Make The World A Better Place



2 thoughts on “Make The World A Better Place

  1. Are you coming up for air, or are you “thro’ the worst”? OMG! Good to know you’re still out there…(in here?) and breathing….this is very vital to life…breathing, I mean! God, you’re a sight for sore eyes…even if you feel like hell still or think you look like you do! love, Katie….not that I was WORRIED or anything…that would be silly, right?!?

    • To know you care? Not so silly to me! I feel like I’m talking to The Queen! LOL! Yes. I admit it freely! I’m fond of air! I’m thrilled to hear from you always… I can just see the animation in your writing! You always warm me, but this one made me laugh! I dunno… I just pictured sore eyes and laughed! You are such a gem!! It may be reasonable to assume I’ll hang out for a bit. I look better than I did 2 dys ago. Thank you for your query Katie! Now I wish I seen you see me through a camcorder. I heard that people can look back at you from those things though! xOx

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