Miscellaneous Google Searches


  • Sometimes i just have these miscellaneous thoughts that aren’t really blogs in themselves.  The thought I had, referring to the URL above was: ‘Do I really need 8 eight ounce glasses of water per day?’  This lead me to The Mayo Clinic: probably thought I was a warped human, and was hinting at a desperate need for psychiatric help.  There are two pages of interesting facts about water consumption.


  • ‘does God really exist according to science?’  This is an important question, what with me being a bit of a science buff fanatic, as well as a compulsive liar.  Yes, free thinking can lead Google searches to curious places:  I figure, if I butter up Google, this blog may reach the top of their list: this is a bribe!


  • ‘what are the health benefits of pot?’  Notice I didn’t say: ‘smoking pot.’  That’s because there are other ways pot may be ingested, sparing your lungs of harmful carcinogens.  OMG I have a brain!  Praise Jesus!  Although, this article does give: ‘Holy smoke!’ a whole new meaning.  I wonder if you remain high longer if you just stuffing it in your ears?  (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!)


  • ‘life expectancy stats’  I figure, if the end of the world were coming, life expectancy would read like : three months…  This brings me to my next logical question…


  • ‘is the world going to end on September 24th. 2015?’  I’ve heard rumors to that affect…  And that’s just what I think they are.  Why it’s getting to where the media is crying wolf so often, who knows what to believe?


  • ‘do men hate women?’  I’m always using the top Google finding mind you.  Interesting that it’s strictly from a woman’s point of view as well.  I wonder if I’ll get a man’s advice if I reverse genders?  These are all off the top of my head.  For experiments sake, I’m finding my questions to be more thought provoking as I go: ‘Kiss my ring!’  (Bathtub slime!  EEEWWWWW!!)


  • ‘do women hate men?’  That’s interesting!  Some answers given by women!  And its a Yahoo question page!  I think I’m on a roll hear!  If my next question leads to a Google question page, Google most assuredly give me standing room only!


  • ‘do men fear women?’  Hmmmm…  The Huffington Post again.  I’m beginning to feel like I’m in a rigged game here!  You know?


  • ‘do women fear men?’  I felt certain this question would have lead me to: ‘The Google Hall of Fame!’  I should quit while I’m behind…  Maybe if I ask Google something more all encompassing?  Something more secretive perhaps?  Will my computer bow up, and a swat team appear at head with scanning laser lights?  Or will Google rescue me with uhhh: a ham sandwich?


  • ‘what is the new world order about?’  Well at least I made it Wikipedia…. They should at least send me an extra large pizza… I’m an extra large guy!  Let’s see now?  I’ll have double cheese, pepperoni, salami, bologna, a pound a walrus blubber, and make it snappy!


  • ‘is the earth dying?’  Notice you don’t have to use capitals when you ask Google a question! (Pulls up pants, and lifts head up high, to show I mean business!)


  • ‘is the world evil or good?’  I was just going to ask: ‘is the world evil?’  But Google offered this suggestion and I thought I’d take it because it’s more unbiased.  C’mon now Google!  I get brownie points for this one!



  • ‘do black Americans commit more crimes?’  I know whites think so…  Just wondering what truth there is to the claim? What if I rephrase the question once again to be non-biased?


  • ‘what ethnic group commits the most crimes in America?’ You don’t need question marks with Google search either.  I was only using them for effect…  (BS line #3,642)  Old hobbits are hard to break…


  • ‘what is the best search engine’  I think I’ve just struck pay dirt! You can buy dirt?  If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll find a link to Google!  Ha!  Pay up Suckers!  LOL!


  • ‘what is love’ Perhaps the most philosophical question ever asked by a lot of people who don’t know what the Hell the attraction is!  LOL!  Five theories are given.  Pick one!  Mine is that love was more prevalent within us when we were naive, and young at heart…  Times when you believed in true love, and your heart pounded so, you thought you were going to have a cardinal infarction whenever he/she was within spitting distance of one another.  When you get older, you wonder instead about your finances, hide food in the fridge!  See? you’ll always get a different answer, depending upon how you ask the question…  There’s some deep, hidden meaning in there somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Google Searches

  1. If I may toss in a movie quote here…”(he) has emerged!!!” Absolutely stunning questions and, as resourceful as ever, Darrell Everett takes THE CHALLENGE of navigating the mighty Google to get answers that people want!! What will we do with such heroics?!? Is there anything this man cannot attain?!? Once again he has shown us the way! And we…are…humbled…thank you Darrell, from the bottom of our hearts! We see clearly now and it’s all because of your undeniably incredible brain that HAD to ask these pertinent if miscellaneous questions! Where would we be without you?!!? (picture little round old lady swooning against door jamb!LOL!)
    As ever, I end up laughing my head off, when I didn’t even know I had a ghost of a smile in me this a.m…Now THAT Darrell, my friend, IS not only real talent, it is a true and commendable gift…you made me laugh…amazing! love, Katie. P.S. Need to write blog myself, but seem a little short on subject matter…suggestions? K.

    • My trick is my extremely low self esteem, coupled with my humble genius, and extreem powers of consentration. People everywhere find it hard to leave me, I’m so entertaining! I’m a lot like Jupiter… You may think you’re leaving me, but really? I’m just keeping you in orbit! Proving emphatically that it’s not quality, but quantity that counts! LOL!

      Suggestions: Thought you’d never ask! The best idea for starting up again, is to post some of your quotes, titles, pictures etc.. to Facebook and Twitter on a frequent basis! Dam it!! Sometimes my computer just shuts down in the middle of a sentence, so I have to save it quickly, and reboot. This computer doesn’t like me for some reason or other. To continue: Put up attention grabbers like: ‘My 10 Favorite Blogs…’ Well, my 10 favorite anything is good. You can have ’10 worst’ things, ’10 best movie picks’… The list is endless. Write them conscisely, in bulet or number form. Sometimes, I’ll hunt around on the Reader for a good topic, and do my own take on it.

      On days I feel particularly in touch with my feelers, I’ll try to write a deep, and meaningful poem about what a bee is thinking about us when it can no longer find pollen or something. Being up in arms about some bug up your ass is always inviting. Create your own worlds by imagining them, to make yourself laugh, conserning goofy, made up topics. My next blog will be about: ‘People who molest fruits and vegetables!’ But I like to mull them through my head for a while so I come up with some good ideas to approach the subject with. I call them: ‘Sub-headings!’ LOL! You may use that topic if you can’t think up one of your own. I won’t mind. My best ambition, I’ve yet to tackle sufficiently: that is, real adventure stories with real characters! I might write about: That great white whale: ‘Moldy Dick’… Am not just sure yet. Hope you found this inspirational! Why don’t I just consider this as a hidden blog and proceed?

      To tell you the tooth, my blood sucking mosquito, I trully wood knot be sure of anything I write at all! Only beautifully, encouraging comments such as yours, (one in a million, unless it’s spam) will inspire me to greater heights! I’m that low in self confidence. Hence-with, it took me a long while to get out of simple, instuction mannul type blogs, because facts are safe from argument, and you don’t have to feel anything: I was terrified that what i felt about everything could lash out in anger. Getting out in the sunshine, exercising, and diet coupled with PQQ : for building never brain nuerons, and new mitochondria DNA from dying cells: $50 for a month supply, 10 mg. caps. It works in tandem with Co-efficient Co-Q10, Q10 keeps mitochondrial DNA healthy $30 for a moths supply as well, yet where vitamin C sets off 2 catalysts in the body, these two power-homes set off more than 2000! 150 mg. Plus, Omega 3, $30 for a 3 month supply. It keeps my brain from shrinking. Then I take B -100’s $40 for a months supply, one a day for boosted energy! And of corpse, the regular handy-dandy multivitamin: $40 for a three month supply. That all helps!

      Yet most importantly, people can no longer say anything to hurt me! I’ve learned how to channel peoples angry moments into blosooming flowers of hope, coupled with fear I may call your Mother, seems to have kept the incompetant hoards at bay for the time being. As for you: ‘People who like people, are the luckiest people, in the world!’ – Barbara Striesand. Kisses: xOx

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