Brain Paralysis!

I Can’t Move My Brain!

I’ve been struggling so hard just to get it to even flinch, but it just sits there!  It’s part of an experiment I’m doing to see if I can get my brain to twitch…  I can wiggle the outside just fine.  You know?  I wouldn’t mind directing a current to trigger childhood memories, but then, it takes me too long to make toast!  I figure if I could find a good long-term memory trigger, but the closest I can come is: ‘Bran Flakes.’  I stems from the premise that you get your best ideas on the throne.  If considered, why don’t I just have it removed so I can carry it around with me, and access it by remote control.  I mean, how do we know it wouldn’t enjoy a little fresh air and sunshine?  In fact, if the signal reaches far enough, we could alway equip them with prosthetics so they can always go for a little, stroll on their own.  Of corpse they’d need to keep their eyes so they don’t bump into things.  You know?  I sometimes am baffled at why we have bodies at all!  I don’t own the deed, and there’s no owners manual!  brains could do some really smart things, if we’d only get up off our collective asses!  Maybe think outside the box?

I really believe, in my brain of brains that one day our brains will out-smart us, and leave for another world…  Of corpse our space-ships would then have to resemble big, brains to comfortably accommodate all that compact geniusness!  LOL!  One day, we’ll all find a planet (if we all put our heads together) with a smaller gravity, so brains can grow much larger until we outsmart our selves again and find that just being an eye, wood be good enough…  Seems we’ve already gotten that far, because the only signs I see around me are ‘open’, and ‘closed’!



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