Life Before the Computer



9 thoughts on “Life Before the Computer

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  2. we live in a great time where we can say “life before computers” i dont think civilazation will ever be so lucky ever again. i even saw one of those red felt rectangle blocks that cleans records and my son didnt know what it was. we even remember phones that dialed, and when we “taped” somethin then we had an acutal visoe tape of it. now its all invisable files mp3s and so on.

    • Remember pop rocks? They were like an exploding volcano of flavor in your mouth! I got a reel to reel tape recorder for Christmas when I was 12 or something… I’d record my voice and then play it back on fast speed for a laugh. I think one day, whole computers will just be a chip in our heads we can turn on or off with our ear. LOL!

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