Nut’s Aren’t Born

Two things about nuts:  One thing is, that it may be unwise to provoke one!  And the other, is that your right nut is connected to your heart.  So I guess the theory is, if I squeeze my right nut, I’ll remember a heart throb…  I do know my nose is connected to my butt cuz, whenever I go in the washroom to make a deposit, my nose runs!  Yes!  Nut’s aren’t born, they’re made!  Case in point:  The people at my Pharmacy failed kindergarten!  I call them up because they ‘again’ messed up my prescription which they failed to fix the last time they messed it up, right away demoting them to the status of : ‘Moron’. 

Then after my telling her she made the same mistake before, she tells me that’s not what the script says, which now demotes her to imbecile, because it was because she had failed to correct the prescription the last time.  So I call that: ‘Not doing your job’ which most people would fire you for.  But they ‘are’ the boss and unlikely to fire themselves.  They also have dominion over you because they produce Government capital and are there on the side of the law, right or wrong, and they can call The Police, there to serve and protect stupidity and ignorance wherever it may be found…

So now I must demote these Imbeciles to Simians because we called back after no results, only to find she had faxed my Doctor, who just happens to be about 20 feet away.  OK?  We now have to point out to her that I could turn into an earthquake and crumble into a million pieces, unless she squares this away now: again, incompetent at doing her job!  And now they’re trying the: ‘Ignore them and they’ll go away’ tactic, which unfortunately makes monkeys that much smarter!  I’ve never seen a Pharmacy so devoted to keeping you from getting your meds, though many come close! 

The haunting question I have for you is:  Do you really want a bunch of nut bars, maniacs, screwballs, murderers and mushroom factories sprouting up all over your neighborhood?  I mean, besides prisons, if you want a breeding ground for lunatics, you’re going about it the right way!  Now, I think I’ll go watch some porn…  Nut’s aren’t born, they’re manufactured.  If you want a sane world, you’d think you’d petition The Government to change its screwball ways…  I’d do it myself, but they’re part of The System too…  Maybe we need a new one?  Someone guide me to: ‘The New System’ Comity please!




2 thoughts on “Nut’s Aren’t Born

  1. I actually wondered if you were suffering med deps bec. it makes it hard to function on any front…having read this, I hope I’m right in thinking that you got the med mess at the Pharmacy sorted out, …have not only had same issue here, but have had pharmacist tell me the doctor wrote one thing on my scrip,( like I can’t READ or something!!) when that wasn’t true at all…personally I think most franchised pharmacies hire NAZIS, on purpose, so they can coldly turn you away after telling you this when you walked 2 miles to pick up your pills! Solved some of my issues by taking my scrips to a local, independant pharmacy….at least they try to assist and misread my scrips less often…otherwise, how the hell are you, Darrell? Fit as a fiddle, or still draggin’? This blog was so good to read…someone else who gets that monkeys are not just running our gov’t, but now our pill dispensing units! Loved it! love, Katie.

    • ‘Pharmasutical Nazi’s’ It would make for a a best seller. Don’t you think? I started running again 2 days ago, and it lifted my spirits! Tomorrow, with the humidex, it’s going up to 40 celcius! I’d better start my run by 7 am., or not bother going at all!

      I also switched over from pixil to Cipricol because it’s a more modern drug and apparently, easier on my kidneys.

      And, I had an accident a month ago which is why I wasn’t here. I’m writing a blog about it so, I’ll just have to keep you in suspence… How am I? Getting younger! I take a proton energy pill. It has the strength of 20 atom bombs for a periond of 20 seconds! ‘BUZZ CLICK’.

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