The Scheme of Things



6 thoughts on “The Scheme of Things

  1. POWERFUL and so true, Darrell! Loving someone who pushes your buttons, for example, is a lot harder then holding a grudge against that person. Great post!!! ❤

    • Harder but wiser than feuling hate with hate… Leslie has a volitile temper and a short fuse, is rebelous, short changes me, walks around all day looking for things and crying constantly. It was hard to keep my composure at first, but I learned how. I’ve learned to love her rather than what she can or can’t do. This takes a lot of stress off me!

      • Love is the WAY to Live, my friend. It isn’t always easy, believe me, yet when we keep walking it, the road does tend to get easier. 🙂 (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

      • So true! If life didn’t present challenges, it would be pretty boring! Knowing now that I can keep my cool, or rattle under pressure, apply to all walks of life, not just marriage… This is good news for me because peace has been resstored tto me :O) Kisses: xOx Asperagus 2030

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