mind anyone else…I wish I could laugh, but there’s nothing funny about someone apologizing for living or being born…sheesh..if I missed your point Darrell, do I need to say I’m sorry? I don’t think so…love, Katie.

    • The point is, when you’re raised without love, you wind up becoming a criminal, when in fact, it was a combination of the people around you that fashioned what you’ve become… You’re really just the victom. Why is it Police always arrest the victom?

    • I went there, and it said that you deleted the site… Playing games again? Where did you think that would get you? Ya know? When you live your life based on whether or not people are living/acting according to your approval, you’re letting yourself in for a life time of let-downs! Does what I or anyone else thinks of you really matter? if you will just: ‘BELIEVE IN YOURSELF’, BE YOUR OWN PERSON, and nobody can ever hurt you again by what they say, do, or refuse to say or do, ever! Forget about all the ugliness and misery you keep pointing at, and start LIVING YOUR LIFE!!

  2. Hi, Darrell: I read this and felt so bad for you…have had similar infection, although yours sounded worse, but gave some idea of the agonies you’ve been going through lately…I am truly and profoundly relieved that your feelings weren’t hurt…as to opening and closing doors, I do that a lot, and end up whacking myself in the cheek, LOL! Which is better than whacking you one, glad that wasn’t the case..I hope you are healing up now because I want you to be well…always..love, Katie.

    • These things can march right up to your brain and kill you, so I give a precise accounting in hopes of stirring people who are perhaps more influential in changing this selfish arrogant system we all must endure… We all really need to pull together on stuff like this! Thank you for caring Katie!! Kisses: xOx

  3. For the first half of my life I felt unloved by mother. Nothing was ever good enough. She had a horrible temper that left me feeling as if my birth was a big mistake. My stepdad loved me but he was eighteen years older than my mom and had been raised by parents who had spoken a word to each other while he was growing up. He just didn’t know how to help me.

    One day I looked back and remembered how my parents had talked about how they had been raised. Like you said, when you’re raised without love, you don’t know how to give it. But as a young woman I realized I could not be a better parent than my mother without help. I heard about the love of Christ and how powerful He is. I asked Him to save my soul, take away my anger, resentment, bitterness (my temper) and replace it with His peace. It was a process, and sometimes my temper still comes back, but then I pray and again ask Him to take my temper and replace it with His love, grace, mercy and peace, oh, and self-control. He does. Every time.

    I’m not mad at my mom anymore. She did the best she could with what she had to give and I know she loved me, even when I often didn’t feel it. I have been a better mother to my kids, though I haven’t been perfect. I’m trying to be a good grandmother.

    Ask God for help. He never says no when we’re sincere. He loves us more than anyone else ever could. John 3:16 is free for everyone.

    • Thank you for your ‘testimonial!’ I’m glad you forgave your Mother. That must’ve been really hard to come to terms with! I feel for your helplessness being raised in an abusive atmosphere, and also commend you that you didn’t turn cold, and bitter… It’s a terrible thing that part of a mother’s contact with the medical profession during their pregnancy, doesn’t include a course for both parents in how to raise and cope with a new infant. Most people are totally unprepaired for what they must deal with, hence you get what happened to you. The isolation etc.. Yet, speaking to Christ, and knowing he will help you is a testimonial to your great faith! And I am so pleased that you shared this with us all! He DOES answer our prayers when they coinside with His will for us! He truly DOES love us, and His writen word is a comfort and guide that more of us should pay more attention to! Once again, thank you for this magnificent contribution! Best regards for your relations with your grandchildren! I know you’ll do well in whatever endeavour! I will pray for you as well… Sincerely: D

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