A Peacful Easy Feeling – The Eagles


2 thoughts on “A Peacful Easy Feeling – The Eagles

  1. Sorry I haven’t been around, Darrell…but I see you’ve been offline too…still not doin’ good, buddy
    ?Me either…life’s stresses can be time consuming and scary….that’s where I’ve been…dropped by to say. “hey”…hope you’re OK…do you feel as alone as I do? Likely…secondary side effect of life stresses and no one to talk to about them…take care…hope you’re back online soon and feeling more like yourself…unless of course, you’d rather feel like someone else, LOL! love, Katie.

    • I would like to feel like someone else. How well you know me! Someday, I’ll jump on a magical flying rats ass, and arrive at the land of Give and Take… All I want is a fair deal, and i get a lousy pair of 2’s! Are jokers still wild? I’m OK. I think retaining a sense of humor is important, as well as being able to shut people out so they can’t negatively affect you. But the price is, you become cold and distant, even though you stand in front of people. They speak, but all I hear is: ‘WAW WAW-HWAW, HWAW HWAW!’ Thanx for checking my pulse! Kisses: xOx

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