Rules and Regulations


Rules and regulations aren’t always good for us.  As the picture above illustrates, there’s really nothing left to do here but leave your car and go home :O(.  And so, for this blog anyway, I’d like to pick on The Government!  It’s as though they tie us all up in straight jackets, leaving you homeless, hungry and jobless, and say:  ‘Go forth and fly young eagle!  Go and leave your mark!’  What mark?  I’m not allowed to do anything without going to jail…

Just for the record, I’m in Canada, but that doesn’t matter.  This is a world-wide problem!  And it grows exponentially with the populace!  Like rats trapped in a cage,  The more complex the maze, and the more rats there are, the more likelihood the rats will turn on each other.  And rats are rodents, so we ascended from rats!  They’re our descendents…  And you know what they say: ‘Like father, like son!’


By the time you figure this sign out, you’ll already be in jail for smacking into a tree!  Are you beginning to catch my drift?  You may have noticed that for this particular blog, I have not used any subtitles…  I hate subtitles!  That’s no way to run a blog!  It kills the mystery: ‘OK.  I’m going to write a paragraph.  But first, I’m gonna tell you what it’s all about.’  Dah!  Isn’t that WHY you’re reading the paragraph anyway?  I only do it because Google says I’ll get more hits, and they’re running this show, so I have to follow their ‘Rules and Regulations!’  One of these days I’m going to just write conversation, with a title, (a story) and that’s all they get!  What say Yee?











Let me give you some you a choice.  You can be Liberal, choose to ignore the rules and regulations, choose your own road…  Choose to be different from all the Conservative, Rules and Regulation following sheep, and probably go to jail: or at the very least, get pounded out, (street talk for having the living CRAP beat out of you) and left in a gutter for dead!  So what’s it gonna be?  Are you gonna Man up and choose death?  LOL!  Or are you gonna play it safe, knowing you’ll never really have lived at all?  I think both choices stink!

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.


4 thoughts on “Rules and Regulations

  1. Signposts that lead to nowhere…I don’t think I’v ever heard our Gov’t described so accurately before…wish i could LOL that, but it’s too true and real to laugh at…I’m for “man up!”, cuz I’ve never gone down withut a fight in my life, and not about to start now! Yes I’ll likely get the crap kicked out of me one more time, but at least I’ll know, if I survive, that I’m still living LOL! This was a great blog even if you did cave at the end and caption your pic! Google is our god and we serve them well!!LOL! love, Katie….put up my own’s not as cheerful as yours nor as funny…but it’s there. for what that’s worth.

    • I didn’t ‘cave’… I tried to take it out and it wiped out my whole blog, including the draft, believe it or not! So I had to start all over again! That’s why you see that picture at the very bottom… I couldn’t figure a way to get my cursor below the picture.

      I’m so happy you’ve made another blog entry Katie! It’s impotent you keep writing! I’ll be right over to gobble it up, just as soon as I’m finished cleaning house here. Kisses: xOx

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