Life as we know it

Inside of me, a hollow shell;

The place in which I live and dwell!

I wish I understood you well;

The rest of me is sexy!


A battered case of shattered glass;

The hurried pace of all who pass!

Sometimes in my face, one complete ass;

The rest of me is sexy!


A shameful, stupid, waste of time;

A million dreams long past their prime!

I can’t even care my life is a crime;

The rest of me is sexy!


People wave like ghosts a far;

Quite invisible to me as they are!

The loneliness of a cold, and distant star;

The rest of me is sexy!


If I were me, I’d have nothing to do with myself;

I’d pack up my uselessness, and stack it on some forgotten shelf!

I look like what’s left over from the disappearance of an elf;

The rest of me is sexy!


4 thoughts on “Life as we know it

  1. Who knew you were a poet?!? Can’t believe what’ll come out of your amazingly bent brain, just when no one’s lookin’…so I guess it’s a good thing someone else, like the friends on your site,ie. think more of you than you do! You lift me up out of all the mess I’ve had today, and this is what you’ve got to say about it?!? Well, I don’t know for sure, but…I guess the rest of you, (whatever else it is you’ve got left) is sexy! love(and laughin again,) Katie

    • ‘bent brain’… Hehehehehehehehehehe! Yes! In spite of all the ups and downs in life, if you can just think of one positive thing to say about yourself, and consentrate on that, it may just be enough to carry you through until your emminant death in a freak mud slide. Thank you for such a beautiful comment: it lifts me to know I lifted you, so I guess together, we must be floating… Which cloud would you prefer? I have 1 through 9! xOx

    • I have 3 pages under ‘Songs and Poems’
      They may just as well be garden gnomes
      There’s a good one though called: ‘epiphany’
      You’re welcome to have a look see granny

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